Garden Of Mooj

Garden Of Mooj

Garden of Mooj is a monster farmer simulator where you raise cute little slime monsters called Mooj. You find different types of food and feed them to your Mooj and it will train their stats in different ways. Every night even scarier monsters come to try and destroy your Mooj statue and you must defend yourself using the Mooj you have raised. Once you train your Mooj, their abilities can unlock gates to allow you passage into new areas, as you make your way across the world trying to save it from a mysterious enemy. Mooj is fairly similar to games like Slime Rancher and the Chao Garden from Sonic Adventure, and was a lot of fun. The game also has a really decent jazz/easy listening soundtrack.

โ€“ Real player with 19.6 hrs in game

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I find this game strangely addicting and loads of fun despite how simple it is.

Its a good game for just not worrying and getting a good chuckle and you can make your mooj fairly different.



Silly and cute



it can be a bit buggy

its not entirely clear on what to do

could still use more to do(personal bias)

โ€“ Real player with 15.6 hrs in game

Garden Of Mooj on Steam