Duo Defenders - Tower Defense

Duo Defenders - Tower Defense

It’s amazing. It’s beautiful. It’s hilarious. This game was made for Steam Remote Play, but I can’t wait to play it on a TV with a friend! #TeamKoko

Real player with 8.1 hrs in game

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Duo Defenders mixes fun co-op gameplay with one of my favorite game genres, tower defense. The tower defense gameplay is delightfully simple, and it feels more focused on team work - you can quickly get overwhelmed if you don’t work together and communicate, but that’s also the fun of it! Levels are pretty well-designed such that each level is a new teamwork challenge. The later levels are daunting for non-gamers, almost wish there was another faster/better character to select if one of the players is struggling, which would make it more casual.

Real player with 0.5 hrs in game

Duo Defenders - Tower Defense on Steam

Dungeon Defenders II

Dungeon Defenders II

I tried. I really, really tried.

Ever since I bought this game in 2014, I continued to throw my time and genuine effort at it, hoping to get at the very least a decent sequel to DD1. I even ignored the very clear warning sign that was the release of DD Eternity (DD1 was abandoned to hackers, then repacked and…sold again under a new name, wham, bam, profit). Today, with the game about ready to leave yet another developement stage, instead of having hope and tons of fun playing the game, I am disgusted and bitterly dissapointed.

Real player with 1862.6 hrs in game

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Don’t bother with Dungeon Defenders 2 or Trendy Entertainment. Their incessant greed has instilled levels of disgust in me that I scarcely could previously fathom.

For a bit of background, allow me to preface this by telling you that I hold no nostalgia for the original Dungeon Defenders. This is a combination of their lack of security leading to rampant hackers and my disdain for the original character styles. I played this game a bit when it first came out, and dropped in now and again to see how it was doing. My tenure here became permanent with the Terraria crossover content, and I’ve remained fairly steady to the game since. I’ve done some Mastery, climbed up Onslaught, and dabbled in Ancient Power Resets. I’ve seen a lot of what there is to see, and let me tell you, originally, the allure was the cartoony, bright graphics and enjoyable combat. However, beneath this veneer of vibrant paint lies a decrepit, hollow experience designed to consume your wallet.

Real player with 1216.2 hrs in game

Dungeon Defenders II on Steam

Bunker Defense

Bunker Defense

Tower defence at its best.

Ranks along side Defense Grid 2 as the best out there.

very challenging and great diversity

More levels a definite requirement..

Real player with 186.1 hrs in game

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Well, as a self-professed TD game addict, with lots of games to compare it to, this game stands out as one of the best overall Tower Defense games I’ve played. It’s a hidden gem that offers tons of varied action, ops for challenge (lots of replay ability), appealing story line, immersion and just plain fun. And, unlike many TD games I’ve played, even after the learning curve I have not felt bored with any level because they are all so varied and different.

The graphics are truly outstanding with a wide variety of enemies, weapons and maps (albeit IMO per the Early Access version, there needs to be some tweaking on gamma (adjusting within the game graphics, ie. shadow, worked great for me). The only other criticism (and this is being very picky) would maybe if they tweaked the zooming and angle controls for better visibility (I wanted to really check out some of those strange and awesome enemies)

Real player with 167.5 hrs in game

Bunker Defense on Steam

Catty & Batty: The Spirit Guide

Catty & Batty: The Spirit Guide

Catty and Batty is a lighthearted game about the friendship of a cat and a bat solving over 50 different puzzles TOGETHER. It fits in a series of indie games I have come to appreciate for their romantic theme, cooperative game-play and casual difficulty which is perfect to introduce computer gaming to your girlfriend. Hand-drawn sprites and original music also provide a special charm.

Real player with 6.9 hrs in game

A wonderful short adventure about Catty and Batty using all the carboard boxes in the world to help a bunch of spirits to get home.

Everything in this game is charming - from hand drawn characters sprites to piano music.

Puzzles are inventive, you getting a new stuff every level, but they’re not hardcore, you can literally complete the whole game in one evening.

A perfect gift to someone you like and an oppotrunity to spend a relaxing and fun night playing it in Co-op.


Real player with 4.8 hrs in game

Catty & Batty: The Spirit Guide on Steam

Colony Siege

Colony Siege

This game is not worth a Thumbs Up, it is worth a Maybe.  But sadly Valve does not give us that option, and somehow has come to the conclusion that rating a game is a simple Go / No Go affair.This game clearly demonstrates why there needs to be a middle ground option.

There is definitely potential here, and I am getting some minor enjoyment out of it.  I think the Defense Grid meets Supreme Commander thing is a bit of a stretch, but I can clearly see what they were referring to.  There is certainly the aspect of building your own path and shaping the battlefield that Defense Grid did so well.  And you can build a vehicle factory that allows you to build units like Supreme Commander did.  But that is where the SupCom similarities end.  Ok, yes, you can upgrade defense towers, but that wasn't unique to SupCom, it is a normal part of any Tower Defense game.

Real player with 29.1 hrs in game

Colony Siege did a lot of things right, but…

This is a decent TD game - but some design decisions are holding it back from being a good or even great TD game.

First the good -

1. The checkpoint system is very well done, and when you’re not prepared, you’re not back to square 1.

2. The commander flying around and participating in the battle, building & repairing things is a good change to the TD formula. You feel more vested.

3. Ability to place towers in the mini-grid like arena is done well, and I like how towers can join each other to create a barrier that allows you to maze.

Real player with 23.5 hrs in game

Colony Siege on Steam

Orcs Must Die! 3

Orcs Must Die! 3

Is OMD3 a bad Game?

No, I can’t go that far. but it is the 3rth or rather 4rth installment to ROBOT’s most popular franchise. And at that point getting an incredibly mixed bag as a whole package feels very unprofessional. This game could- and should-have been so much more!


Despite some minor glitches in co-op OMD3 feels very stable and play’s very clean compared to OMD2 which alway’s felt a bit wonkey on some area’s. maybe its even on par with OMD1 in terms of polish. aside from a minimalistic and uninspired visuals for your lifebar and magic meter playing the characters feels solid and satisfying. visual effects, sounds and weapon impact feel great overal. I do find the swords a bit on the light side in terms of impact but 9/10 times you’ll be using a ranged weapon anyway as they are safer to use.

Real player with 109.0 hrs in game

Ways to make once a great game to become great in it’s disappointing third installment:

1. Reduce all current trap cost by 50% / buff all existing trap damage by relevant % to increase trap diversity and viability.

2. Include back all old maps / traps / trinkets / weapons from OMD 1 and 2 into the game.

3. Add War Scenarios & all other maps into Endless Mode.

4. Increase natural mana regeneration rate / decrease weapons & items mana consumption rate.

5. Add character specialty trap to promote specialty builds. E.G Max has an enhanced version of Tar Trap.

Real player with 105.1 hrs in game

Orcs Must Die! 3 on Steam

Out of Ammo

Out of Ammo

This game creatively mixes tactical and first person shooter elements together. You build a base, and see how long you can survive the onslaught of never-ending waves of enemies. You can take control of individual soldiers to turn the tide of the battle in first person perspective. My friend and I have had fun playing this for many hours.

The tactical aspect is simple: a helicopter regularly flies in to drop off soldiers and equipment. The equipment you use to build structures(like a guard tower, sandbag bunker, medic tent). The soldiers come in a variety of classes and they specialize in different functions(rifleman, medic, engineer, sniper, etc). You basically just hold your position for as long as you can as you get attacked by soldiers, tanks, etc. You also have some special abilities you can call in, like artillery fire and strafing runs.

Real player with 25.0 hrs in game

Watching gameplay of this title before my Vive came in, I was somewhat unimpressed by the simplistic graphics, and I thought it didn’t look like all that compelling of a game.

Holy crap I was wrong.

Out of Ammo is incredibly intuitutive, challenging, fast-paced, and certainly a great showcase of what room-scale VR can really do, and I am incredibly excited to see what the dev team plans on adding in the future. One thing that certainly doesn’t come across in videos is how the game places you in the world. In videos, it looks like the ground (when controlling units from above) is roughly at knee level, but in-game, the ground is actually closer to waist level, and I wish I could explain how immersive this makes controlling your units.

Real player with 12.9 hrs in game

Out of Ammo on Steam



As a studio, we have worked on Decoherence for over five years! It’s a real pleasure for us to be able to share our game with you. We feel the game is ready for both the casual and the competitive player. We hope you enjoy playing alongside Tadashi, Sabrina, Sam and α.Dron.Ai.

Welcome to the family! Get better and earn your place.

Real player with 30.6 hrs in game

I have 0.8 hours on record as of this review, though I did play the demo a little bit too.

This is a review for the multiplayer. The game just came out, so I don’t know how easy it will be to get matches down the road - but this game is really fun multiplayer.

There’s tons of customization in your bot and pilot loadout, and multiplayer matches are these epic mind games. You might have a shield bot guarding your other bots and have them all huddle behind it, or go with long range attacks, etc. It’s a real mind game and the meta will probably change a lot.

Real player with 2.1 hrs in game

Decoherence on Steam






Created by the co-designer of Sang-Froid: Tales of Werewolves, Timemelters brings you to a mythical land of dreams and nightmares, where witch trials seem the only answer to the preternatural forces threatening the land.

Timemelters is a hardcore action-strategy game that features a unique game mechanic: Time Travel, which allows the players to go back in time and fight alongside themselves. You play as Teagan, a witch whose powers were just recently unleashed by an unwelcome guest. Now, you must venture forth in a desperate effort to cleanse the countryside from the seeping evil that is corrupting it.

Something is rotten in the Kingdom of Hogendale.

Creation is stricken. Trees and beasts sicken, wither and are reborn as shrieking, malevolent shades. The dead claw their way out of the poisoned earth to swarm mindlessly over the land. No living man or woman is safe from their dripping talons. Whole towns are brought to ruin. King Ionracas’ dream of a lasting Pax Hogendala vanishes in an unnatural whirl of blood and misery.

It must be the Witches! Who else could be responsible for this chaos? The King decrees their death by fire. And thus — many an innocent woman is condemned to the sacred pyre.

Now, the flames await you.


Unique Time Shift game mechanic: rewind time and fight alongside yourself, not as an AI, but in a fully deterministic fashion. Plan out truly custom strategies and play to your own style!

Hybrid Action-Strategy gameplay: Plan a strategy and execute it all in real time, across more than 20 distinct missions!

Co-op mode: Play the full campaign with a friend online!

Startling storyline: Engaging campaign with all the twists, turns, nooks, crannies and what-the-bleep-just-happened moments you would – and should – expect from a story based on Time Travel!

Inspired by Scottish Folklore: Fight with and against numerous creatures inspired by the rich and variegated Scottish heritage. Och hey, lads and lassies!

Skill Tree: Choose how your spells upgrade – yielding ever more powerful magic and intricate build choices!

Original Soundtrack: Sumptuous, expansive soundtrack filled with epic moments (and a few earworms)!

Timemelters on Steam

Final Foe

Final Foe

Final Foe is an isometric fantasy arena that challenges you to slay waves of monsters in a mysterious dungeon. Single player and co-op modes. Modifiers and boss rounds. Survive and fight to the end, until the last enemy is killed!

Main Features

  • Atmospheric medieval location.

    The old cursed dungeon with several gates awaits you, from which numerous enemies arrive. You can also find dangerous traps that will come in handy to eliminate enemies

  • Non-target combat system.

    This system works for both players and enemies. This means that any enemy attack can be dodged.

  • Campaign mode.

    You need to destroy enemies round after round, including a short tutorial and several boss battles. As you progress, the difficulty increases. And at the end you will find the most powerful enemy - the final boss.

  • Survival mode.

    This mode is one endless battle, during which more and more strong enemies appear. The goal is to score as many points as possible for killing enemies. Especially sophisticated players can choose the Ultra-difficulty level. This will allow you to get 3 times more points, but will require dodging any damage, since the character will only have 1 health point.

  • Various enemies.

    Endless living dead, terrible knights, insidious magicians and many others, about whom you can find out when you meet. Different enemies have different characteristics. Some are weak and slow, some attack from a distance, and some can get so angry that it will be impossible to stop them…

  • Bosses.

    As you progress through the Campaign mode, you will encounter several bosses. Fighting some of them will require special skill from you.

  • Skill tree.

    The development of your character will take place by learning skills in the skill tree. At the moment, there are 3 intermediate and 4 advanced character classes available. Each of the advanced classes has unique active and passive abilities.

  • Cooperative multiplayer.

    It is much more fun to destroy crowds of enemies together with your friends. This feature allows you to play in a team of up to 4 people.

Final Foe on Steam