Card Tower Defence

Card Tower Defence

I recommend it to these people.

Anyone who knows the joy of being made with one card in a card game. (or vice versa)

Those who know the fun of clearing tower defense.

A person who is full of confidence in clear tower defense.

Poker + Blackjack + Tower Defense = Card Tower Defense

◆ You can enjoy the fun of card games and the fun of tower defense.

◆ Card

  • One tower is one trump card.

  • There are 52 types of basic towers.

  • Towers can be combined using the rules of poker.

  • Towers can be sold using the rules of Blackjack.

◆ Tower Defense

  • There are 20 types of stages.

  • There are 20 types of missions.

  • There are 31 kinds of ability.

  • There is a magic that can be used every 3 waves.

  • There are 60 types of towers and 8 types of monsters.

◆ It has been renewed by reflecting the feedback of the existing Card Tower Defense.

  • Removed path making system.

  • In response to the feedback that the play time is short, the play time has been increased by 20 times.

  • Significantly reduced the level of tower purchase.

  • Changed the ability of the combination tower.

  • Monsters with slightly different STATUS have been changed to have special abilities.

◆ As a developer who has played Tower Defense a lot, I highly recommend it.

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Card Tower Defence on Steam

PolyCore Defense

PolyCore Defense

PolyCore Defense is an intense 3D tower defense game that will give you loads of strategic fun!

Build the perfect defense

Use your imagination to build an effective line of defense against waves of enemies with increasing difficulty. Pick and place turrets from your arsenal. Upgrade turrets with modules that enhance them with unique effects. Activate abilities in clutch situations or when you need a little defensive boost.

Lots of content to unlock

Unlock a variety of levels, turrets, modules, and abilities. If you are up for a challenge, try to complete a level without the core losing any health for bonus rewards.


  • Strategic gameplay

  • Lots of unique turrets

  • Loads of modules to install that enhances turrets in unique ways

  • Activatable and unlockable abilities

  • Steam Achievements

  • Challenging levels

  • Charming art style

  • Easy to learn, hard to master

Up for the challenge? Get in there and defend your core!

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PolyCore Defense on Steam



**_“We need your reviews and comments on the Steam site.

Comments help us to reference our game to continue “PAGO FOREST”.

Thanks to your contributions, our license still exists! We’re counting on you! “_**


Flora, a former leader of Nova’s army, is back in service. Still alive baal the necromancer contaminates the pago lands with his evil power. Flora’s mission is to build a large army and recover power artifacts to annihilate her enemies. In her quest she will need you! Are you up to the challenge?

Pago Forest worthy successor of The Dragon’s Vengeance (scenario) renews its gameplay. We are no longer in an educational game this time but in a real tower defense! The goal is to put the right characters or tower at the right time against the right enemies. For this you will need gold! a lot of gold! and courage of course… The game is composed of 5 acts, 26 missions that each have their trailer. Each act ends with a boss. Like its predecessor, the dialogues will be well garnished with jokes :) We will also find a mana bar for the spells delivered by the artefacts (beware some powers are only used once per level) The game is simple to understand but you will have to use strategy to finish it…

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Kingdom Rush Frontiers - Tower Defense

Kingdom Rush Frontiers - Tower Defense

Having put over a 100 hours into this game and completing every level to perfection

I think It’s safe to review this game now.

Let me start by saying when I first booted this game up, I was extremely impress by this port. This far exceeds anything I ever expected from a mobile (and later learned this port was made in Unity). This is a very polished title, don’t let the flash graphics throw you off. They do seem a bit weak early on, but get better later on in the game, in my opinion of course.

Real player with 128.2 hrs in game

There are two types of people. The ones who have previously played a kingdom rush game on their browser and the ones who haven’t. For those who haven’t, they still have time before adobe flash gets discontinued thus making the free version unavailable. This review will focus on If you should buy the steam version of this game for those who have already beaten it and for those who have not.

To begin with, Kingdom Rush Frontiers is the sequel to the very popular kingdom rush(2011) and is regarded as the best one so far. It was released as a flash game for you browser(with some heroes you had to pay to get). Later it also got released for android and ios for around 2-3$ If I am not mistaken, with some extra stages.

Real player with 54.1 hrs in game

Kingdom Rush Frontiers - Tower Defense on Steam

Kingdom Rush Vengeance - Tower Defense

Kingdom Rush Vengeance - Tower Defense

Perhaps Kingdom Rush Vengeance is good when considered in a vacuum, but since I don’t live in a vacuum I can’t recommend it. The Kingdom Rush tower defense games are generally excellent, but in my opinion this is the worst of the bunch. Since the other games are nearly identical, I recommend playing an earlier Kingdom Rush game instead.

The main difference with Kingdom Rush Vengeance is that stars you earn don’t mean anything. In earlier Kingdom Rush games, the better you do, the more stars you earn, and beating the optional challenge modes gives even more stars, and stars are what you used to unlock upgrades. In Kingdom Rush Vengeance, you get the same number of upgrade points no matter how well you do, and beating the optional challenge modes does not give any additional upgrade points. That takes away most of the reason to try to get a top score or to beat the extra challenge modes.

Real player with 31.6 hrs in game

Kingdom Rush Vengeance Review

TLDR: If you’ve played and enjoyed previous Kingdom Rush (KR) games in the past, then this is an easy recommend. As long as you’re ok with a few tweaks. If you’re new to the series, then Kingdom Rush Vengeance (KRV) is a solid, enjoyable tower defence game.

In this title, unlike the others, you play as the “bad-guys” lead by Vez’nan who was defeated at the end of the last game. The main game takes place across 16 maps in 3 different lands. An additional 9 maps are unlocked after completing the 16th level, 3 maps taking place in each land.

Real player with 30.2 hrs in game

Kingdom Rush Vengeance - Tower Defense on Steam

Otti: house keeper

Otti: house keeper

This is a funny game with puzzles (sometimes too hard to solve it from the first try). Some levels can be completed very quickly, but before passing some I had to think carefully. In some places, you need to act fast enough. Nice puzzle for a few nights, also can be a great family game.

10/10 screaming thieves :D

Real player with 1.6 hrs in game

A very creative puzzle game. Defend treasures from thieves by strategically placing traps around the house and scare them away. Each thief has its own phobia but some thieves aren’t scared easily!

Real player with 1.1 hrs in game

Otti: house keeper on Steam

Black Maou & Rainbow Kingdom

Black Maou & Rainbow Kingdom

fun short game.

Real player with 3.2 hrs in game

Good and fun

Real player with 1.4 hrs in game

Black Maou & Rainbow Kingdom on Steam



“Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away”- Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.

This game is, thus, just about perfect.

It feels like one of those tower defense games from a dozen years ago, or maybe one of those games from the eighties where the ideas of the writers far exceeded the capability of the gameplay and graphics (like Might and Magic: Book One), or maybe a demo that comes on the cd of a full game (fun, but it leaves you wishing for more than what the limited experience provides), or maybe that one poorly-translated foreign game with a strangely-intricate storyline you got from a garage sale twenty years ago that you wish you still had so you could explain to people why you like to pretend “funceame” is a real word.

Real player with 13.5 hrs in game

I was expecting Dark facets to be similar to the old flash games like Age of War or Stick Wars; And it was! Only much more boring. Age of war and Stick Wars had a fairly fast play style, but dark facets is incredibly slow paced. It takes a long time for resources to gather, a long time for units to march, longer to kill enemy units, even longer for your units to chip away at an enemy building. Then they just have to move to the second building (Of five). It feels less like i’m playing a game, more like watching a series of gifs that i switch between occasionally.

Real player with 1.3 hrs in game


FrankenStorm TD: Prologue

FrankenStorm TD: Prologue

A solid tower defense, reminiscent of the Warcraft III tower defenses it was inspired by. Its strength is in its simplicity. A lot of tower defense games try to go wide, giving players many options of towers while restricting their ability to influence placement and mob flow. This game does the opposite by restricting you to one tower type. It lowers your immediate ability to change your damage types/styles, but allows for larges mazes and clever placement.

As you continue playing, you can collect power-ups that will allow you to shape your game-play even more. The towers are all still the same tower, but you can add attack speed, damage, give the ability to stun, or insta-kill low-health enemies, etc. to them. Every power-up comes with a penalty, that makes the strategy involved more complex, modifying all of your enemy’s abilities at the same time as it modifies all your towers.

Real player with 56.9 hrs in game

I have to think the devs like Path of Exile because the way you “gear up” has so much in common. Everything you find has an upside and a downside. There are uniques that are build enabling, but total garbage if you don’t build for them. There is a specific range for the rolls that a unique can get. There is stuff that has great synergy together (For example, if you stack the increased chance that the enemy procs some special ability, then there is no big downside to grabbing more of that. But the downside that you are completely prevented from getting even 2% of something like enemy dodge chance because 2% dodge X 200% increased chance chance equals insta-death. They also both have the concept of “increased” and “more”. (i.e. you can get 5% increased damage or 5 more damage.) They also both have tooltips that show your basic damage oputput without revealing any useful information without you doing math. (i.e the tooltip will show your crit chance and it will show your percentage increase that random events proc. But it will not show your ACTUAL crit chance after it has been modified by your chance chance.)

Real player with 45.1 hrs in game

FrankenStorm TD: Prologue on Steam

Diorama Tower Defense: Tiny Kingdom (Prologue)

Diorama Tower Defense: Tiny Kingdom (Prologue)

Ehm … no. While the intro is good and a lot of work has been going into it for how small this game is, it lacks in gameplay, entertainment and generally the right feeling. Didn’t enjoy it.

I even went to do something and forgot about it, then went to sleep… so it kept acculumating hours all night without playing at all :D

Can’t recommend a game who makes me forget about it so successfully ;)

Real player with 25.1 hrs in game

Really cute art. It’s a simple and short game but really fun

Real player with 3.1 hrs in game

Diorama Tower Defense: Tiny Kingdom (Prologue) on Steam