Go Home Dinosaurs!

Go Home Dinosaurs!

Good casual tower defense game. Not too difficult and perfect for kids or casual adult gamers. The graphics are fun, the sound and music are fun, and the progression is good as you move through the 60 levels. Progression allows you to add more objects on the field. Some of these objects are different devices that shoot in different ways. Some freeze them, some use lasers to hit multiple targets, and more. Other objects are one time use objects such as a bomb, or an invite to 3 other friends to give you 4 shooters. Your main character is also a shooter at all times. While you can build different towers, you also get to use your character to attack the dinosaurs. Your character adds as a hero in a sense where entire battles can be won just using your character and not build a single tower. The dinosaurs vary and are quite different. Some dinosaurs fly, some run, some go really slow. Some are easy to kill while others take a lot of hits to go down.

Real player with 20.9 hrs in game

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I like tower defense games so I picked this up. It’s a little different from other TD games because the traps use blocks in different shapes so you can’t place one anywhere. There is only one end point. It means you can just focus on one point. Rest assured this is NOT easy at all especially if you have not unlocked the more powerful traps and power ups. And also, you get a cute little guy running around assisting in attacks and picking up coconuts for traps.

The small size of each map also adds to the challenge because you can’t spam traps and you have to be careful about placement. You CANNOT delete traps you’ve placed. Before each mission starts the game makes you pick a few traps or power ups using up to 9 slots. You can only use each trap or power up once so you can only have up to 9 traps in the game. If you want power ups, the traps will be even lesser.

Real player with 20.2 hrs in game

Go Home Dinosaurs! on Steam

Cows VS Vikings

Cows VS Vikings

A-game. I’m a Kingdom Rush fan, and Cows vs Vikings is the game of the same level.

  • Variety of tactical moves. I combine different sets of towers with spells and easily win impassable levels. Crazy tough cows on CowHedge level were easily defeated by ballistas pumped up with upgrades, when I placed a battery of them right against the entrance

  • Variety of challenges. Almost every level is different and so the game remains very interesting to play

  • Variety of towers. Towers are really different. I combine them and pass levels without re-upgrading my towers. Initially I restarted levels on realizing that I spent milk on upgrades unwise, now I just fit the placement of pumped towers and usually it works

Real player with 5.9 hrs in game

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Cows VS Vikings is definitely a good project that requires the attention of all fans of the tower defense genre. To be honest, I thought that this genre is a relic of the past and it won’t surprise me, however, this game is the second for this year, which revives the already deceased mechanics. More and more often these projects appear, it becomes something like a hype. Maybe this is the second wave of my childhood nostalgia? The game meets us with a great video insert, it was made so colorful. The animation and visualization of the characters are excellent. One thing is not clear to me in this game, why exactly the cows? After all, you could come up with scary monsters or go down in history and study the true enemies of the Vikings, but cows? Consider this a real subjectivity, but I didn’t understand such a turn. So let’s not mention cows anymore :) A variety of buildings, weapons to destroy enemies, labyrinths with good backgrounds. This turns an indie project into a real good game. Let the game not have the best soundtrack, and these cows (which I promised not to mention earlier), but the mechanics of the game simply leave all the flaws behind. The developers have done their job. It remains only to work with the menu (the eternal problem of small indie industries). It always looks the same for everyone: font, stroke, only the object it adjusts to changes. Everything looks stereotyped and I don’t understand why it is so. I am only talking about the menu. And so the game is excellent, I put 8 cow clippings out of 10. I advise you to try this stuffing! There are many trials, a variety of combos and many cows !!! What can be worse than cows, I can’t even imagine (again, I broke my promise).

Real player with 5.1 hrs in game

Cows VS Vikings on Steam

Iron Sea Defenders

Iron Sea Defenders

Brief fun for $0.59, but not worth full price if you care about the cash.

The game, as a tower defense if essentially broken - you keep getting

anchors as a currency to level-up with, and if leveled-up right, the game

becomes way too easy. It’s a nice twist at first, but then becomes very

boring; most people playing Tower Defense want interesting interactions

between the towers, not just a grind to level up their income and tower


Not a huge variety of towers either

This game seems to be permanently not finished, with 2 of 4 campaigns “coming

Real player with 53.7 hrs in game

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Iron Sea Defenders is a free iPhone app that’s been dumped on Steam as a cheap, lazy cash grab (Yes, they want to be paid money for a free mobile app). It’s a mobile ported tower defense game with boats (that apparently can only move along set paths just like real world boats don’t). Build cannons to shoot the boats. The boats will come along different paths, and you only have a small number of fixed build points.

This is quite badly made and the iPhone port is a very bad one. Fixed resolution combined with a very low resolution base game results in an ugly blurry mess. This is simply an example of greedy, talentless mobile devs hoping for some PC gamer money because they’re not getting enough paid hours scraping out the coffee grounds at their local cafe.

Real player with 38.0 hrs in game

Iron Sea Defenders on Steam

Defend Your Life: TD

Defend Your Life: TD

I’m a big tower defense fan and I think have played most of them (including a majority of the wc3 TD’s), and I’m also a sucker for hunting achievments to 100%. (Just for you to know how much your views aligns with mine). Steam says I spent 70 hours on this, but I think half of that is probably closer to the truth.

“Defend Your Life” is a “kingdom rush” clone (which I believe set the precendent with “guardhouse”-towers spawning blocker-units).

The artstyle is consistent and good enough for any TD as far as I’m conserned. It has a fairly original theme and sticks to it.

Real player with 72.5 hrs in game

Defend your life - Your everyday tower defense game.

First of all, I would like to say that I am recommending this game mostly for the casual gamers or for younger players. If you are a gamer that only goes for AAA games, this is not for you (though I guess that goes without saying).

So, in general, here are the pro’s:

  • quick / easy / fun to play (mildly adictive)

  • nice gradual difficulty progression

  • very fluid

  • excelent for a first tower defense or for younger audiances

  • you can beat the hell out of Cancer

Real player with 57.6 hrs in game

Defend Your Life: TD on Steam

Fort Defense

Fort Defense

If you like classical tower defense games, this one’s a must have!

It may not be the most original and creative game of its genre - although the pirate setting is quite interesting - but for sure it has lots of features that will please all the tower defense lovers.

It has also many faults for sure, and its graphics are quite bad overall, but it’s a great game in my opinion - and I played literally dozens of tower defense games, especially on Flash websites!

This one plays like a classic: there’s a pre-established route that the enemy ships will follow and you’ll be able to build different kind of “towers” (everything is pirate-themed here of course) in order to stop them - the towers will be buildable only on fixed places, they will be upgradable through in-game money and will have different ranges, skills and attributes.

Real player with 92.2 hrs in game

People who say it is easy for sure did not finish the game, at least not with receiving all three stars on every map. In second “world”, i.e. Arctic Ocean, “the party begins”. With - let’s say - the 10-th map in Arctic it becomes quite difficult to finish a map with all the 3 stars (meaninng: none enemy ship passed). If you want to finish the game anyway, i.e. nevermind the stars, that is maybe easier. If not… From now on you have to play the maps for a few times, over and over, which for me is… great. Allright, and now the pros and cons:

Real player with 24.9 hrs in game

Fort Defense on Steam

300 Dwarves

300 Dwarves

I love Dwarves. The silly dialoge between tower defenses was funny to me. The matches for some battles and AI is somewhat of a learning curves as to what defenses to use but that makes the game more fun.

READ THE DESCRIPTION FULLY BEFORE YOU BUY! The people that are giving this bad reviews didn’t read the desciption that tells you it is 12 maps with 2 additional battles once you beat the map section.

Beating the map section and without losing points is really hard and will give you some hours of enjoyment. I got about 24 hours out of it. I judge 2d tower defense games by how many quarters I would stick in an old arcade game before getting tired of it. Well I haven’t finished trying new strategies yet and for my money the quarters are flowing way past when I would have moved on from most arcade games of this type in the old days!

Real player with 24.5 hrs in game

Completed the game getting 3 bars for each level in about 9 hours.

Even getting 3 gold bars (the max) for each level there is no way of getting all the upgrades. You can only unlock about half which is very frustrating. It left me feeling like they only compled building half a game. Hopefully they will add more levels in a future upgrade. Maybe if this was a free brower game this would be acctable but when you purchase a game you expect to be able to unlock all the upgrades.

Real player with 10.3 hrs in game

300 Dwarves on Steam

Another Dungeon

Another Dungeon

Not sure why so many negatives. This game appears to be in the works and with some balancing it will be fantastic. The graphics and SFX/Music are really good and unique. My input for improvement would be having a view of the entire map in a glance to simplify seeking treasure chests as well as, of course, tower upgrades (which are probably planned anyway).

This game takes on the air of a true adventure with having to figure out strategy without a guide (although a simplified guide by way of graphics is present). After all, RL dungeon crawler knows there are no written directions in their quests toward glory. :)

Real player with 3.1 hrs in game

The game have 3 levels, and i have finished all for get all steam success.

A bit hard, but when you understand mecanics, it’s realisable (2 furnace, 1 minion sometimes, FULL CANON and be very vigilant to check all your screen and click on all chest to earn the maximum money).

On canon, you can pre-shoot when you click on it. I discover that on my last game.

Sometimes a bug and have to be patched : The ennemy mini-minion can rarely being invicible and they got in your base. So, i have never lose with this but it’s possible to lose with this bug.

Real player with 1.6 hrs in game

Another Dungeon on Steam

ARC Alien Raid Combat

ARC Alien Raid Combat

Would be okay as a free game. It’s incredibly short and incredibly easy. You can beat every level just by filling the field with the first available tower and upgrading them. There’s like 6 levels and not much variation between them. I can’t recommend buying this game, even as a free game, just get the Ninja Kiwi Launcher and play Bloons TD for free.

Real player with 3.2 hrs in game

Decent, cheap Tower Defense title with unannoying music (a plus in my book) and reasonable graphics.

Nothing new, but you will have to think.

Real player with 3.1 hrs in game

ARC Alien Raid Combat on Steam

Arkan Tower

Arkan Tower

Stars received: 2.1/10 _ Note: v.5 [0.0 to 1] = personal impressions

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[N] - if Registration is required with providing PII

Game description key-points: tower defense game

Real player with 2.8 hrs in game

I would like to call this a sub-par tower defense game, but I have seen so many really bad efforts in that arena on stream, this might actually be about average.

That said, it is missing so many features, some bells and whistles, some really core features, that I can’t recommend it. If the designer should come back and work on things, I will consider altering my review.

PROS: The assets are really cute. I feel like a lot of this would fit neatly in to an Edward Gorey book. Even the terrain assets have a nice crisp look to them.

Real player with 2.5 hrs in game

Arkan Tower on Steam



Play it together!

Explosion Girl learns to be good!

Build towers of the necessary height, protect them from enemies and hold out for some time!

But only the protection of the towers is not limited to everything. Do bonus tasks, such as building bridges for roundies, or escort robots to the designated goal!

BakuMari on Steam