Eat’n Eaten

Eat’n Eaten

Grow your greendom, balance preys and predators, try to maintain the food chain until you annihilate the very last invader!

Grow Your Ecosystem

Creatures spawn from plants. The more you nourish a plant, the stronger the predator breeding from it. Plants eat delicious soil nutrients you can gather by decomposing corpses and living organisms.

Balance Preys and Predators

Plants and creatures need to eat in order to survive. You need to maintain a complete food chain as your organisms keep evolving and breeding.

Defeat Fearsome Warrior Invaders

Waves of enemies arise and spread chaos, throwing off the balance of your ecosystem. Use your creatures mighty abilities to overpower them!

Grow Bigger and Stronger

The corpses of defeated enemies increase the number of nutrients in your ecosystem. Grow your plants bigger to spawn even more powerful predators. Favor the rise of advantageous evolution traits to overcome stronger warriors!

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Eat'n Eaten on Steam



A Tower Defense game, between average and good. Graphics are colourful, but need a powerfull hardware to run, even in low quality; when screen has plenty of action, can cause lags and crashes.

Mechanics is right; has only 5 towers to choose, but each has 4 possible upgrades. Also there is 5 kinds of powerfull items, with a crescent price by use. Towers and items must be unblocked by ingame progress. The economy is based in a mixed system of farming and gems, to buy towers, upgrades and items.

Real player with 61.4 hrs in game

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McDROID is one of the two most imaginative tower defense games I’ve played in a long time. It’s a timeless story about you (a puppy-like robot named McDROID) and your friend SHUTTLE crash-landing on the dying Planet M. You must plant and harvest strawberries as a form of currency to build and upgrade towers to fight off the corrupted creatures that have taken a stronghold on Planet M. This may really sound strange, but it’s also a truck load of fun!

Maintaining your calm, like John Spartan, is crazy essential to McDROID. If you don’t keep a clear head you’ll start forgetting to maintain your defenses so you can gather stuff or you’ll forget about gathering strawberries and have nothing to buy towers with. Things can go from good to “Oh sweet mother! Where did all THAT come from!?!” fairly quickly. That’s part of the strategy/challenge though.

Real player with 43.1 hrs in game

McDROID on Steam

Black Maou & Rainbow Kingdom

Black Maou & Rainbow Kingdom

fun short game.

Real player with 3.2 hrs in game

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Good and fun

Real player with 1.4 hrs in game

Black Maou & Rainbow Kingdom on Steam

Slime Pandemic TD

Slime Pandemic TD

Fun TD game; more please! :)

Real player with 114.9 hrs in game

I am really glad I bought this. Was a bit sceptical at first because the screenshots looked a bit weird but it is a really nice tower defense game with varied enemies, great towers, useful upgrades, an interesting tech tree, nice extra weapons, and good level design. Only one mission really gave me problems but powering over that seemingly insurmountable obstacle felt incredibly rewarding.

More please!

Real player with 27.3 hrs in game

Slime Pandemic TD on Steam

Super Swarm Smash

Super Swarm Smash

An interesting Tower Defense game - brings a few new ideas to the TD genre.

The interaction between the towers needs to be thought through, but this process is assisted by the gradual introduction of the new new tower types.

Not an easy game and it will make you think - It might be an idea to start on the Easy (Clodhopper) level to ease your way in and to become comfortable with the concepts. Can get fairly hectic as you progress.

I’m having fun!!

Real player with 9.8 hrs in game

Super Swarm Smash on Steam

Chicken Defender

Chicken Defender

Fun and short game. The game consists only of a couple levels which vary in difficulty. For the price just perfect, pretty polished tbh.

I would say there was a lack of weapons, a couple more would be fun. Also, the goal for the last level was 100, I got 26,000, that can probably be tweaked. But overall fun time, thanks developers.

Real player with 2.1 hrs in game

A $A1.50 well spent. Good graphics and sound.

Thought this Tower Defense title could be a walk in the park - after getting my bottom spanked my first 4 tries, I am happy to amend that thought. I particularly like the fact that the game advises you, and shuts the level down when you are not going to be able to meet the level requirements. I can see that I am really going to have to think the levels right through.

A terrific value for money title.

Real player with 1.4 hrs in game

Chicken Defender on Steam

Defend Your Life: TD

Defend Your Life: TD

I’m a big tower defense fan and I think have played most of them (including a majority of the wc3 TD’s), and I’m also a sucker for hunting achievments to 100%. (Just for you to know how much your views aligns with mine). Steam says I spent 70 hours on this, but I think half of that is probably closer to the truth.

“Defend Your Life” is a “kingdom rush” clone (which I believe set the precendent with “guardhouse”-towers spawning blocker-units).

The artstyle is consistent and good enough for any TD as far as I’m conserned. It has a fairly original theme and sticks to it.

Real player with 72.5 hrs in game

Defend your life - Your everyday tower defense game.

First of all, I would like to say that I am recommending this game mostly for the casual gamers or for younger players. If you are a gamer that only goes for AAA games, this is not for you (though I guess that goes without saying).

So, in general, here are the pro’s:

  • quick / easy / fun to play (mildly adictive)

  • nice gradual difficulty progression

  • very fluid

  • excelent for a first tower defense or for younger audiances

  • you can beat the hell out of Cancer

Real player with 57.6 hrs in game

Defend Your Life: TD on Steam

Heroes Must Diee

Heroes Must Diee

You have been living a peaceful life in a small village but once every fortnight these so called “Heroes” come into the village and un-apologetically break in houses and take what does not belong to them. Tired of this rampant menace you have decided to stop it and regain the peaceful life you so yearn. Build traps in and around your house or maybe buy some land on the outskirts of town to keep bloodshed away. Craft weapons, potions, bombs to be launched at the enemy. Resource manage whatever you have and help your fellow villagers buy buying resources from them from the gold of the fallen “Heroes”.

  • Turn your humble abode into a full-on Dungeon that make the Heroes suck their thumb and wet their pants.

  • Craft an elaborate Dungeon, place traps and ruses for Heroes will different skill set and attributes. Some maybe be heavy and strong, some may be intelligent and fast.

  • Fight off bigger and smarter waves of Hero bands that come to take your loot.

  • Learn about the incoming Hero’s weaknesses as they are strong and may not be killed easily. Lure them into traps, some are claustrophobic, some are greedy, some have weak ankles.

  • Hire minions, monsters, and dragons as they have been tortured far too long and seek revenge.

  • Craft items, weapons, ammunitions, bombs to reload your traps and slay the Heroes.

  • Improve and upgrade traps, learn new technology because the enemy is learning too.

  • Heightened heroes will come, who have learnt from their previous experiences and may know how to fight off your traps, so beware.

  • Explore a vast map, filled with people who live their lives and talk. Two different villages and numerous traders coming in from different kingdoms.

  • Improve your skills over time. Melee, Archery, Magic, Dark Magic are few skills to use directly against the enemy but also learn to Mine, Chop wood, Fish and Forage.

  • Find a mount for yourself, with multiple mount options pick one. Take care of it and it grows and levels as you do.

  • Loot from the slain Heroes, Gold, Epic and Rare weapons and armour. Use it against them or give it to your minions or sell off for more Gold.

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Heroes Must Diee on Steam

The Last Friend: First Bite

The Last Friend: First Bite


Not as seamless on a keyboard, but the game does claim at the very beginning that it is better played on a game controller. If the game is playable on PC, maybe they should have catered to keyboards as well. It’s not terrible, it just feels like it could be a little more seamless.


Characters are not very relatable or interesting. The puppy is bossy and he is small so may be the most relatable part of the game.


Very vibrant and colorful and very vector-like. The style seems consistent

Real player with 1.5 hrs in game

Works in Proton.

This is pretty fun, will probably pick up the full version in the future

Real player with 0.9 hrs in game

The Last Friend: First Bite on Steam

Amazing Pea TD

Amazing Pea TD

Family-friendly PC tower defense game. You’ll lead the resistance of plants, which are being captured by aliens from exhausted starving planet.

Place towers and build barricades, freeze, teleport and blow them up - but don’t let them enslave You!

  • well thought out balance - each tower and spell are unique, there is no universal weapon!

  • a new mechanic - you not only build the towers, but also clear the territory for their construction. And also grow and protect resource-giving plants!

  • various map modifications that significantly affect the gameplay!

  • random enemy routes at the forks - the game is never the same experience twice!

  • control over the towers - you can directly set the target for all towers!

  • 20 handcrafted levels (and we are planning even more!);

  • high replayability - pass levels, get achievements and perform special missions!

  • bright, juicy graphics;

  • no cruelty and violence - play with the whole family!

Face with more than 20 enemies from three alien races! Most of them with special abilities!

Stay on Your toes as Your fight with armoured knights and heavy-footed giants, impregnable wizards and skilful Gunners, battle bees and even flying saucers full of aliens!

Hit, burn, freeze and bewitch the envaders with 5 unique towers: Boxer, Mage, Stone-thrower, Chili and Freezer. Buy power-ups in the game shop to specialize Your defenses and fortify even more!

Support Your defenses with four spells that often are real life-savers! Build barricades to block enemies' routes, blow ‘em up and teleport! And grow the field of sun-giving plants necessary for Your upgrades!

The game is currently in progress. Now we are working on:

  • improving our graphics and visual effects;

  • adding more content (upgrades and powerups to bring more strategical variety; new levels, modes and achievements for higher replayability).

Amazing Pea TD on Steam