Rock of Ages

Rock of Ages

Rock of Ages is a charming, humorous, and highly original game.

The basic premise is this: you control a boulder rolling across a twisted battlefield of ramps, obstacles, and enemy traps. Your aim is to destroy your opponent’s gate.

As you destroy your opponent’s defenses, you accumulate money to spend on building upgrades. These upgrades can be either single-use power-ups for your boulder to make it stronger or more deadly. Or, you can spend the money on defenses like elephants, dynamite, and catapults that can knock your opponent’s boulder off the map. You get to place these obstacles wherever you want on the map.

Real player with 84.3 hrs in game

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Rock of ages is a game about rolling down a hill; to squish a little man, literally.

In Rock of Ages, there is a very minor story, hardly relating to the game. This isnt a bad thing because the game doesn’t need a story to be enjoyed, however the story is humorous.

The core gameplay aspect of Rock of Ages is rolling your rock down a slope riddled with defences in order to smash down an enemy gate. The opponents, are not only people from history, also attack your gate and the player must build their own defences in order to slow down or stop the other rock. You gain in game gold in order to pay for defences, and to upgrade your rock.

Real player with 14.5 hrs in game

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