Gurney to Gurney

Gurney to Gurney

The game has 100 levels, 10 levels per area and 8 different units you can buy. Units can be unlocked by completing levels, the first is unlocked by completing level 2, and the last completing level 24. The game has two currencies, the first being gold which you get by killing enemies and is used to upgrade units, the second which looks like magical powder is used while playing levels, each level has a fixed amount of this currency so there is some strategy involved in completing the later levels, unless you max out all units in which case the game becomes very easy.

Real player with 2.3 hrs in game

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this game is really good. fun games. i love it

Real player with 0.7 hrs in game

Gurney to Gurney on Steam

Watch Tower

Watch Tower

“Casual arcade with clicker elements! Defend the Kingdom from invasion!”

Well, this 5€/$ game starts with too much enthusiasm maybe.. let’s see =P

Starting from the very first screens, it’s clear that this is a mobile phone game. Cheesy and colorful graphics, little to no text (no settings basically), few things to click or, well, to touch..

And just a few upgrades and boosts: double arrows, poison and freeze arrows; more soldiers, our wall stronger and little else.

The game offers no tutorial at all, even if it’s quite simple - you’ll play as some soldiers in a watch tower on the left side of the screen with the enemies coming in waves from the right side.

Real player with 89.1 hrs in game

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Another game I bought during the sales, and the first thing I want to make sure is that it’s not worth your money! I was hoping for this to be one of those old-school tower defense games, but it’s not.

This game has 30 levels, which all look the same.

It’s a very active game, where you need to spam your mouse buttons all the time. The defending of your tower/castle only happens by you, spamming those buttons. There are a couple of things you can upgrade, but they actually don’t help you that much. Unfortunatly this game lacks variation, which makes you want to quit it after probably 5-10 levels.

Real player with 3.4 hrs in game

Watch Tower on Steam