Otti: house keeper

Otti: house keeper

This is a funny game with puzzles (sometimes too hard to solve it from the first try). Some levels can be completed very quickly, but before passing some I had to think carefully. In some places, you need to act fast enough. Nice puzzle for a few nights, also can be a great family game.

10/10 screaming thieves :D

Real player with 1.6 hrs in game

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A very creative puzzle game. Defend treasures from thieves by strategically placing traps around the house and scare them away. Each thief has its own phobia but some thieves aren’t scared easily!

Real player with 1.1 hrs in game

Otti: house keeper on Steam

Bugvasion TD

Bugvasion TD

Needs some improvements on lag ie. loading but it is a truly fun and addictive tower defense game. Hope it continues to improve and expand. I’m on board!

Real player with 18.3 hrs in game

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Information / English

Bugvasion TD is a classic tower defense developed by Full Screen Games.

Gameplay / Story

Insects where the world is moving? Exactly, you read that right because that is the content of this game. The invasion begins from the planet Zardoz. This planet is ruled by the alien race and is under the command of train rapoids. One day she came down from heaven, who likes her, disgusting, nasty insects. But it’s not just insects, because they can mind control over all insect rights, in order to wage them and against us, to gradually deposit the planet. The first battle takes place in our house. You have to feel yourself room by room against all kinds of crawlers and flying enemies. As in every classic TD, waves wave weirs and the level consistently gold-plated with 3 stars. You collect technology points that are used in your towers to be gold-plated, to enjoy new special attacks or other bonuses. This means fight and make sure they haven’t even thought about hearing the phase phase over. Destroy the problem before it becomes a problem!

Real player with 12.2 hrs in game

Bugvasion TD on Steam

ZAMB! Endless Extermination

ZAMB! Endless Extermination

I have not played the 2014 release of this game, so I will review this version by itself. ZAMB! is a twin-stick shooter where you have to defend power nodes by building turrets, placing different types of traps, and using other offensive abilities. We played the co-op for a few hours and the game managed to give as a challenge by exposing our lack of teamwork ;). ZAMB has 2 playable characters, one of them places the turrets, and the other dude is more like a crowd-control spammer. However, both characters can pick up and carry turrets around which is really cool. There are a few different areas with multiple stages, each ending with a boss fight. The game even has an endless mode, control binding and lots of upgrades - more than I can say for some similar games. I would recommend playing it with someone, but it has the same content for single player as well (15 stages, 3 boss fights, and several endless maps)

Real player with 41.4 hrs in game

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Fun mix between a tower defense and a shooter. You can be either melee or range

Finish it in solo and coop. It also has an infinite mode

Difficulty pretty well balanced, with good powers and towers to unlock.

And even if it could be quite messy sometimes to see what’s going on with all the fx displayed, it’s definitely worth the price for a decent couple of hours

Real player with 23.0 hrs in game

ZAMB! Endless Extermination on Steam

Ninja Kiwi Archive

Ninja Kiwi Archive






*Secondary effects include cancer, rubberphobia, wanting to explode blimps, excess in fur, death, banana addiction, plasma overdose, sudden communist behaviour, ebola, having a manic episode when you see a red, hearth-shaped balloon, eating paper, green poop and ruining parties

edit: RIP monke

monke liv forebre



Real player with 381.8 hrs in game

What’s not to love? NinjaKiwi’s entire Flash archive is provided here for free, having survived the heat death of the Flash universe. Bloons TD 1-5 are all here, of course, but the real standout for me is Bloons Monkey City, which combines BTD5 with a base builder–and works amazingly well. (In fact, by all accounts, it’s mechanically superior to the standalone version, offering more features, albeit with the performance limitations of Flash). But if you’re familiar with NinjaKiwi at all, you’ve probably played these in the past. While you can always return to a TD years later, it’s fun to explore their older and lesser known titles, of which this collection includes dozens.

Real player with 329.1 hrs in game

Ninja Kiwi Archive on Steam

Alone In The Mars

Alone In The Mars

Thoughts and review:

Disclaimer: (I only got to day 36)

Overall it’s a good not great game it’s VERY simple, but the creators did a really good job on nailing down quality of life things in the game. You only get one weapon, but the upgrades are pretty much everything you would want for it accuracy, firing speed, damage, and lowering the overheating. There only seems to be 4 enemies in the game that I got to and the game gets pretty mind numbing the achievements seem like they are super easy to get though. I like that they tell you how many you’re going to have to kill in the game, but even if you kill them as you spawn the number increases every wave making it longer not harder but longer so the waves all take a minute+ which just extends the playtime unnecessarily for the content available. If there’s more enemies/stuff later in the game it takes way to long to get to it I think it took me 56 minutes to kill 35 waves. So 365 waves would have taken like 8-10 hours of very simple game play it doesn’t look like there’s a 2x speed option or even a time skip at any point so it’s going to test your mental fortitude if you want all the achievements for the price it’s good though everything seems to work.

Real player with 1.0 hrs in game

Alone In The Mars on Steam

Build Em' Faster

Build Em' Faster

This game is perfect if you suffer nostalgia from the old times of Rampart. It is a fresh remake of the game in 3D with the same mechanics and modern graphics. local multiplayer is perfect for family game.

Real player with 163.4 hrs in game

This game is really confusing and the description is very misleading and lies.

It’s a game where you make a fort, survive an oncoming wave and then rebuild for a point score and then restart. There are no credits, no AI to do the same thing with you so basically a lonely single player and there is no online forcing you to play pier to pier or online remote play or parsec which i don’t have right now and it looks like it would be fun with friends but needs a little more polish.

Real player with 0.2 hrs in game

Build Em' Faster on Steam



NOTE: Default difficulty is NOT easy, I recommend going into Settings to lower the difficulty to “Casual” for the first playthrough.

Tower defense is right up my alley, I like the little tweaks and free agency you have to build your defenses as you see fit and when worse comes worse it’s all about your shooting accuracy.

Music is good - I turn off the music in 99% of the games I play, this one I left it on.

BUG: I have a monitor above my main monitor and even though in-game my mouse is not at the edge of the screen, outside of the game my mouse is moving on my other monitor and causes me to click out of the game when attempting to shoot.

Real player with 1.1 hrs in game

Goblins! on Steam

Hold The Line

Hold The Line

Hold The Line

Manage your units, give them formations and prepare for an assault of ever growing waves of enemies. Hold the line and keep your tower standing for as long as possible.

Hold The Line on Steam



A good way to discount the rage of this whole pandemic.

The game is interesting and very cartoonish, which left it with a very nostalgic style from my childhood and my drawings.

Real player with 5.1 hrs in game

A very nice minimalist game with a great retro music and sound effects, the art is like some 8-bits early games. Protect the cells against the virus, that is what we are right now fighting for !

Real player with 4.1 hrs in game

Pandemos on Steam



I liked unlocking new operating systems, and overall, any game with a skin of Windows 95 on it, I like it.

That being said, I did notice some awkward wording that was carried over into the PC port.

“Select a right button to continue.” should read “Select the right button to continue.”

For Progress Defender with the Antivirus, it says “Database need to be updated.” Not only is this not a complete sentence, it has the plural form of need. You could put something along the lines of either, “The database needs to be updated” if you’re looking to complete the sentence, or “The malware database needs to be updated.”

Real player with 621.9 hrs in game

It’s a nice, fun game if you like casual arcade-like action and nostalgia for graphical user interfaces. The goal is easy, but the game introduces enough obstacles and game modes to shake things up, allowing for a fun and challenging experience.

I will say, though, that it’s still transitioning from mobile to desktop. Some elements, such as the pinball, are still confined to a horizontal play area. Dragging the progress bar over a movable desktop item can immediately cause the cursor to drag the desktop item instead, even if the player doesn’t let go of the mouse. On a related note, the right mouse button doesn’t do anything in-game.

Real player with 81.8 hrs in game

Progressbar95 on Steam