Full stop, this game is D..E..D Dead. You can find some random games every now and then but there should be no expectation to join random lobbies as the game died off years ago. You should only aim to purchase this title if you have friends that will be playing with you. I do check randomly for games but they are typically locked or just a 10 wave.

That being said you should add this game to your Wishlist and grab the 5 pack bundle when it goes on Sale. I think this game is worth 25 bucks for the 5 pack and it is a steal if your group of friends like these survival wave based games. This game is best enjoyed in groups of 4 or 5 in my opinion. Three is a decent time but you won’t be pushing as hard as it is harder to cover map objectives on the harder difficulties.

Real player with 137.4 hrs in game

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A year or so back I purchased the Fatshark Bundle for myself and a friend. At first glance all the games looked entertaining and the reviews were good. Letting the game run for cards it unlocked one achievement and in doing so dropped my overall percentage score, it is because of this that I have played this game a lot sooner than I was planning.

Before I get into the details of why you shouldn’t purchase this game let me tell you what’s good about it first. The game itself looks good and runs smoothly at 60fps. The gladiators/arena remind me of Borderlands with it’s wise cracking commentator and post apocalyptic atmosphere. It shares the same universe as Krater, so if you wish to find out more details about this world you can do so if you please. Your character’s upgrade system although improperly balanced is fairly fleshed out, allowing for a wide variety of customisation. It’s got achievements, trading cards, a cloud save, and cooperative play, all of which work perfectly.

Real player with 123.1 hrs in game

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