An interesting spin on the TD-fps genre. The gameplay will keep you on your toes, and the artstyle, effects, and theming are consistent and quite good. It’s definitely an indie game, and there are a few rough spots here and there, e.g. the controls, tower placement, metal beam in the HUD, etc. That being said, the game was fun.

Side note, the current build is near-impossible. The groups of big bois are brutal and the titans are broken. But I imagine the devs will balance the game shortly

Real player with 2.7 hrs in game

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Play through here: https://youtu.be/an-O9XdFq5s

The Good Graphics are nice sound track is pretty sick and I like that they give you an active component with your builder. The bad Minions like killing your towers, you can’t be at two places at the same time and the default paths are a continent apart from each other, you have to actually physically pick up resources which despawn quickly so if your towers are killing things on the left while you’re on the right you’re getting half the resources at best, YOU HAVE TO BODY block to have any form of success, there’s not many tower choices and you can’t upgrades your towers, Minions LOVE killing your towers and some are thicc barely get frozen and are just blitzing so you have to lay sacrificial towers to appease their tower blood thirst, PLACING TOWERS IS HARD the area you can put them is very limited and you have to have a wide gap between your towers which is ANNOYING AS THE WORLD, you only have 30 very short seconds to lay towers while you try to fight with the build mode to even drop them AND THEN you have to run back to body block a path, there’s no wave counter that I noticed or any kind of stat to tell me how my towers are doing whatsoever, The Machine gun tower takes forever to start shooting like it will literally watch enemies run by then start shooting like 10-15 seconds later. Overall I think it’s a neat concept, but in my subjective opinion I can’t recommend it because I don’t think in it’s current state it’s worth the time investment to try and figure out how to win.

Real player with 1.3 hrs in game

Bulkhead on Steam

Hue Defense

Hue Defense

When you accustom to the graphic and its special design it could be a nice little game. Unfortunately it has some weak game mechanics. You have to level up to get points which you can put into upgrades. Unfortunately you don’t get enough points and cannot reconfigure them. You also don’t get anything when you loose the level. So at a certain point you stick to keep grinding the first 3-5 levels again and again until… you are so bored. XD

There is also no overview about the tower stats and no enemy stats, so you have to find out which tower is good against which enemy. Again unfortunately some enemies have only other shirts which differ to which tower they will get more damage.

Real player with 12.8 hrs in game

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much too hard - not to beat this game - only waste of time :(((

Real player with 8.2 hrs in game

Hue Defense on Steam

Steampunk Tower 2

Steampunk Tower 2

Interesting and unique take on the tower defence genre, but a lack of explanation along with a clumsily devised game, confusing campaign and poor gameplay mechanics hamper this game and make it a chore to play as it progresses.


I quite like the concept of a tower with customizeable turrets being dropped in the battlefield. I also like the design of the stick figures operating the turrets while you see a variety of enemy AI on the battlefield.


Customizing your turrets is downright confusing. It consists of mixing an array of scrap you receive at the end of each battle and then choosing the results that arise out of the combination of different scrap materials. Um ok? Some of the parts require for the upgrades are specialized and can only be found in cities that you have conquered. So you’re forced to basically wait as you send out the train with one agent on it until you can upgrade it. And if you don’t own the territory that houses that upgrade part, then forget it. You’re stuck. Either way, customizing and upgrading parts is dependent upon too many options.

Real player with 49.5 hrs in game

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Review - Steampunk Tower 2


RATING: 8.0 / 10 - Of Men and Steam-powered Monsters



Steampunk Tower 2 is a strategy / tower defense game hybrid with some twists to the formula. In an alternative, mid-800esque steampunk European continent, a great war is raging between the forces of The Cult and the other free nations, and is not going well for the latter. The cult, using technological superiority and military might, has subdued most of the Free Nations and its total dominance is imminent. Not everything is lost though, as there is still someone fighting: Lord Bertram Bingham, a powerful noble, is on a quest to gather the best scientists, soldiers and tacticians of the Free Nations to mount a counter-offensive against the Cult, using as a trump card the powerful Steampunk Tower, a technologically advanced battlestation deployable anywhere in brief times. And so the war against the Cult begins again.

Real player with 28.1 hrs in game

Steampunk Tower 2 on Steam

Anti Zombie AI - Tower Defense (Azai - TD)

Anti Zombie AI - Tower Defense (Azai - TD)

Here is what I like about this game:

Story - interesting

Balance - you can’t just let your turret do all the work, you have to put an effort as well.

Gameplay - it is decent

What I don’t like about it:

Controlls - takes time to figure it out

  • only W to move character around, and he also follows where mouse is.

Overall, not bad, fun little game.

Real player with 9.3 hrs in game

This game is a load of fun so far, very simple design which leads to first assuming the game is going to be rather easy. After a few times of playing you soon realize that the zombie waves are indeed randomly generated so you never really know what you are going to be up against, allowing for some decent replayability as well as a consistent challenge throughout the game.

Real player with 3.7 hrs in game

Anti Zombie AI - Tower Defense (Azai - TD) on Steam

Micro Annihilation

Micro Annihilation

Game was just released, but there is already enough content that you can play for few hours. It is interesting mix of XCOM / C&C.

While playing the game you find out how it would be if you would be the size of the ant and you have to survive the onslaught of insects. Sometimes it feels like zombie apocalypse but that there are ants instead of zombies.

You can contact developer on Discord and he will listen to your opinions and try to integrate them in his game. There is normally just few days between updates, so update interval is really short.

Real player with 36.8 hrs in game

This game takes me back to nostalgic days of Starcraft and Total Annihilation. Only now my units don’t always need me to babysit them to defend themselves. The conceit is fun, tiny people versus mutant bugs, and the gameplay is rather intuitive. I’m really enjoying myself :)

Real player with 8.2 hrs in game

Micro Annihilation on Steam

❂ Heroes of Hexaluga ❂

❂ Heroes of Hexaluga ❂

Interesting tactical turn based strategy-rpg game where you roam maps, survive, and fight.

There are a lot of different heroes you can buy as warriors, lots of different items both magic and weapons, 3 types of resources: money, food and mana that you need constantly take care of.

Very interesting project, though in early access, “70% ready”

Real player with 12.3 hrs in game

Tactical turn based strategy-rpg game.

Looks good and plays very well.

The game is so very satisfying to play, it has so much charms there and there.

Some ideas are very interesting.

The game features a excellent combat system that’s more tactical and satisfying than in most games but without getting too quirky for its own good.

Game still have bugs, and they still need work.

Minuses are - graphics are not the greatest.

Wish the game and developer all the success and look forward to even more.

Real player with 4.8 hrs in game

❂ Heroes of Hexaluga ❂ on Steam

Farthest Frontier

Farthest Frontier

Protect and guide your people as you forge a town from untamed wilderness at the edge of the known world. Harvest raw materials, hunt, fish and farm to sustain your advancing town. Produce craft items for villagers to trade, consume, equip and fight with as you battle for your survival against the elements and outside threats.

Key Features

  • Harvest, Grow, Craft - Harvest raw materials, forage for food, grow crops and craft dozens of items to consume, equip, trade and defend your town with. Over 60 items total.

  • Build and Advance - Construct 50 different buildings as you grow your town from a fledgling settlement to a bustling city. Your town center and housing will advance through multiple tiers as the prosperity and desirability of your town increases. Upgrade production buildings to increase efficiency and enable production of more advanced items.

  • Fend Off Would-Be Invaders - Progress from wood palisades to stone walls, build towers and barracks, recruit and equip soldiers in the defense of your town as rising prosperity attracts the attention of raiders seeking plunder.

  • Most Detailed Farming System Ever - Choose from a variety of crops with different characteristics and configure crop rotations to maintain soil fertility, avoid heat and frost damage, and prevent the accumulation of diseases. Cultivate your fields to improve them over time and provide the ideal growing conditions for your crops.

  • All Them Old-Timey Diseases! - Ensure your villagers have clean water to stop outbreaks of dysentery and cholera. Collect berries and plant greens to prevent scurvy. Make sure villagers are properly shoed and clothed to reduce chances of contracting tetanus and rabies. Perhaps most importantly, manage rodent populations by collecting waste, securely storing food and employing rat catchers to ward off the feared bubonic plague. Over a dozen exciting ailments and diseases to contract!

  • Environmental Interaction - Develop your economy based on which resources are locally abundant and produce items for trade to acquire that which you lack. Erect fencing to keep deer away from crop fields and stop bears from raiding food storage. Manage tree cover to prevent underground water supplies from drying up. Balance the need to clear land for agriculture around vital natural resources like wild growing medicinal plants and forage items.

Crate Entertainment is a small indie studio founded in 2008 and best known for the action-RPG Grim Dawn. Join the Crate community and help shape the future of development of our games and be among the first to receive news about Farthest Frontier by participating in polls and discussions on our forum.

Farthest Frontier on Steam



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A game that borrows inspiration from the roguelike and survival genre alike and puts you in an instant fight for survival against mysterious creatures, starvation, insanity and more.

Be prepared to fail over and over again while you keep learning how to keep a good balance of yours crews needs and safety.

Real player with 4.0 hrs in game

I bought this to do a review of it for YT. Never before have I heard myself so depressed after a video. It isn’t from the melancholy of Lovecraftian literature either.


Aesthetically it reminds me of retro-indie games. Pretty good in that regard. However I’m not a fan of the GUI trying to move out of the way while I’m attempting to use it (infuriating to say the least). It took me about 15 minutes to learn the mechanics and I’m still not sure I have all of it with an hour of playing. I got the furnace once, but I’ve not seen it since and died soon after, considering the game doesn’t teach you how to use it. I tend to succumb to sanity being exhausted, but it’s impossible to keep my crew sufficiently saturated and not crazy. Frankly it’s not fun for me to die and die again with little to no progress being made so I don’t want to play it anymore.

Real player with 1.0 hrs in game

Thalassophobia on Steam

End War RTS

End War RTS

Very well done game,this game is better then most of the new rts games i have been able to find out there,not bad at all keep up the good work. I still dream of a future were RTS games become popular again,and i support any game that has the feel of what a true rts is all about.

Real player with 7.0 hrs in game

while many rts games no longer use the c&c style which is a classic time, the game still needs more content like a lot more since currently it is bare bones.

Real player with 0.5 hrs in game

End War RTS on Steam