Inbound UFO

Inbound UFO

This game is brilliant! Many cool new things that made me spend a lot of time ingame. I usually don’t write reviews but as a tower defense fan and not finding enough reviews on this one, I had to say that it really brings some novelty on the genre (I had to re-think all my strategies learned in other TDs).

I like how the enemy is fighting with me, they struggle to bring my towers down :D, very nice animations and there is something interesting and addictive with the AI that I can’t pinpoint exactly.

Real player with 63.4 hrs in game

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Game sucks…..

Real player with 30.0 hrs in game

Inbound UFO on Steam

Invader TD

Invader TD

Invader TD brings the classic tower defense experience to a side scrolling environment, manage your resources to strategically build your defenses and defend against enemy attacks while evolving to be able to conquer planet earth.

You are in control of an alien race that aims to dominate planet Earth, but the human beings will not let that happen, use your skills to defend yourself from human attacks, building structures and evolving them.

  • Exciting battles

  • Physics based

  • Stylized pixel art

  • 5 towers types

  • 10+ enemies types

  • Original soundtrack

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Invader TD on Steam

Beware Planet Earth

Beware Planet Earth

Can’t. Stop. Saving. Cows!

This is totally not my type of game, but the demo was so entertaining that I just had to put it on my wishlist, and then get it when I saw it on sale for 1.99 euro. It’s well worth more than that (and I’m stingy). The graphics and humour hits the right spot for me.

It was great fun until I tried to get those stupid achievements, then it turned into frustrating no fun on the Veteran play through of Winter level 5. After far too many attempts on the previous levels each time until I got lucky, too. (Achievements only ever get in the way of enjoying a game for me, and this game was where I finally decided to say ‘screw them all’. I’d really like a button in Steam to turn them all off.)

Real player with 80.3 hrs in game

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To me, it’s hard to make a 2D Cartoony style like this entertaining, and honestly I laughed a lot as I discovered the cows along the seasons, the aliens' animations, and of course, Barney ! This toilets cabin makes him so alive, and yet we never see the guy ! Now, imagine that all the ‘towers’ you put in the fields are alive too… Man, this ambiance is soooo fun ! It’s actually a part of the machine, but it’s also its eyes. It’s a vent, but it’s also its mouth. Just love the design of these characters/machines ! Mobs have suits, costumes, cohesive animations, and their abilities are related to their appearance. You could guess what it can or cannot do by just looking at them. It’s very pleasant and made me feel like I was watching a good old cartoon from Tex Avery/Hanna Barbera. So alive !

Real player with 23.7 hrs in game

Beware Planet Earth on Steam

Tower ships

Tower ships

Tower Ships is clearly a tower defense game but the mechanics are significantly different to classic tower defense games as the towers are spaceships. The core of this game is about managing these ships location, rotation, power and special ability instead of building new towers. Between levels you expand your fleet and reoutfit the ships with better weapons and shields.

Key features

  • Movable towers (ships), therefore you will need to manage these ships location, rotation

  • Route power to different ship systems and use special ability on the ships

  • Expand your fleet (7 different ships) and reoutfit the ships with better weapons (8 different weapons) and shields

  • 30 levels

Tower ships on Steam

Defense Grid: The Awakening

Defense Grid: The Awakening

Allow me my conceit.

DG is the best video game I have ever played, and many of you reading this could my grandkids friends.

I usually avoid pronouncements. I avoid posting comments even more, but DG is so special, so rare, I must share with you why you should buy it.

Check how many hours I have invested in this love affair. I still play every week. I invite you to check older posts from pre-2010 to see how this game enveloped not just me but a whole community being introduced to tower defense for the first time, not to mention veterans of the genre.

Real player with 2376.8 hrs in game

Tower security entertainments are a dime twelve on the Internet, which is a touch of an adornment generally as in most by a long shot of them are permitted to-play, so paying 10 pennies would be unnecessary overabundance. Still, it’s not stunning that tower shield entertainments are so celebrated; done successfully they can be an addictive time suck, draining without end the hours as you try to set up a defensive system that can withstand everything the PC hurls at it. With these free preoccupations out there, can’t avoid being there space for a premium tower security diversion? Covered Path Entertainment advances a persuading resistance with Defense Grid: The Awakening, a $20 redirection that offers a great deal of tense minutes and significantly more significance than an ordinary tower monitor diversion.

Real player with 263.3 hrs in game

Defense Grid: The Awakening on Steam



Short Version: Fast paced tower defense plus 2D run’n’gun that pushes all the right buttons. Awesome retro simplicity in gameplay (run, jump, shoot, build one of three towers) with plenty of modern features (upgrades and extra challenges galore) along with an intentionally silly story make this game utterly scrumptious.

You know those crazy dreams where a bunch of random pieces from your life / movies / video games get smushed together in a ridiculous fashion that somehow make a weird kind of perfect sense? Well, imagine a dream where Megaman lost his job and decided to instead pursue his secret wish of becoming a spaceship handyman, only to be sucked into an 80’s sci-fi movie plot where aliens were invading the ship and only his newfound turret-building skills and rusty blasting action could save the day. This is Spacejacked in a nutshell, and it is glorious.

Real player with 13.0 hrs in game

When I first saw this game, I thought it would barely have enough content to keep me entertained for a couple of hours. Well, I’m glad I was proved wrong.

How can I even start to describe this game? “A super fast-paced arcade tower-defence” it’s a good start but it doesn’t cut it.

This game makes most tower-defence look easy by comparison:

  • You have to manage to defend your spaceship’s cores located in different rooms from getting destroyed. This means, you have to fend off hordes of enemies in several separate rooms, basically at the same time, with limited resources (metal). Since you barely gain any metal from the monsters/ aliens you kill, most of the time you’ll be running from room to room destroying your turrets to get metal to build or upgrade turrets in another room and then repeating this process until all rooms are secured.

Real player with 8.9 hrs in game

Spacejacked on Steam

Moon Corp. Tower Defense

Moon Corp. Tower Defense

Create your corporation. Research, Build, and Upgrade turrets to defend the moon from alien invasion, while staying within budget! Hire employees, access experimental weapons through your research, test them in the firing range and call down destruction on the alien threat.

Defend against Alien Swarms. Create Unique Combinations of Weapons. Take Advantage of Alien Weaknesses. Upgrade and Specialize your Turrets.

Expand your Defense Company. Hire and Fire Employees to Research New Technologies. Customise your Office. Adopt an Office Cat!

Outsource your Defense needs with Special Abilities. Bring down the Orbital Laser. Call in an Airstrike. Drop Mechs.

Moon Corp. Tower Defense on Steam

Tep The Destroyer

Tep The Destroyer

I’ve had the chance to play many tower defence games through my YouTube channel and I found this one really interesting, especially the challenge mode.

Looking forward to doing more with it in the near future

Real player with 3.5 hrs in game


5/10 Tower Cats recommend this game.


☑️A serious “looking” Tower Defense game.

☑️A campaign mode / Survival mode.

☑️A little bit of variety.

❌Feels lacking in terms of freedom.

❌A more forced version of a Tower Defense.

❌Isn’t fast enough.

❌No repair function.

❌The radius HUD for turrets is confusing. Does it reach?

My personal opinion?

I’ve played TD games my entire life from time to time.

I’m familiar with the different niche attempts to make something new and fresh and modern…

Real player with 1.7 hrs in game

Tep The Destroyer on Steam

Unstoppable Gorg

Unstoppable Gorg

A silly tower defense game. Fortunately, I happen to like silly tower defense games.

It offers a decent variety of towers and enemies, always a key ingredient. (Although I found some of the tower types more or less indispensable, and others pretty worthless.) You get money from killing enemies, but also from building generators, so there is that tension between investing and beefing up your defenses.

Lastly, the game brings us something new: orbiting towers. All your defenses must be placed at preset points in 2-4 rings surrounding your ship/station. These rings are fixed in distance from the center, and the build points are fixed in distance from each other, but the entire ring can be rotated. This lets you move your towers into position near the enemy’s attack paths (highlighted by glowy dotted lines), or even follow a wave around to keep it in range longer. Since the levels are in space, with no real ‘terrain’, this is a good way of doing things.

Real player with 24.4 hrs in game

It is a neat little tower defense game. It treats space as a 2-dimensional thing instead of a 3-dimensional thing by having this space station or what have you in the center. You set up satellites in various rings with set placement locations and move those rings around so that your satellites can defend against waves of aliens. The religious fanatic robots from the sun with ships that look like cars from the 1950s, the brain monsters from Venus, and the classic flying saucers of the titular Gorg are your foes, coming in from changing directions with varied units.

Real player with 15.6 hrs in game

Unstoppable Gorg on Steam

Amazing Pea TD

Amazing Pea TD

Family-friendly PC tower defense game. You’ll lead the resistance of plants, which are being captured by aliens from exhausted starving planet.

Place towers and build barricades, freeze, teleport and blow them up - but don’t let them enslave You!

  • well thought out balance - each tower and spell are unique, there is no universal weapon!

  • a new mechanic - you not only build the towers, but also clear the territory for their construction. And also grow and protect resource-giving plants!

  • various map modifications that significantly affect the gameplay!

  • random enemy routes at the forks - the game is never the same experience twice!

  • control over the towers - you can directly set the target for all towers!

  • 20 handcrafted levels (and we are planning even more!);

  • high replayability - pass levels, get achievements and perform special missions!

  • bright, juicy graphics;

  • no cruelty and violence - play with the whole family!

Face with more than 20 enemies from three alien races! Most of them with special abilities!

Stay on Your toes as Your fight with armoured knights and heavy-footed giants, impregnable wizards and skilful Gunners, battle bees and even flying saucers full of aliens!

Hit, burn, freeze and bewitch the envaders with 5 unique towers: Boxer, Mage, Stone-thrower, Chili and Freezer. Buy power-ups in the game shop to specialize Your defenses and fortify even more!

Support Your defenses with four spells that often are real life-savers! Build barricades to block enemies' routes, blow ‘em up and teleport! And grow the field of sun-giving plants necessary for Your upgrades!

The game is currently in progress. Now we are working on:

  • improving our graphics and visual effects;

  • adding more content (upgrades and powerups to bring more strategical variety; new levels, modes and achievements for higher replayability).

Amazing Pea TD on Steam