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Tower Defence games are fairly popular. Games like Plants vs. Zombies have bought Tower Defence games into the mainstream. They are normally simple to play, easy to understand and can be played in short bursts. I do like tower defence games, but mostly as a mobile gaming fix. They are perfect games to play during my daily commutes. When the PC version of OTTTD (also known as Over the Top Tower Defence) turned up at our office, I was somewhat intrigued as to what made it ‘over the top’.

Real player with 85.5 hrs in game

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Grade = A. Worth a buy, if you enjoy testing new tactics in diverse maps. However, if you not able to accept mobile phone graphic, don’t buy it

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| A+ | 57 ~ 70 |

Real player with 48.5 hrs in game

OTTTD on Steam



Scrapshoot is the true definition of a party game. While the AI is fun to battle against the game becomes a blast when you get your friends involved. I think this is the kind of game you hop on occasionally and end up sinking hours of fun into it. Super easy to learn, a variety of hat options, and the unique match modifiers offer a lot in variation of gameplay from round to round.

Don’t let this game go under your radar! I’d give it 9 scraps out of 10; super excited to see what the devs whip up in future updates!

Real player with 6.0 hrs in game

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A really fun mix of tower defense and really active gameplay, really fun gameplay loop, visually very impressive and the dynamic environments mid round are actually gorgeous in game

THE MUSIC THO? THE MUSIC GOES FUCKING CRAAAAZY a perfect compliment to the active gameplay

Real player with 1.9 hrs in game

Scrapshoot on Steam

Guardians of Hyelore

Guardians of Hyelore

I’ve had the pleasure of testing this game in and out during the beta. At the highest level of difficulty this game provides quite the challenge and I’ve enjoyed all 45 hours that I’ve spent playing the game!

Cute graphics

Hard challenge

Good replayability

As a side note, this game is a solo indie dev’s first project ever, so he earns my total respect for that! Can’t wait to see what’s in store next!

Real player with 45.5 hrs in game

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This review is further detailed in the video below.

Guardians of Hyelore is a diamond in a rough for those that enjoy the defense style of games. I am impressed by the amount of progression options and the amount of work that went into this. For the right price this is easily a day 1 buy for me.





✔️A MASSIVE amount of progression.

✔️Lots of customization such as account level, units, guardian, equipment, towers, guardian items and talents. There is even a separate xp bar for arena mode.


Real player with 41.0 hrs in game

Guardians of Hyelore on Steam

Jungle Juggle

Jungle Juggle

Jungle Juggle

The mission has been assigned! Your strategy skills are required to open the way and protect the truck to safe passage!

Fight your way out of jungle, desert, mountains, rain and blazing wind to reach the last resistance of the evil dictator!

Key Features:

Reversed tower defense mechanics.

Full screen and High definition art.

Sneak in binocular mode to plan your strategy and stay ahead of the enemies.

6 troops with different abilities to deploy near the truck.

4 special items to use anywhere on screen.

Campaign with 40 levels, full of enemies and traps!

12 achievements.

Immersive levels

Awesome military soundtrack.

Jungle Juggle on Steam

Sorcs: Siege Chronicles

Sorcs: Siege Chronicles

I have played it for a few hours (I’m at stage 7 right now), and I’m really enjoying it so far.

I like that the game is not easy, you have to be strategic on where to put your towers, manage your resources (decide whether to put your villagers to farm wood or crystals, or send them to a new tower), and also go to the first person shooter mode to help with the damage (FPS mode is critical at the beginning of each stage).

There are some improvements that you can unlock with points you get when beating the stages depending on how you did (it helped me re doing some stages at 3 stars for extra points) .

Real player with 17.6 hrs in game

Very nice game! As a casual player I’d say it is a great game to spend some of my free time. It’s entertaining and with a great amount of content to keep your fingers busy until you get tired of clicking. I love the music also :)

Real player with 15.2 hrs in game

Sorcs: Siege Chronicles on Steam

Dungeon Break TD

Dungeon Break TD

Evil forces try to siege your dungeon and conquer your castle. Defend it at all cost!

Summon mighty Heroes and build defensive Buildings in order to protect your realm.

Defeat epic Bosses!

The Zombie King, The Skeleton King, ancient Dragons, murderous Pirates, corrupt Angels are conspiring against you. Defeat them all in large-scale Boss Battles. Counter the bosses with magical damage and armor piercing depending on the situation.

Mercenaries for the win!

Stabilize your economy, destroy your opponents either in the early game or hire cold-blooded mercenaries with Mana and send them to your opponents to crush them! Build mines and altars to increase your gold and mana production, but pay attention to invest enough money on your defenses

Think ahead, plan your strategy!

Enemies always focus your closest unit. Use this knowledge as an advantage, build undefeatable forces, create ultimate lineups where no enemy can go through.

Challenge other players

Show the world your geniousity, defeat your opponents in a 4-players free for all epic battle.


  • Single-player games against AI

  • Multi-player Free For All ranked matches with 4 people

  • Choose your unique nation

  • Climb the PvP leaderboard

Dungeon Break TD on Steam

Magic Stone Guardians

Magic Stone Guardians

Magis Stone Guardians is a tower defense game that can be played in VR.

You play as a guardian deity protecting an underground temple and fight off enemies who try to steal the crystal.

Since the player is a spirit, he cannot attack the enemies directly.

Instead, they can summon Guardians by combining Magic Stones.

Watch and enjoy the battle between the guardians and the enemies.

How to battle

  • Grab the Magic Stone

    You can grab it by holding the pointer from your hand over the magic stone and pressing the grip or trigger button.

  • Place the Magic Stone on the floor.

    If you release the button while holding the magic stone, you can place it on the floor.

  • Summon the Guardian

    By placing white and other colored Magic Stones next to each other, you can summon a Guardian for that combination!

How to strengthen the Guardian


  • Select the Guardian figure on the desk in the My Room.

    You can select it by pressing the grip button or trigger button with the pointer aligned

  • Pick up the Guardian you want to enhance.

    You can pick up the Guardian you want to strengthen by pressing the grip button or the trigger button while the pointer is aligned.

  • Pick up the enhanced energy stored in the ceiling.

    You can pick it up by pressing the grip button or trigger button with the pointer in place.

  • Move the energy you picked up closer to the Guardian you want to strengthen to raise its level.

    The strengthening energy will be absorbed by the Guardian and the level will increase.

Magic Stone Guardians on Steam

Para Bellum - Hold the Line

Para Bellum - Hold the Line

great fun little war game. easily worth the 10 bucks it costs.


the new updates, for example the GMG really kick ***!!

Real player with 30.1 hrs in game

A cool little tactical war game with emphasis on realism. The developer is very active in discord and listens to feedback from the players. Already holds a good amount of content and I can see this growing to a gem during early access.

Real player with 1.7 hrs in game

Para Bellum - Hold the Line on Steam

Sci-Fantasy Defence

Sci-Fantasy Defence

Sci-Fantasy Defence is a combination of real time strategy and first person shooter. Survive and build a portal to escape from this place. Use advanced technologies to extract resources, construct buildings and craft weapons. In order to overcome the barrier of attack speed of weapons and get additional projectiles when firing, use magic items from dark fantasy parallel world.

Thousands of Enemies

Thousands of enemies attack at the same time.


In addition to building a base, you can use weapons. Customize it as you like by adding improvements for burst, speed and damage.


Place aura towers that increase burst, speed and damage of your turrets. Combine the number of turrets and aura towers as you like.

Sci-Fantasy Defence on Steam



A good retro tower defence that requires precision and thoughtfullness and u get to choose 1 out of the 2 systems to complete it ! The war path or the peace path .As u progress it gets all the more challenging and u will definatly restart the level at some point :)

Real player with 1.2 hrs in game

Kirkileons on Steam