Dwerve is a tower defense dungeon crawler RPG. It tells the story of a young dwarven tinkerer that adventures into dwarven ruins to unearth the lost technologies of the ancient warsmiths: turrets and traps, the only weapons that can protect the dwarves from Witch Queen Vandra the Wicked and her army of bloodthirsty trolls and monstrous creatures.

Key Features

  • Tactical turret-based combat involves making strategic decisions about which turrets and traps to build and where.

  • Upgrade your arsenal with over a dozen turrets and traps, each with it’s own unique upgrade tree.

  • Discover powerful artifacts: an arrow-blocking shield, dashing boots, a bouncing boomerang, a ground-shaking hammer, and more!

  • Story-based campaign. Unravel the history of the dwarves and the trolls in a story that features diverse characters and an unpredictable plot!

  • Explore ancient dungeons in multiple biomes, each with hidden secrets, mysterious puzzles, and interesting lore!

  • Fully dynamic lighting. Adventure through dimly lit dungeons that come to life with dynamic lights and shadows!

Backstory & Lore

In the massive hollow mountain of Mount Crowcrest, there once lived a great nation of dwarves. The dwarves discovered power stones while mining deep in the mountain. They used them to power machines and, eventually, entire cities. They lived in peace and prosperity for centuries.

Over time they became infatuated with power stones and dug deeper to find more. One day they dug too deep and unleashed the Gloomdark Hordes, an army of trolls and monstrous creatures. Once the dwarves realized that trolls turned to stone in the sunlight, they fled far from the mountain and found refuge on the sunny Hills of Brekka.

Centuries passed and, over time, the dwarves forgot their traditions and abandoned craftsmanship and innovation in favor of warring and raiding. History became myth, and myth became bedtime stories. But whispers of a long forgotten darkness echo throughout the valley of the great mountain. It can be heard in the Snoring Forest, by those who dare to enter…

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Dwerve on Steam

The Garden of Orilon

The Garden of Orilon

The Garden of Orilon is a Role-play acton game. You command unique doll armies and exclusive characters to fight invaders, who intend to conquer the castle received you. And you, have your own purpose, to awaken and take back one of your vanished lover, Aoyius. From azura sky to bloodshed bastion, the challenges, salvation and rewards are here, waiting for you.

A. Unique designed levels: From going through peaceful countryside to fierce castle scenes, from looking up to azura sky to bloodshed river, and even hovering at floating planets in endless cosmos… you will get immersed in the miraculous worlds.

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The Garden of Orilon on Steam

Mages Defense

Mages Defense

A Mage has the strategy to defeat the hostiles, the wisdom to lead the armies, and the courage to intimidate their enemies. A mage sees what nobody can see, he foresees all the futures possibles. A mage fights in the dark of the night, in the wind of the storm, in the cold of the winter. A mage is where he needs it!

Mages defense is a third-person strategic adventure game set in a fantasy world with tower defense elements whose main goal is to defend the crystal from waves of enemies by setting deadly traps in their path and using the power of the mages to stop them. defend more than 30 kingdoms from these creatures like evil mages, dragons, orcs, witches, ghosts, wizards, trolls, pirates, skeletons, zombies, vampires, and much more. All of them aiming to destroy everyone and conquer the world

Unlock different traps to help you in your journey and use them to defeat the waves of enemies. The more enemies you kill, the more summoning power you’ll have to buy traps! Traps are a need to prevent enemies from reaching the crystal.

Buying time and stopping enemies are priorities in this game. Before starting the waves, the player can see what kind of enemies are going to come and select the best traps for the battle. Many different traps allow different setups. Some of the traps can let the enemy slow or stop the enemy entirely. Other traps are going to explode them! Burn, shoot, freeze, explode, bite, slow them down, poison them! Use all your resources wisely…

The Mages Are Your Best Allies in this adventure. You can summon them to help you defeat the waves. They are going to attack, distract the enemy and take damage for you while you worry about other enemies.

You must defend the crystal at all cost. The crystals are the casters of the holy shields. The Holy Shields are around all the villages and protect the people from evil creatures. For a long time, the evil couldn’t enter.

But now, the enemies found out how to open portals inside of the Holy Shields. For our lucky, they can send just a few warriors per time, that’s our advantage!!!

They will try to break the crystal. If they manage that, the holy Shield will be destroyed and the evil army will invade the villages.

Main Features

30 Villages to defend - islands of great kings, forests of the powerful mages, and kingdoms to defend. All in need of a mage to protect them.

More than 50 kinds of enemies - Mages, Dragons, orcs, witches, ghosts, wizards, trolls, pirates, skeletons, zombies, vampires.

Buy traps - Unlock different traps to help you in your journey.

18 Deadly traps - Build traps making the enemies slow or freeze them to get you time. Explode them without mercy!!!

The Mages - Summon the mages to help you defend the cristal and distract the enemies. choose between 3 mages what’s the best of them to control

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Mages Defense on Steam

Dwerve: Prologue

Dwerve: Prologue

This review is further detailed in the video below.

Dwerve is an incredibly charming game that is simple to pick up but requires strategy and dedication to succeed in! As a huge fan of Tower Defense games and the NES style classics, this game is a match made in heaven that resolves the shortcomings of both genres. I am super excited for the full game and can’t wait to cover it again when it releases!





✔️Tower defense done right! Exploration, dodging enemy attacks, replacing towers and manually attacking keeps the game from getting stale like your typical tower defense games.


Real player with 2.0 hrs in game

I Kickstarted this game based on the first 5 minutes or so of the demo. It seemed super fun and like an innovative mix on the Tower Defense genre. Now that I’m playing the prologue for a bit longer, that impression hasn’t changed. The game oozes style, and has a challenging but fun format.

So far I’m very pleased, but the two things I did notice were 1; the walking speed is SUPER slow. This seems to be on purpose for mechanics, but wow it feels like I’m taking forever to get from point A to B. I assume the levels are smaller based purely on that for the sake of getting around, but I hope there’s a way to increase that speed more than a very slow recharging dash. 2; destructible items aren’t very easy to tell apart from non-destructible things. I found myself just stopping quite a bit to see if anything was destructible nearby.

Real player with 1.1 hrs in game

Dwerve: Prologue on Steam

The Legend Of The Black Wizard

The Legend Of The Black Wizard

Best game 2021

Real player with 0.1 hrs in game

The Legend Of The Black Wizard on Steam



A VR Game to keep moving, thinking, shooting and improving!

CYBERSPACE VR is a Fast-Paced FPS / Tower Defense Hybrid game with RPG Progression Mechanics and a Mesmerizing Story set Half a Millenium Ahead of our Time.

Follow through the Journey of Ohm-39, a seemingly normal future Mercenary that is Half AI and Half Human, while defends several the servers of CYBERSPACE being recently attacked.

Run, Jump, Shoot and Throw. Use your intelligence and strategic mind to build up your defenses and use a full set of CyberWeapons and DigiTurrets with different Abilities to let your combative imagination run wild while you defend your Core! Progress and Improve your Character, Weapons, Turrets and acquire new Skills to use on the Battlefield. Uncover the Story and Secrets of CYBERSPACE and the company behind it, NEURACORE while you play!

Play our Early Access to know our Gameplay now! This way you can start enjoying it while we finish off our 1st Mesmerizing Campaign. This will NOT be a DLC and will be FULLY Included with your purchase! You’ll just receive the notification to download the 1st Campaign Update when it’s ready!

Available for HTC VIVE, VIVE Index and Oculus Rift S. We strive to deliver an outstanding and fun VR experience where we blend a strategic gameplay with lots of action in combat! All while delivering a Cinematic Storytelling on the Background, sharing our Story of the Evolution of AI, the World and the Future of Humanity in the next Centuries.


**+ 6 Different Weapons

  • 6 Different Enemies

  • 3 Different Level Layouts

  • Endless Waves / Arcade Mode

  • 1 Epic BOSS Fight Alpha

  • Music Jukebox (Choose from our own Synthwave / Cyberpunk OST)**


+ Global Leaderboards - Rank Globally with different players to become the master of several levels.

+ Progression Mode - XP Gain, Levels, SkillTrees, Weapons and Towers Upgrades through Forging

+ 1st Teaser Campaign - We’ll deliver a Chapter of our Full Campaign set to release next year.

+ Multiplayer Modes - First Co/Op and then PvP, we want to take the fun battle experience of CSVR to a whole new level next year!


Support us on our Early Launch and help us improve our Game and take it to a whole new level.







CYBERSPACE VR is developed by FUSE VR Studios, a group of more than 10 people are actively developing and designing the experience of the game.


We are currently developing a whole set of music and SDX along with Shifterhead. Be sure to check that out and buy it if you like it.


CYBERSPACE VR Story takes players far in the future. Starting out from the digitalization of the Human Brain to the era of AI as a new digital-kind species that has its own goals and motives.

Our Cinematic Universe is being constantly refined and first part of the history will be showcased in our Teaser Campaign coming JAN 2021.

You can watch some Screenshots of our Cinematic takes down here. But if you like the concept visit our Social Media channels to see more art and know more about the Story and upcoming 1st Campaign of CYBERSPACE VR.


We are growing our Player Base and Improving our Game with your Feedback. Follow us to keep posted on Contests, Beta Testing Programs and

Join the #CyberCommunity on our different Social Media Accounts

Join our Discord Server to be more close to our Developers and Artists, give us your direct Feedback and more!


Glitch War

Glitch War

Glitch War is a Action, Strategy, video game. It’s a game where you command units as you take back your world from invading monsters. You control unique characters who each have their own special attacks. There are puzzles and boss fights that you will have to make your way though. There is an open world to explore. You can go in any direction you want, find new areas, new units, and experience each area as you progress through the game. I am an indie developer and have been working on this game for just under a year now and its really shown me my passion for creating games! It has been such a blast and I hope you enjoy it as much as I have making the game!

Glitch War on Steam

Monster Battle Quest

Monster Battle Quest

If you like strategy based, action sort of games then this is DEFINITELY for you!

The GUI isn’t the best and the game isn’t that hard until level 20.

It’s not too hard and is definitely worth the price.

You can upgrade all your monsters so that they are stronger!

Real player with 2.3 hrs in game

Overall it’s decent. Some later levels are just so much more difficult to do to 3 stars than the ones around it. And then it can be followed by one that has so few enemies that there’s no way you’ll ever lose on it, let alone get less than 3 stars.

Mostly the challenge is when there are ranged enemies you can’t kill before tanky enemies get in front of them. You’re pretty screwed then and forced to just send low tier mobs to act as a shield for a more powerful monster on your team. At least that’s how I managed to do it most of the time.

Real player with 2.1 hrs in game

Monster Battle Quest on Steam



Unionatic is a real-time strategy game that deals with the ancient warfare of humans and creatures.

  • Build your village.

  • Manage your village.

  • Build your alliance.

  • Manage your guild.

  • Defeat the creatures.

It has a structure where you can defend and attack against creatures of different races from the ancient forest in the Unionatic world, and also hold the administration of your own village. While building your own village in the game, you have to defend yourself against the creatures that will come from different places. You can fight shoulder to shoulder with your armies by switching to tps mode in the game or you can manage your armies with a camera angle from above.

Unionatic on Steam

Black Maou & Rainbow Kingdom

Black Maou & Rainbow Kingdom

fun short game.

Real player with 3.2 hrs in game

Good and fun

Real player with 1.4 hrs in game

Black Maou & Rainbow Kingdom on Steam