Data Defense

Data Defense

This game is very entertaining, defenetly worth it’s price! I have over 90 hours right now and am still not tored of it. You can try out new strategies, play survival if you don’t want to think too much or play the campaign mode with it’s challenge servers, where you need to think and react to specific circumstances.

Graphics 10/10

Music 10/10

Gameplay 9/10

Fun 12/10 ;)

A very beautiful, simple and yet extraordinary indie game.

If you get stuck on a level or have questions about the gameplay, I wrote a guide about this game.

Real player with 141.8 hrs in game

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Data Defense is a simple tower defense game that emphasizes interesting gameplay over glitzy graphics, and it does a pretty good job of doing so. You’ll see a lot of the staples of tower defense traditions at work here - predicted pathing that changes responsively, different sorts of enemies that fulfill different roles, etc - but the game also offers a quasi-RPG-esque quality in that you only get so many types of towers to work with, and they’re sub-slotted into various roles. This forces you to examine the map and the towers best suited for that battle; the wide-open map with the speed up/speed down zones (which affect both the enemy AND your towers) plays very differently than the tight path, for example.

Real player with 69.0 hrs in game

Data Defense on Steam



Tower Defense like it has to be!

With the old Version, Level 15 was challenging, but with last update, up to level 60, it is harder.

After 20 hours i’m happy that i’ve reached 54.

Yes it lags documentation but take it like another quest to figure out how all SIX towers work.

What it really lags is an undo. At least of the last move. Missclicking is really anoying.

Choose Dilemmas wisely, you only get 8:

3 void or panic

5 dread or doubt

7 heart or doom

9 magma or doubt

11 dread or mill

13 magma or doubt

Real player with 78.3 hrs in game

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I love to come across strategy games which are presented minimalistically - in both in gameplay and UI. I see this game shining with unlimited potential in the future of the Tower Defence genre. I really like the pricing strategy of the dev too. Buy this one soon!


1. Properly minimal (if you like that). I mean, this game is pretty much the barebones essentials of a classic TD with a clever twist.

2. The Clever Twist: Mazing. There’s many strategies to win, and it helps if you can solve a maze by just looking at it.

Real player with 17.5 hrs in game

Eternower on Steam



Milksoup is an FPS tower defense about a bunch of nerds trying to steal your cereal.

Movement is going to be your key to survival, as you strafe and B-hop throughout the surreal environments; The onslaught of trolls keep coming, your pockets slowly filling, and time running out. The longer you last, the more money you get to purchase tools that help you defend against the ever-increasing hoard. Watch out for the bosses - they interrupt the flow of nerds to introduce you to their machinery. They will try to stop you no matter what, so attempt to eliminate them as fast as possible.

If you ever want to take a breather, you’re able to enable the Sandbox mode and spawn, kill, and throw as many enemies as you want, along with a few more physics-based tools to mess around with. Currently, Sandbox mode can be played with friends online too.

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Milksoup on Steam



Great indi game

-great music

-good replayability (it is fun to see how many new powers and builds i can make)

Reminds me of Binding of Isac, if you like that you will enjoy this game.

Real player with 11.7 hrs in game

I love the music, it really suits the gameplay well. Reminds me of an old pc game i used to play Xenon 2. A rogue-like space shooter!

Real player with 9.6 hrs in game

Eyeb on Steam



I really enjoyed this game. It is fun and becomes fast paced as you play. I would recommend playing.

Real player with 4.0 hrs in game

Sucks. Crashed, and refused to close. Also, this game is vastly worse than it presents itself. You gotta click the viruses that spin and fly at you like missiles. And the anti bodies don’t do nearly enough, even upgrades. Over all, horrible game.

Real player with 2.8 hrs in game




I liked unlocking new operating systems, and overall, any game with a skin of Windows 95 on it, I like it.

That being said, I did notice some awkward wording that was carried over into the PC port.

“Select a right button to continue.” should read “Select the right button to continue.”

For Progress Defender with the Antivirus, it says “Database need to be updated.” Not only is this not a complete sentence, it has the plural form of need. You could put something along the lines of either, “The database needs to be updated” if you’re looking to complete the sentence, or “The malware database needs to be updated.”

Real player with 621.9 hrs in game

It’s a nice, fun game if you like casual arcade-like action and nostalgia for graphical user interfaces. The goal is easy, but the game introduces enough obstacles and game modes to shake things up, allowing for a fun and challenging experience.

I will say, though, that it’s still transitioning from mobile to desktop. Some elements, such as the pinball, are still confined to a horizontal play area. Dragging the progress bar over a movable desktop item can immediately cause the cursor to drag the desktop item instead, even if the player doesn’t let go of the mouse. On a related note, the right mouse button doesn’t do anything in-game.

Real player with 81.8 hrs in game

Progressbar95 on Steam

Starlight: Defence Command

Starlight: Defence Command

This is such an addictive tower defence game with some features I’ve never seen for this genre of game before. I was invited to be an alpha tester on this game. It’s got an 80’s Tron vibe for me, but with some epic music and sound effects. Very configurable towers, and more interest that a kind of repetitive TD app game, with proper missions rather than just the same level over and over.

One of my favourite aspects is that the levels have a kind of “fixed” duration (if you make it to the end of the level that is..) I like this because I’m one of those people who is motivated through my procrastination by playing games …okay I’ll just play Level 1 for 20 minutes…then laundry for 20 minutes…level 1 again…then something else I need to do in the real world. This really suits my preferred playing style for a game.

Real player with 44.0 hrs in game

This is a more cerebral TD game in a genre that leans towards kuwaii aesthetics. Tower customization is probably the most detailed I have seen and it is pretty satisfying when you dial in an effective tower strategy. There is leveling up, so it is worth replaying early maps and it gives you a chance to try alternate methods. The story is interesting and told in text and can be ignored if you don’t care about it.

Developer responded to a minor issue I noticed within 24 hours. Definitely worth trying out if you like TD.

Real player with 28.1 hrs in game

Starlight: Defence Command on Steam

TD Worlds

TD Worlds

TD Worlds is a dynamic, highly strategical game that challenges your skill. Build an impenetrable defense and get ready to plunge into a new, unknown world to uncover its secrets.

In this bizarre universe, each attempt will be unique in its own way, which provides many hours of fun to play.

Clear three completely different worlds from darkness, spread your influence everywhere.

  • unique conditions in each game;

  • losing is an important part of game progress. Each defeat reveals something new for you;

  • dynamic storytelling: the more you play, the more you learn about the world;

  • get random rewards after each level;

  • tired of playing? Feel free to leave the game, next time you will continue where you left;

  • experiment with different tactics;

  • twitch integration - play with your viewers.

TD Worlds on Steam

Crypto: Against All Odds - Tower Defense

Crypto: Against All Odds - Tower Defense

Those who are familiar with the plants versus zombies series will be right at home when playing this game, Crypto manages to capture a frantic, fast paced tower defense that’s even a bit educational. Fingers crossed for any potential dlc or content updates in the future.

Real player with 9.4 hrs in game

Fun little tower defense game. Does a few things new, does a lot of things well, and scratches the tower defense itch nicely. Story bangs on incomprehensibly but, honestly, you can skip the story and miss nothing. There’s one or two other minor quibbles but, really, for the price you’re getting fantastic value. If you like tower defense games this is a solid entry.

Real player with 8.6 hrs in game

Crypto: Against All Odds - Tower Defense on Steam

最后的夜晚 Babel

最后的夜晚 Babel

I would really love to give this game a good review, but I simply can’t. It is broken, unfinished, and not even completely translated into English.

It is a nice, stylish looking tower defense game, but there is much that either is unexplained, doesn’t seem to work, or both.

For example every gun has options beneath it, that might mean damage, range, health, rate of fire and crit chance, but clicking on them doesn’t seem to do anything. All of those are stats given for each gun, but nothing changes when you click them, even after they seem to have leveled up fifty times.

Real player with 5.8 hrs in game

The game has been translated over from Chinese, there are typos in some places (e.g. after base destruction). You can also see direct Mandarin in some text areas e.g a boss has appeared.

I also have a bug where if i zoom out too much the screen starts to shake i believe only on smaller maps. (May be due to ultrawide monitor 3860x1600)

Otherwise, the game is fun! Reminds me of Yorg.IO.

Great price at less than 10AUD, looking forward to updates.

Real player with 3.9 hrs in game

最后的夜晚 Babel on Steam