Magic Stone Guardians

Magic Stone Guardians

Magis Stone Guardians is a tower defense game that can be played in VR.

You play as a guardian deity protecting an underground temple and fight off enemies who try to steal the crystal.

Since the player is a spirit, he cannot attack the enemies directly.

Instead, they can summon Guardians by combining Magic Stones.

Watch and enjoy the battle between the guardians and the enemies.

How to battle

  • Grab the Magic Stone

    You can grab it by holding the pointer from your hand over the magic stone and pressing the grip or trigger button.

  • Place the Magic Stone on the floor.

    If you release the button while holding the magic stone, you can place it on the floor.

  • Summon the Guardian

    By placing white and other colored Magic Stones next to each other, you can summon a Guardian for that combination!

How to strengthen the Guardian


  • Select the Guardian figure on the desk in the My Room.

    You can select it by pressing the grip button or trigger button with the pointer aligned

  • Pick up the Guardian you want to enhance.

    You can pick up the Guardian you want to strengthen by pressing the grip button or the trigger button while the pointer is aligned.

  • Pick up the enhanced energy stored in the ceiling.

    You can pick it up by pressing the grip button or trigger button with the pointer in place.

  • Move the energy you picked up closer to the Guardian you want to strengthen to raise its level.

    The strengthening energy will be absorbed by the Guardian and the level will increase.

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Magic Stone Guardians on Steam

The Chewllers

The Chewllers

The Chewllers is a multiplayer, VR game, where 4 players protect the tower from monsters in Co-op mode. Evil creatures in this world are destroying everything they can chew. The main goal of the four players is to withstand the attacks of the “Chewllers”. You can fight against monsters in different ways, create your own crafted tools, or use existing explosive devices.


You will see the different types of monsters in the game. Chewllers are distinguished from each other by their funny behaviors and abilities. Each requires an individual approach. The harder it is to deal with monsters, the greater the chance of them dropping resources, items, and chests.


In the game, You will have primary and secondary weapons. The main weapon that the player constantly has is upgrading up to 5 levels. As for secondary weapons, there are 6 types of weapons that are functionally different from each other and have different roles. (Sniper, Shotgun, Crossbow, Grenade launcher, Machine gun, Potatoe Catapult). All secondary weapons are upgraded up to 3 levels.


There are 7 types of items available from which the player can make a bunch of weird and practical combinations of throwables. Creativity is the limit. Each of them has its own significance and uniqueness in various cases. Explosives, luring enemies, or chasing them are just a few of them.

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The Chewllers on Steam