Mage Fort

Mage Fort

This is a challenging and fun little game! I love the diversity between characters, and the different playstyles. The spells are pretty intuative, and it definitely plays well with a controller. There are also some very different challenges between the maps that make each unique. Co-op is pretty simple to jump right into, and highly encouraged! It’s definitely possible to go solo in this game, but it’s more fun to play with help. Haven’t really mentioned yet, but there’s also a nice simplicity of style in this game. It’s a combination you don’t see a lot in games: challenging, fun, simple. This makes it a good pickup for all ages, and definitely playable for most.

Real player with 37.5 hrs in game

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This game is a hoot! Me and my two daughters play it all the time. The controls are easy, the interface is polished and it is a fun game. Recommended for pretty much all ages!

Real player with 6.8 hrs in game

Mage Fort on Steam

Domain Defense

Domain Defense

Alright, I’ve plowed through about 10 hours now and I think I have the gist of it.

The good:

The grind is relaxed yet satisfying. Even if you only play 10 rounds and lose, you always get someting out of it; 0.1% damage here and 0.2% range there. I think those small rewards are pretty clever, and it doesn’t seem to be too lengthy either. I’m guessing another 5-10 hours and I’m done with the 100% achievements. Graphics and atmosphere is charming. Levels and tower-balance are so-so, nothing remarkable, On my poor budget I’d say this game is probably worth a $3-$5, (but then again I’m a hard core tower defense fan, and I’ve seen my fair share of really shitty tower defense.)

Real player with 37.2 hrs in game

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Mediocre tower defence. It would be neutral rating if possible.

  • Targeting options for towers is useful.

  • Speed control button press half hour level in 10 minutes.

  • sometimes you need to think about how exactly upgrade your towers.

  • 2 types of bonuses:

  1. on the map after killing bosses you may choose bonus for some type of towers

  2. after each attemp you may choose some tiny stackable bonuses like +0,2% range. After few hours, summary +13% is kind of nice.

– Only 12 maps, with 4 modes on each.

Real player with 13.4 hrs in game

Domain Defense on Steam

Final Foe

Final Foe

Final Foe is an isometric fantasy arena that challenges you to slay waves of monsters in a mysterious dungeon. Single player and co-op modes. Modifiers and boss rounds. Survive and fight to the end, until the last enemy is killed!

Main Features

  • Atmospheric medieval location.

    The old cursed dungeon with several gates awaits you, from which numerous enemies arrive. You can also find dangerous traps that will come in handy to eliminate enemies

  • Non-target combat system.

    This system works for both players and enemies. This means that any enemy attack can be dodged.

  • Campaign mode.

    You need to destroy enemies round after round, including a short tutorial and several boss battles. As you progress, the difficulty increases. And at the end you will find the most powerful enemy - the final boss.

  • Survival mode.

    This mode is one endless battle, during which more and more strong enemies appear. The goal is to score as many points as possible for killing enemies. Especially sophisticated players can choose the Ultra-difficulty level. This will allow you to get 3 times more points, but will require dodging any damage, since the character will only have 1 health point.

  • Various enemies.

    Endless living dead, terrible knights, insidious magicians and many others, about whom you can find out when you meet. Different enemies have different characteristics. Some are weak and slow, some attack from a distance, and some can get so angry that it will be impossible to stop them…

  • Bosses.

    As you progress through the Campaign mode, you will encounter several bosses. Fighting some of them will require special skill from you.

  • Skill tree.

    The development of your character will take place by learning skills in the skill tree. At the moment, there are 3 intermediate and 4 advanced character classes available. Each of the advanced classes has unique active and passive abilities.

  • Cooperative multiplayer.

    It is much more fun to destroy crowds of enemies together with your friends. This feature allows you to play in a team of up to 4 people.

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Final Foe on Steam



Couch-coop with leaderboards and tactical pauses to re-up brewskies. Sold!

Easy to learn, hard to master. Or well, it´s chillaxed cool couch coop that you can spend some more time on each map/challenge to improve and find nuances. Me and my brother enjoyed it tremendiously to the point where we chrunched on each challange until we were No 1 on the coop-leaderboards.

There´s a little bit of violence so you probably should not play it with really young or sensitive kids, but otherwise it´s a gem to play with children/spouse or siblings.

Real player with 211.6 hrs in game

This game is one of those rare occasions where you’re awestruck by brilliance (if this is a correct english sentence. If not: sry).

It has no artificial progression system and no narrative. It’s just brilliant in its mechanics, everything is thought through, it’s strategic and in this not complex but deep. Simple rules, easy to play, but with more depth on a tactical and strategical level than almost every other game I know. It’s perfect in what it wants to be and unlike any other game I’ve played so far. And I played a lot of different videogames in my life…

Real player with 12.6 hrs in game


Rover Wars

Rover Wars

Battle defense games not usually what I play but I love this one so much! It has great challenge to it get a huge sense of achievement when you take down the enemy !! The machines of the game were very smooth enjoy the music as well. Plus can play with friends do some PVP 2v2 and 4v4. Check out my steam to see the me take over Mars!

Real player with 3.2 hrs in game

if your wondering if this game is worth the price, take a moment to read my review and find out.

so this game reminds me of the simple yet outstanding games you can find on Xbox 360, this is a real time strategy with user-controlled unit, simple to learn and fun to play.

best with a controller (Xbox 360 controller i used) and also works with the keyboard.

offline skirmish with lots of maps to chose from.

a short campaign that works like a tutorial.


local-VS mode.

overall its worth a purchase. thanks for reading have a great day!

Real player with 2.8 hrs in game

Rover Wars on Steam



Scrapshoot is the true definition of a party game. While the AI is fun to battle against the game becomes a blast when you get your friends involved. I think this is the kind of game you hop on occasionally and end up sinking hours of fun into it. Super easy to learn, a variety of hat options, and the unique match modifiers offer a lot in variation of gameplay from round to round.

Don’t let this game go under your radar! I’d give it 9 scraps out of 10; super excited to see what the devs whip up in future updates!

Real player with 6.0 hrs in game

A really fun mix of tower defense and really active gameplay, really fun gameplay loop, visually very impressive and the dynamic environments mid round are actually gorgeous in game

THE MUSIC THO? THE MUSIC GOES FUCKING CRAAAAZY a perfect compliment to the active gameplay

Real player with 1.9 hrs in game

Scrapshoot on Steam

Forge Squad

Forge Squad

Great game to play with friends!

I’ve played the first 3 levels on hard difficulty with 2 other friends, but we will definitely continue playing all levels.


  • Fun and hectic gameplay

  • Levels feel unique and bring new challenges

  • Hard difficulty feels well balanced

  • Smooth experience overall, no hiccups while playing


  • Graphics are outdated, but this does not impact the fun gameplay at all

  • Some objects were hard to see (like turrets), maybe this could be improved with more contrast or saturation

Real player with 2.5 hrs in game

I don’t think I can review this game without comparing it to Overcooked. If you like Overcooked and if you like tower defence games, then Forge Squad might be worth your time!

It is not quite as intuitive as Overcooked; e.g. as humans we know pizza belongs in the oven, but we don’t know how to forge runes.

However, once you get the hang of it, there are some things about Forge Squad that offers more depth than Overcooked!

For example, Forge Squad offers more scope for cooperation than Overcooked. You don’t just focus on your own personal task; a number of crafts require multiple players for optimal execution. Nice!

Real player with 2.4 hrs in game

Forge Squad on Steam

Jet Set Knights

Jet Set Knights

NOTE: While you may see my name on the ‘Thank you’ screen in the credits, or you may see an item, or an achievement with my name in it, I am not an employee of FobTi Interactive. I have just been friendly with the developer Tibor since he made Obludia, and he has thanked me for the support by making items, or achievements named after me in the game. :)

That said, I am a bit more friendly with the developer than most of the players that will buy this game so I will try to be more critical of the game than someone else because I have to be. Fortunately, I like the game so I don’t have to be negative about it, or write a negative review.

Real player with 12.2 hrs in game

Look out princess there’s a _ ugh dang she gone

It’s game over when an enemy so much as touches her sprite. Well that’s how my first 2 hours were like till I got the hang of protecting my maiden. You gotta remember this is a tower defense or should I say princess defense. You’ll be running around the stage collecting chests that contain arrows, wood or metal blocks to build blockades and turrets. All the while, enemies will be streaming out of 2 portals over head slowly clambering down to you. They’re just raining down on you and you don’t have a spiked umbrella on hand to keep them off you. I certainly would have liked one. Now enough with the jokes, here’s my review:

Real player with 9.8 hrs in game

Jet Set Knights on Steam

No Heroes Here

No Heroes Here

No Heroes Here is a TRUE co-operative experience that’s rarely seen. Like another great example, “Overcooked”, this game has perfectly captured the essence of co-operative play, and player co-ordination to achieve victory. Unlike most co-op games, trying to “be the best guy” doesn’t fly here. You’ll work together, running around the castle interior, creating cannonballs, powder, honey traps, and shooting enemy troops with cannons. It’s a LOT of fun, and I would say a must buy for anyone who enjoys local and online co-op.

Real player with 13.9 hrs in game

5/5 highly recommended for family-friendy 4-player couch (local) co-op gaming. I was able to play this with my daughters (6 & 7 y/o) and have a great time. It’s a hard to find such games because as a gamer father, you want to have fun as well as your children too at young ages. Other such games we were able to enjoy were Castle Crashers, which we have played over and over, and Overcooked.

I suppose one experienced gamer such as myself can carry and hope your teammates will learn. You’ll need to coach your young teammates and being very encouraging or you won’t get very far. What’s great is that even if we lose, we keep trying again and again because it’s fun and very rewarding when we succeed.

Real player with 10.9 hrs in game

No Heroes Here on Steam

Over 9000 Zombies!

Over 9000 Zombies!

Over 9000 Zombies is a top down 2D shooter that is in development, and what was given to us on day one was great in my opinion, it is simple, it’s easy to get into. Alot like Nation Red without the absurdly overwhelming difficulty to start out on. You collect scrap that zombies drop to fortify where you wish to dig in at, you can also build turrents and find new weaponry that zombies may drop. There are also an absurd ammount of zombies on screen at one time, there is veriations of zombies among the horde that don’t feel so rehashed. A massive assortment of weapons that you can pick up that carry from game to game to make you stronger aginst the zombie threat plus new weapons to pick up ontop of that.

Real player with 12.4 hrs in game

Looking to invest your time in a short game that, despite being just that, is also very entertaining? Well, Over 9000 Zombies! brings many things to the table - over 9000 different helpings in fact (just kidding).


Through a retro styled theme, Over 9000 Zombies! does what many other zombie survival games can’t. It brings thrills and fun into the realm of an already bloated genre that verge on impossible, annoying, complex, or expensive. For the low low price of $1,49, and for a two-pack no less, you will most certainly be entertained for long periods of time. Take a step back into the late 1990s. Experience gaming through its purest lens. This is honestly a great little title that you can play with any friend.

Real player with 7.5 hrs in game

Over 9000 Zombies! on Steam