Hocus Defenders

Hocus Defenders

An Intense Tower Defense that combines the heat of resisting waves of hundreds of enemies with the need to use powerful spells through cards. Each game will be unique, and you will never encounter the same challenge twice. Also, you will need to unravel the story as you progress through the different worlds as the roguelike it is.

Build, upgrade and destroy!

Prepare your defenses, and protect the Hocus Tower against hordes of enemies who want to kill Abracadom, the Wizard of Time. Summon the mighty Crystal Towers, and destroy anyone who dares to approach your home. At your disposal you have a wide variety of towers, each with a unique and powerful attack. Remember to upgrade them on the battlefield, or you may have unwanted guests in the Hocus Tower…

Summon powerful spells!

The different Tarot decks gives the sorcerer their magnificent spells. Summon terrifying meteors, fill the ground with blazing embers or create mighty blizzards. Use magic at your will, but keep in mind that fate is capricious, and the cards will decide which spells you can use at any moment…

Thanks to his powers of time, Abracadom does not contemplate defeat. You can always go back to the past, and spend the loot you have obtained during battles. The Emporium X at the tower will provide everything you need for future battles, but everything comes at a price, of course…

Travel across the kingdom!

Rally with your tower across the kingdom, and travel through hostile territories (against you). From plains dominated by terrifying orcs, snow-capped mountains home of ice-giants, and even the classic labyrinth dungeon. And since it will be difficult for you to visit the same place twice, everytime you travel places you visited may change…


  • 30 towers to destroy enemy hordes

  • Mutant and Legendary towers

  • Powerful Card Decks to adapt to your game style

  • Lots of cards to summon destructive nature power, power up your towers, or wipe tons of enemies

  • Rogue-like based game, with procedural maps and variable runs

  • 6 different environments with unique enemies

  • Multiple perks to improve your skills

  • A crazy story that features angry mobs, hell monsters and a LOT of sorcerers

  • More than 30 types of enemies

  • 9 bosses seeking your energy

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Hocus Defenders on Steam

Hormone Wars - Tower Defense

Hormone Wars - Tower Defense

An epic experience awaits you in Hormone Wars, a Tower Defense game with Strategy elements.

Get ready to defend your settlement from enemies using a huge arsenal of towers!

There is no need to kill enemies in this game - you just need to make friends from enemies!

Install a combination of towers and the enemy will become a friend!


A variety of extravagant towers create tons of combinations

Have you ever had to make a choice between good and evil?

Serve an evil empire or help a settlement?

You will constantly have to make hard decisions in this intriguing game.

Different islands with unique mechanics

Various Bosses

Tons of funny emojis

Key Features

  • The randomly generated waves will not bore you

  • Beautiful soothing tracks will relax your mind after a ridiculously hard day

  • Each individual emotion is a combination of three towers

  • Learning hormone combinations to better understand your emotions. Boost your emotional intelligence EQ!

  • Different islands with unique mechanics impede your mission implementation

  • Story-based Campaigns

  • Various Bosses

  • Collect emojis to unlock achievements and new missions!

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Hormone Wars - Tower Defense on Steam

No Crooks On Christmas

No Crooks On Christmas

This is a really cute, fun game where you defend the Christmas tree against adorable little invaders using a tower defense-style game system. I really like how the towers expire, as it keeps you continually revisiting your strategy and adds an almost arcade element to the game. Very cute, very fun, and what a perfect game for the holidays! I love it! :)

Real player with 1.4 hrs in game

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Very addictive. Cool art style and has a very nostalgic feel. The difficulty increase as you progress through the levels provides a fun challenge - not just difficult for the sake of being difficult like lots of games. Thought I’d try it out quick, then an hour later I was still playing. And I’ll likely keep coming back to it for a few rounds of survival mode here and there! Definitely recommended.

Real player with 1.1 hrs in game

No Crooks On Christmas on Steam

Replicators Defence

Replicators Defence

Many millennia after Civilization conquers the entire Galaxy with the help of various machines, it is possible that machines will rebel against their creators. Or against all life. Or against … all matter.

Nanomachines, called Replicators due to their ability to self-reproduce by the recombination of any matter, got out of control and tend to absorb more and more matter until all matter becomes a single Replicator.

The main body of Civilization was destroyed, but there were bases along the edges of the Galaxy that the Replicators had not yet reached.

You have to defend the bases from the attacks of the Replicators. A significant arsenal of guns and turrets will keep the defence. However, the enemy is not going to surrender without a fight …


    Just a single asteroid in space can become a stronghold, if you manage it.

    Balance out matter and energy production, according to needs of Your buildings, defences and needs of science


    Use power of science to make your ship better, faster, stronger!

    Better weapons - faster replicators death - stronger base.


    Try to defeat neverending hoards, find individual approach to each enemy. How long will you last?

Replicators Defence on Steam

末日杀 Might & Trap: Apocalypse

末日杀 Might & Trap: Apocalypse

Can’t resize things, and in fact if you try using unity command lines to resize it yourself and window it, it MAXIMIZES ANYWAY. The in-game option to window it doesn’t let you change the resolution, so you just have a giant bordered window. Why the fuck would they not only exclude basic options but refuse to let you resize it with unity’s built in tools?

Real player with 1.0 hrs in game

末日杀 Might & Trap: Apocalypse on Steam

Another Dungeon

Another Dungeon

Not sure why so many negatives. This game appears to be in the works and with some balancing it will be fantastic. The graphics and SFX/Music are really good and unique. My input for improvement would be having a view of the entire map in a glance to simplify seeking treasure chests as well as, of course, tower upgrades (which are probably planned anyway).

This game takes on the air of a true adventure with having to figure out strategy without a guide (although a simplified guide by way of graphics is present). After all, RL dungeon crawler knows there are no written directions in their quests toward glory. :)

Real player with 3.1 hrs in game

The game have 3 levels, and i have finished all for get all steam success.

A bit hard, but when you understand mecanics, it’s realisable (2 furnace, 1 minion sometimes, FULL CANON and be very vigilant to check all your screen and click on all chest to earn the maximum money).

On canon, you can pre-shoot when you click on it. I discover that on my last game.

Sometimes a bug and have to be patched : The ennemy mini-minion can rarely being invicible and they got in your base. So, i have never lose with this but it’s possible to lose with this bug.

Real player with 1.6 hrs in game

Another Dungeon on Steam



Overview & Key Features:

The game of haunted contraptions.

You wake up on an island as a ghost. The land is scattered with ruins from a not-so-long-ago disaster, and the fallout is creating swarms of hostile mutants. This isn’t the afterlife you had envisioned.

Explore the world, defend against a mutating enemy, and discover what brought you back here. In this tower defense game, enemies get stronger with every passing minute, gradually transforming and acquiring abilities and power. Every 3 nights, a new boss will appear. Gather resources & build a strong enough base to defeat all 12 bosses to win. haunTD was designed with new and experienced Tower Defense fans in mind. Clearing the main “levels” in a successful run takes approximately 90 minutes, but like similar games, it will take much longer – between 12-18 hours of gameplay – to fully experience the game including all unlockable towers, outfits, and story pieces. haunTD is currently single-player, but with framework and plans in place for 4-8 cooperative multiplayer in the works.

Gameplay Mechanics:

haunTD is a Tower Defense game at heart, with new mechanics that give a creative and open-ended feeling.

Uncover the story through key artifacts and locations.

Haunt anything you find to unlock new vehicle and tower parts. Defeating enemies gives you more energy & allows you to haunt more powerful tower parts and upgrade modules. Destroying the hardest enemies will give you access to the rarest tower parts.

Haunting is hard work. Start with the basics and work your way up to more powerful contraptions.

Modular tower building: Combine different turret bases, weapons, and effect canisters that you find to create powerful contraptions with unique, synergized effects. Each tower part is unique - some heal you and other towers, some attach bombs to enemies, and the list goes on. Get creative and make whatever baddie-crushing tower you want.

A ghost can go anywhere and haunt anything, after all.

Synergy: Tower parts work together, and so do towers. Build up a base strategically, upgrade, and repel hordes of mutating enemies who gain or lose abilities over time based on the defenses they encounter.

Achieve victory through supernatural tower defense tactics and a bit of luck!

haunTD on Steam

Kiritan VS Kanitan ~Zunda-mochi Defense!~

Kiritan VS Kanitan ~Zunda-mochi Defense!~

Simple & addictive defense game filled with cute pixel characters! ヽ(=´▽'=)ノ"

[1] Intro

Kiritan VS Kanitan. This is a 3D Tower Defense made by Akamurasaki Games. At the time of release, only Japanese was supported, but with the update, now English is supported. The game is currently being served as an early access version, and the game is constantly being updated. If you are interested in it, More details can be found on the developer twitter or Discord server.

Real player with 3.3 hrs in game

Very crab. Very tasteful.

Real player with 1.7 hrs in game

Kiritan VS Kanitan ~Zunda-mochi Defense!~ on Steam

Marswar TD

Marswar TD

A typical, lack luster TD game, missing many of the bells and whistles such a game should come with standard.

(Edit: The designer added a target preference button, as requested)

The game has little to no personality, a lot of unit types appear to go by, but there is no sense that they are in any way different other than the way they look, except for the fliers and the easy to miss boss units.

The game has great hopes for itself, you get less than a thousand coins per perfect level right now, and some upgrades cost around a hundred thousand coins to purchase. Something significant would have to change to ever see you reach that.

Real player with 10.0 hrs in game

Useless, towers not firing

Real player with 1.1 hrs in game

Marswar TD on Steam

Neonverse Defenders

Neonverse Defenders

An interesting and very competent Tower Defense title. Picked up on sale, otherwise it might have passed me by - there were no reviews. Had I seen the SpecOps review I probably (unfortunately) would have given it a miss. That said, in retrospect I would have been happy to pay full price.

There is a good Tutorial to introduce you to the basics and I would suggest playing each of these 6 levels a couple of times to let the information sink in. The game has a mine of information (you just have to dig around a bit) so don’t let it pass you by.

Real player with 6.3 hrs in game

Stars received: 2.5/10 _ Note: v.5 [0.0 to 1] = personal impressions

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Game description key-points: tower defense against enemy waves

Real player with 2.5 hrs in game

Neonverse Defenders on Steam