Protect Eggs

Protect Eggs

Protect Eggs

Protect eggs and hatched birds from being caught by foxes and Eagle

The player plays a lovely squirrel and Phoenix, looking for the phoenix nest in the beautiful forest, laying eggs (press R key), driving away foxes and eagles during the incubation period of bird eggs (left and right mouse button skills), when the bird is born, it can be summoned around (Q skill)

Phoenix nest is divided into three kinds, each with different functions

The flame above the bird’s head can replenish the life of the big bird

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Protect Eggs on Steam

The Extinguishers

The Extinguishers

The Extinguishers is a Third Person Shooter Tower Defense Game.

The Adults are slowly all turning into demons and terrorizing the city. An organization called “The Extinguishers” are recruiting kids around the world to defend their cities. To keep the demons away from H.Q. build towers and create new and stronger weapons to defend your base.

Kill the demons to collect Eternal Flames. The Flamers can also be used to research and build, new equipment and towers.

You will need all the weapons and contraptions you can get to fend of hundreds…. maybe even thousands of demons storming in your city.

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The Extinguishers on Steam

The Garden of Orilon

The Garden of Orilon

The Garden of Orilon is a Role-play acton game. You command unique doll armies and exclusive characters to fight invaders, who intend to conquer the castle received you. And you, have your own purpose, to awaken and take back one of your vanished lover, Aoyius. From azura sky to bloodshed bastion, the challenges, salvation and rewards are here, waiting for you.

A. Unique designed levels: From going through peaceful countryside to fierce castle scenes, from looking up to azura sky to bloodshed river, and even hovering at floating planets in endless cosmos… you will get immersed in the miraculous worlds.

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The Garden of Orilon on Steam

Empire Takeover

Empire Takeover

This is a fun & amazing tower crush game! Crush enemy’s towers, take over the empire!

● Fight: Connect all your buildings together to grow them taller and then takeover the enemy’s buildings.

● Control: Simple drag controls from one building to another.

● Build: Build your empire, occupy more territory, crush your opponents.

● Heroes: Recruit legendary heroes.

● Special art style: Lowpoly Style Game.

● 3 Special Mode:

#1 Stage Maker Mode: design levels by yourself and share it to your family, your friends or all the worldwide players.

Empire Takeover on Steam

Space Defense Grid

Space Defense Grid

“Space Defense Grid” is a tower defense game. The enemies in the game will attack the energy center, steal energy and then escape. Players need to build defense grid according to different levels. It should be noted that different enemies have their own characteristics, such as some enemies get energy and speed up to escape, or open the energy shield, etc. players need to adjust the grid specifically, in addition,The game designs the enemy’s shield and weapon’s armor penetration, For example, the armor penetration of weapon a is 3, the shield value of enemy B is 4, the damage of a attacking B is reduced by 10%, and the effect range of weapon to enemy is 10% - 100%.

Space Defense Grid on Steam

Towers of Altrac - Epic Defense Battles

Towers of Altrac - Epic Defense Battles

As you can see i have spent some time with this game and i´d like to give my 2cents.

When you are a fan of Tower Defense games this is the game you´d enjoy for sure.

To be honest there are many enjoyable things about the game, but it has it letdowns like medium graphics, sparingly balance issues, poor introduction for newcomers and some minor handling issues what is likely the reason for the medium reviews.

The good and bad:

  • Many big levels with a long playtime, increasing in difficulty, size and number of waves over time

Real player with 141.4 hrs in game

First off, I’ll start by saying that I’m relatively new to tower defence games, (the only other one I ever played was one on my brother’s phone) and so I’m not really experienced on what a good tower defence game should be like. That said, I’ll go ahead and give my opinion on this one.


  • 3D

  • Charming landscape (especially with the update)

  • Smart AI (If enemies keep getting killed going one way, they will try going the other way)

  • Special enemies like Mages, who will keep spawning lesser units untill they die, Ghosts, who heal damage over time, and Bombers, who will blow open roadblocks to create shortcuts and/or new spawn points for your enemies (this can be extremely frusterating at times)

Real player with 89.2 hrs in game

Towers of Altrac - Epic Defense Battles on Steam

FPS Tactics

FPS Tactics

Oh my gosh, I cannot believe this game exists

do not buy!!!

its so laggy stuff load as you walk up to it, there no instructions,

thing MOOOOS like a minecraft cow,

looks like a fps but not really you cannot shoot it dead, only can have one gun at a time cannot find ammo after you run out your out, even after you respond no new ammo,

you have to place the 4 agents so that they can defeat the monster you cannot,

and after that the game is over,

These are all the assets you could get from HB Unity 2 bundle,

Real player with 0.5 hrs in game


Real player with 0.3 hrs in game

FPS Tactics on Steam

TailQuest Defense

TailQuest Defense

TailQuest Defense is an action packed tower defense game in which you play as Nell who tries to defend his world from the invasion of Nands - robots which are kidnapping fluffy inhabitants of the Riventail - a divided world floating in the sky.

Stop invaders by placing towers at strategic points around colorful landscapes. Collect hidden treasures, use the environment to your advantage and most importantly, save Nell’s fluffy friends!

  • Best game for couch co-op play!

  • Defeat hundreds of enemies and protect your friends!

  • Game for everyone! Casual, core and hardcore gamers

  • Game without violence

  • Colorful and vivid graphics

  • Tower defense mixed with puzzle platformer game

  • Explore a tiny world full of surprises

  • Solve environmental puzzles

  • Use the lever and watch the entire level change!

  • Use special items such as tomato-mines, the bubble gun, and more to stop evil robots!

#### Wishlist to unlock more features


Our tools

Godot Engine, Linux, Blender, Inkscape, SubstancePainter

Media Patronage

TailQuest Defense on Steam

人类VS怪物(Human vs Monster)

人类VS怪物(Human vs Monster)

The game is too difficult I couldn’t get past stage 1.

Real player with 0.3 hrs in game

人类VS怪物(Human vs Monster) on Steam

末日杀 Might & Trap: Apocalypse

末日杀 Might & Trap: Apocalypse

Can’t resize things, and in fact if you try using unity command lines to resize it yourself and window it, it MAXIMIZES ANYWAY. The in-game option to window it doesn’t let you change the resolution, so you just have a giant bordered window. Why the fuck would they not only exclude basic options but refuse to let you resize it with unity’s built in tools?

Real player with 1.0 hrs in game

末日杀 Might & Trap: Apocalypse on Steam