Skyland: Heart of the Mountain

Skyland: Heart of the Mountain

This game was totally useless. It was confusing and full of shyte half the time. I’m not even sure the writers understood the story half the time. It is a beyond convoluted futuristic end of the world type plot with characters dressed up like Lara Croft one minute and a Viking princess the other. There is all kinds of technical mumbo jumbo and very little explanation for anything. Sometimes it felt like Artifex was trying to be scientifically accurate instead of entertaining. We don’t give a damn if the technology is correct! Just give us a game that isn’t some 40 year old trekkie’s wet dream.

Real player with 16.9 hrs in game

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Game Information

“Skyland: Heart of the Mountain” Collector’s Edition is a Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game. The game was developed by Cordelia Games and published by Artifex Mundi.

Since this is a collector’s edition game, it comes with extra features that are not available in its counterpart; the standard edition.

The Game Review

Game Visuals

I want to mention that the visual for the game is nicely done. The visuals can be adjusted in the game’s option menu. Please do note that this is an old game, it might not play well on wide screen monitors in full screen mode; due to the game’s format.

Real player with 6.0 hrs in game

Skyland: Heart of the Mountain on Steam