Slybots: Frantic Zone

Slybots: Frantic Zone


Now that I have your attention: This is a great game. Got hold of it a while back and it’s addictive as hell! You could easily make this the only game in your library and be as happy as a dog with two willies.

It’s the smashing lovechild of being the Companion Cube from Portal and a Cardboard box from Metal Gear Solid. And then arming them to the teeth so they can kill eachother is sneaky, leathal & imaginative ways.

If you’re a crappy multiplayer, get ready to rage quit. Your mates will hand your ass to you in a paper bag. But if you’re good at that kinda shizzle; turn on, boot up and jack in! These crafty crates are gon' give you and your buddies plenty of reasons to not be friends any more!

Real player with 20.5 hrs in game

I played Fatal Error this weekend with a couple of friend… and I was surprised by the great amount of fun that this game can give. The stealth mechanism is very new in this genre and permits different style of gameplay and the three different game types give us a vast array of options.

Probably it needs maps with above-ground paths and a game mode where players have limited lifes with no crystal to capture. I think it could be more interesting with these options.

Sometimes it remembers me of an old game that I was using to play on PlayStation with friends: Blast Chamber.

Real player with 6.8 hrs in game

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