Small, rough, and buggy - but nevertheless charming. Not unlike the asteroid you land on.

Wild-9’s first playthrough should take you roughly half an hour, as it says in the description.

Adding a speedrun achievement to this game, in my opinion, was a mistake. Your speedrun attempts will expose many of the flaws in this game.

! First, deleting your save and starting over is very likely to generate a broken seed that doesn’t spawn any enemies - you can check this almost immediately by noticing the absence of the first enemy you’re supposed to encounter. If you want to start a new run, you need to close out and re-open the game first. Second, you’ll come to rely on a highly-exploitable quirk where enemies will teleport back to their starting position if they wander too far away from it, where you can basically spawn-camp them. (Better than them getting lost, though.) Third, upon each death, you’ll respawn at your spaceship with a scooter, but not necessarily the same class of scooter you had - meaning you might get a free upgrade. I also encountered a CTD on my first run of the game, none afterward though.

Real player with 1.9 hrs in game

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A good, albeit buggy game. There is an issue that when you delete a save then try to start a new game, some old events from the previous run will be saved. I solved this by just closing and reopening the game, but still a big issue. It is an interesting game, with a cool way of finding things (hint, talk to NPCs). The world is very confusing and could’ve used a map, as well as a way to differentiate between places you’ve been and haven’t been better. Good pickup for the price.

Real player with 1.3 hrs in game

WILD-9 on Steam



Duelist a an online multiplayer fight game.Customize your player and get your guns ready. We will try our best to add new themes,maps,guns and even new game modes to our game. You can always follow our roadmap to see what we are working on now to add to game. For this part of the early access we have the following content in our game.



  • SALOON (Blackjack,Russian Roulette)

  • DUEL







*Western Guns

  • Revolver

  • Mini Shotgun

  • Flintlock

  • Rifle

  • Shotgun

  • Sniper Rifle

  • Grenade Launcher

  • Knife

  • Dynamite

*Futuristic Guns

  • Powersabers

  • Laser Pistol


  • Plasma Rifle

  • PlasmaShotgun

  • Flashbang

  • Stun Grenade

*Medieval Guns

  • Throwing Knife

  • Kunai

  • Shuriken

  • Musket

  • HandMortar

  • Crossbow

  • Bow

  • 4 Different Sword

  • Mace

  • BattleAxe

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DRAKE is a Sci-Fi Action-RPG set on a distant desert planet. Game is currently in development. Join our community to stay in touch with the progress!

Uncover the secrets that are hidden under the planet’s crust. Сreate the right impression during the first contact and try to survive in a harsh Space Western World.


A series of events leads you to an unknown device deep under the surface of the planet - an artifact of an alien civilization. However not everyone is happy with this discovery: the planetary administration, which siphons resources from the crust, declares you public enemy number one. Save yourself and uncover the truth about the artifact. Meet different factions, make decisions that will affect the story and the endings.


Use the wide perk and skill system to create your own play style. It’s up to you to decide who your character will become - a reckless thug who leaves behind rivers of blood, or a charismatic leader who persuades the gullible. Are you a deceiver looking for personal benefits, or prefer staying out of trouble? Finish the game not firing a single shot or saying a word!


Gather a team that will help you along the way. Meet the prospectors coming in search of easy money, miners and criminals. Choose the most suitable path - long but safe or fast and risky one. Remember - you are the public enemy, the pursuers are close and time is always running out!


  • A Sci-Fi Top-Down Action RPG set on a desert planet with a Space Western vibe.

  • Choose the backstory and appearance of the protagonist and guide him through a fateful adventure.

  • Non-linear story with lots of characters and branched dialogues inspired by our beloved CRPGs.

  • A well-developed world with different factions and forces where you have to find your own place.

  • Original soundtrack.

  • Sand that’s coarse and rough and gets everywhere!

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DRAKE on Steam



Money never better spent.

I’ve bought a lot of games over the years. Most I play and forget and the pile of those games serves as nothing but a lesson to buy carefully and to remember replay-ability. A colony building sim with plenty of flavor and fun that rarely gets boring.

This is not one of those games. It has lasted me years of constant entertainment. A spiritual heir of Dwarf Fortress (before my time) in space where anything can happen and things scale up properly. So many variables and steady but solid updates from the Dev and a healthy mod community that keeps the best afloat.

Real player with 4333.4 hrs in game

A Rimworld story:

Dave is gay. Bill is beautiful, but not gay. Dave hits on Bill. Bill says no thanks. Dave has a breakdown and wanders in a daze. A raid suddenly hits. They attack Dave. Dave is downed by the raiders. Bill isn’t capable of fighting or medical tasks. Bill is attacked and downed too. The raiders steal some stuff and set the fields on fire. Bill becomes able to walk again, but can’t help Dave. Dave dies from bleeding out. Bill has another mental break, this time from the loss of his best friend Dave. Bill attacks their pet warg which pushes the pet overboard and then it attacks Bill. Bill is downed. The fires are raging through the mostly wood base and eventually Bill is set on fire. Bill dies from the fire.

Real player with 1098.1 hrs in game

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Chick Invasion

Chick Invasion

The demand for food is a ceaseless skyrocket as the human population grows, in turn we’ve mutated animals in ways we never thought possible.

We wanted them to gain size, but failed to realize just how much their minds expanded along side.

The chicken revolution has begun, they have contact with the aliens.

The humans know they’ve gone too far, but will they be able to stop the invasion?

In the middle of the desert, with but a train by your side, with no mercy shown for them, the chickens show none for you.

As Jimmy Gunson, follow the remnants of the last known locations of The Food Science Co, and find out what happened.

What type of game is Chick Invasion?

An on-rail shooter with survival and action adventure elements.

What types of weapons will be in Chick Invasion?

Wacky cartoony guns and melee weapons.

Travel through the mysterious lands of Chick Invasion such as:

The Canyon, Carnival Land, The Big City, REDACTED, Depths of Space… and more!

Chick Invasion on Steam