Creeper World 4

Creeper World 4

For anyone who knows what Creeper World is, you’ll probably know what to expect and what you’re going to get. This review is for those who don’t know what Creeper World is, and are looking to break into the series starting here.

The totally official backstory

  • Having just watched the Titanic movie, a brave scientist seeks revenge against the ocean for killing Jac-

  • The giant amoeba from Evolution has evolved and is now threatening to eat the galaxy unless David Duchovny can-

Real player with 538.4 hrs in game

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This game is a small evolution over Creeper World 3. Around 45 missions total plus random and user-made maps. If you enjoyed the previous games in the series you will enjoy this one.

The graphics are now 3D but that doesn’t affect the gameplay that much. The only exception is the connection between buildings, which now also takes height into account. You can no longer link from height 1 to height 20 with a simple tower.

An annoying change is that nullification is no longer permanent. You have to keep the nullifier intact and supplied, otherwise the nullfied structure will come back into operation. This is like CW1 where you had no nullifier and instead you had to park a few cannons near each emitter to kill off the creeper before it can spread. CW4’s system is the worst of all the games. Maybe this change was brought about because the circle of power mechanic from CW3 was so OP. But there is a simple solution to that - simply make the nullified structure disappear and leave nothing behind. The ERN system is a good compromise as it retains some of the benefits of the circles of power without becoming OP.

Real player with 144.7 hrs in game

Creeper World 4 on Steam

Fragile Allegiance

Fragile Allegiance

A very lovely old real-time strategy game. Looks great (well, you may need to play around in the dosbox .conf file to get it to look great on modern machines – see the community hub discussions – but it’s well worth it :P) and the gameplay is lots of fun. The game’s designers obviously put a lot of attention to detail into this title, and it shows. There’s tons to do, and the game can get quite hectic and fast-paced, depending on the settings you choose. Reading the in-game “fluff” during the quieter moments shows that quite a lot of thought went into the world-building, too, which isn’t a big deal in itself, but just goes to confirm again that this game was a labour of love. It has the odd bug and design flaw, but it’s also more than the sum of its parts, and provides a joyful and very positive experience to any strategy fan. Plays a little bit like a mix of Sim City and Master of Orion; however, this game has a quite unique feel and style to it, so it is a bit difficult to directly compare to any other major title. If you’re a fan of classic strategy games, I’d say this one is definitely worth a try. I have lots of happy memories of this game – and thanks to this Steam release I’m still having lots of fun playing it now!

Real player with 75.0 hrs in game

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An excellent Base Building RTS, nothing like it has ever been made, at least I don’t think there has. If you have trouble with DOSBOX, you can tweak the Dosbox config file in the game files under steamapps, by changing the number of cycles to 70000, so that Cycles=70000, cos sometimes you get stack overflow errors crashing you out to windows. Also you can tweak the resolution in the same file, by changing output to opengl (output=opengl) or setting the resolution to desktop…and so on.

A bit about gameplay. If you annoy your neighbours, by placing spy satellites around their asteroids, they will discover them and attack you. So it behooves you to build your asteroid’s defences, and invest in ScitTech blueprints for better weapons and defences. Also, getting blueprints for better ships is also important. The more ore you sell to the Corporation the better, so colonise as many asteroids as possible, but remember to use gravity nullifiers and asteroid engines on them, so they don’t collide with one another.

Real player with 30.8 hrs in game

Fragile Allegiance on Steam

Gemini Wars

Gemini Wars

“So i had around 40 hours in this game, it is not good it is not bad either. Missions lack in challenge, they are mostly the same, protect this, defeat that. The later part where the aliens apears was slightly better but i wish game is longer, more ship classes and details. However for people who like this kind of game its okay. Graphics, could be better, much better.

Would i recommend this game?

Game recieved many negative reviews,and mostly because it didnt deserve positive ones, for the current price of 14,99EUR i wouldnt recommend this game. If you find it on sale, for cheap, try it, you wont lost anything except few hours of your life. I would give positive on this one since i did had fun in skirmish with this game, and because i love some of the ship designs. Otherwise if there is neutral button i would hit instead.

Real player with 43.6 hrs in game

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This game feels like it is still in beta with all the glitches.


Good concept. I enjoy how quickly bases can be built if you have the resources which makes comebacks not entirely out of the picture. Easy to pick up.


Ships will shake violently when trying to move and sometimes won’t even move when part of a large selected group. AI is horrible for skirmishes. I played a skirmish where the AI player sent its starting construction ship to where I was building my fleet about 5 minutes into the game and it was destroyed easily ending the game.

Real player with 28.0 hrs in game

Gemini Wars on Steam



Alexander and Brandon were guests on The Hive VR, so our team were provided with keys to their game. However, on The Hive, we never promote anything we don’t like. I’ve played Tactera and I enjoyed that, but Starblazer has some other unique elements that I love. For one, this game has got personality. The loading menu has interactable objects, so you can get lost just picking them up, but perhaps not too long before you’re greeted by a sassy bot egging you to start the game. Once inside the training center, you can teleport around various display stations highlighting each ship for battle. It smartly displays the ships working in real-time so you’re able to gauge the timing and trajectory. The room could benefit from a few more guidelines, but I believe that’s in the works.

Real player with 10.0 hrs in game

The gameplay is a first for VR, (I’ve played Final Assault), i prefer the graphical style/setting/80s vibe in this game. The gameplay/artstyle are the reason you won’t want to take your headset off.

From the funky soundtrack, to the Starcraft style gameplay, Starblazer is a game where your RTS skills will be tested in a new way that is only possible in VR. This game has many memorable moments for the small entry fee. For instance, small enviromental easter eggs that you can interact within your ships command center (i.e. The squid). If you have been looking for a new strategy game than this is your game. From the loading screens 80’s space vibe, Starblazer makes the RTS genre once more.

Real player with 7.4 hrs in game

Starblazer on Steam

Stellar Warfare

Stellar Warfare

A 4D strategy game….

This game does something that I’ve never seen before, which is to allow 4D combat on the battlefield. You can attack (and be attacked) from above or below which is amazing. I don’t know why nobody has thought about this before… 4D combat adds such a whole new level of strategy to the battlefield and combat. You can also go 1st-person on your units, which is amazing… yet again that’s something that I’ve never seen in any other strategy games.

This game already is a pretty playable strategy game, and I’m certain with a year or more development time, the game will be an exceptionally playable strategy game, and if you couple that with the two above mentioned unique mechanics, then you’ll have one fantastic space strategy game on your hands.

Real player with 28.9 hrs in game

This is a cool game, and I think it has good potential. I can tell that a lot of work has gone into this for one solo developer, and I look forward to seeing how it progresses. Building spaceships, collecting space junk and attacking your enemies, it’s a good basis.

I would say this is quite a niche game, it might not be for everyone, and it is a little rough around the edges, but nothing too crazy for being Early Access. Once you get past the barrier of figuring out the controls and how to navigate the 3D space, this is quite a fun game, and I hope to see it fleshed out in the future with some QoL features and smoother progression, as well as the expanded campaign, of course. I would expect that to take quite a long time considering the solo development and scope of the project, so I would only recommend getting in this early if you want to support the project and follow development, if not, you should wait for release instead of expecting a full and polished game right now.

Real player with 9.2 hrs in game

Stellar Warfare on Steam

Stellar Commanders

Stellar Commanders

If you love First Strike: Final Hour then I do encourage you into buying it unless your into small arcade games.

When I played my first match I was honestly disappointed with the game especially having a price currently being unreasonable to purchase, in my opinion the game should be completely free due to the game’s current state.

I understand that time was taken to make something like this but to create a game secondly from First Strike: Final Hour you would expect it to be more exciting to have a multiplayer feature.

Real player with 3.2 hrs in game

Don’t be deceived by the “Single-player” listing, expecting the possibility of a bot match or campaign. It boils down to 5-10 minute purely PvP card-based game of resource generation, land grabbing, firing missiles, counters, and a superweapon that’s an AoE missile. There’s some strategy such as soft-locking your opponent by destroying their land grabbing potential. It’s good if you’re looking for something to quickly kill time and not get invested in.

There is advancement through grinding with the default 6 or so cards to get another 9-10 for each faction. If they could expand the game with bots, card modifiers, a galaxy-map, campaign, and/or 3+ player PvP, I’d definitely be into it. Until then, it’s worth about an hour or two of playtime.

Real player with 1.2 hrs in game

Stellar Commanders on Steam

Codex of Victory

Codex of Victory


+Enjoyable campaign.

+Varied units.

+Units can be varied even more with modules.

+Units can be upgraded in levels which grant bonuses and abilities.

+Nice progression meaning you shouldn’t feel overpowered or underpowered.

+Story keeps you on your toes.

+Ant farm base building.

+Solid tactics.

+Lovely artwork.

+Nice devs.

+Nice learning curve.


+Plenty of missions.



-Tough (some may find this a con so).

-Enemy has some units you can’t match on harder difficulty without a good understanding of the game.

Real player with 80.9 hrs in game

Greetings, comrades, today I am here to talk to you about “Codex of Victory.” If you enjoy war-games with turn-based combat, you will enjoy “Codex of Victory.” It reminds me of playing the old Avalon Hill 20th century boardgames such as Panzer Leader and Panzer Blitz. The game is fun against the computer and can also be played against a human opponent in a 1-on-1 skirmish. Actually the skirmish mode is more fun as the computer mode involves a very long campaign. In PvP skirmish mode, your turns are timed and you only get a finite bit of time to study the map, plan your move, move your pieces and fire.

Real player with 50.9 hrs in game

Codex of Victory on Steam

Space Battle SVF

Space Battle SVF

Great game, enjoyed every minute.

Real player with 0.3 hrs in game

Space Battle SVF on Steam

Ballistic M.A.D.ness

Ballistic M.A.D.ness

Fun little game where you shoot nukes across a planet to blow things up doing your best to adjust for things like distance, gravity, and spin of the planet. Also it’s only $1, would recommend.

Real player with 1.9 hrs in game

Honestly this game is so rad! for £0.79p it’s a steal! You’d be stupid to not buy it.

Tactical blowing things up with nukes, and also a global leaderboard? Oh yea. You know i’m trying to get the top spot!

Real player with 1.3 hrs in game

Ballistic M.A.D.ness on Steam

Evolution of War

Evolution of War

Very short and stupid game with no progression what so ever. Good for playing one match maybe.

Real player with 0.3 hrs in game

Evolution of War on Steam