Battlestar Galactica Deadlock

Battlestar Galactica Deadlock

I don’t know where to start. And I don’t like that I can’t give a thumbs up AND thumbs down. But this will be a long review.

First, for a game billed as a strategy game, there is but one strategy. And that is to build enough ships to make seven ship fleets to protect each of the four quadrants of your map. This is not difficult with the exception that you play on the highest of three difficulty modes. Once you figure this out, this is where my biggest problems comes into play

  1. This is not a strategic game. It’s a reactive game because the Cylons always have the initiative. They will attack your fleet or your planets and you simply react to the attacks - the entire campaign, until the very end.

Real player with 1824.5 hrs in game

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“Sometimes you have to roll a hard six."

  • Commander William Adama, Battlestar Galactica BSG 75


While “Battlestar Galactica: Deadlock” it’s own game, the basic mechanics of the previous game “Starhammer: The Vanguard Prophecy” are there, with vertical movement now more refined and group moves, making the movement of fleets early on much easier. Players of that game will feel right at home, and if you don’t have the previous game, it’s a crime not to pick it up on a sale - it’s that much fun.

Real player with 435.9 hrs in game

Battlestar Galactica Deadlock on Steam

Gemini Wars

Gemini Wars

“So i had around 40 hours in this game, it is not good it is not bad either. Missions lack in challenge, they are mostly the same, protect this, defeat that. The later part where the aliens apears was slightly better but i wish game is longer, more ship classes and details. However for people who like this kind of game its okay. Graphics, could be better, much better.

Would i recommend this game?

Game recieved many negative reviews,and mostly because it didnt deserve positive ones, for the current price of 14,99EUR i wouldnt recommend this game. If you find it on sale, for cheap, try it, you wont lost anything except few hours of your life. I would give positive on this one since i did had fun in skirmish with this game, and because i love some of the ship designs. Otherwise if there is neutral button i would hit instead.

Real player with 43.6 hrs in game

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This game feels like it is still in beta with all the glitches.


Good concept. I enjoy how quickly bases can be built if you have the resources which makes comebacks not entirely out of the picture. Easy to pick up.


Ships will shake violently when trying to move and sometimes won’t even move when part of a large selected group. AI is horrible for skirmishes. I played a skirmish where the AI player sent its starting construction ship to where I was building my fleet about 5 minutes into the game and it was destroyed easily ending the game.

Real player with 28.0 hrs in game

Gemini Wars on Steam

Shaped Beats

Shaped Beats

Shaped Beats

It Is A 2D Video Game Of The Bullet Hell Genre With Pixel Art Graphics.

Story Mode (1 Player)

Overcome Different Challenges, Challenges increasingly difficult, and discover the secrets that exist in space

Defeat Different Enemies and Imposing Bosses And Discover the Truth of what happens in other worlds.

Story Mode (2 Player Special)

Play Cooperatively Together with your best friend, brother, sister, dad, or mom and fight side by side against more difficult enemies

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Shaped Beats on Steam

Annihilate The Spance

Annihilate The Spance

Annihilate The Spance is a real-time autonomous army, base builder. Construct your base, and provide your autonomous armada with the means to annihilate the enemy. Through calculated unit compositions, and rapid on-the-fly adjustments to your base.

ATS is set in a far future, with a unique phenomenon unseen in all history. The Spance.

Follow three factions across five campaigns into this glowing, writhing, and dark place.

A nebula ( or as close as we have a name for it ) that has roamed the galaxy, consuming hundreds of solar systems into its depths. It is undeniably rich in resources. Extreme and unexplained pseudo-physical phenomena. And creatures seemingly formed from burning energy.

A linear set of story missions across four interlinked campaigns will take you through the depths of the Spance. Fight with and against each of the major factions in conflict while gaining access to new units and technology. Learn the unique doctrines needed to command the military might of The Kontaalen Armada, the united fleets of The Vaalkorei Coalition mercantile guilds, and the experimental technologies of Emar’s Tychon Division.

Delve ever deeper into the impenetrable abyss of the Spance and unlock its secrets.

Alternatively, jump directly into the fray by versing AI in custom skirmishes and player-created custom levels. You can even create your own for others to play using the level editor.

Begin each mission from your command station and gather resources from the stuff of the rich nebula itself to construct your autonomous base. The interference of the Spance prevents you from directly controlling your units. Each ship is autonomous. Relying on its AI core, moving, targeting, and attacking on its own.

You, Strategist, are left to your base.

Plan your army composition carefully. Calculate build cycles. Make tactical positioning decisions. There is no singular vessel that can take you to victory. This war will not be decided by who holds the bigger stick, but instead who wields the more versatile one.

Annihilate The Spance on Steam



Really fascinating game. Still obviously rough around the edges, especially as the difficulty ramps WAY up in the campaign very fast - I might say frustratingly fast. A bit more “Clicky” than I normally prefer but a very interesting alternative the the usual RTS fare and a lovely visual presentation. A lot of potential, assuming it keeps getting developed.

A few things I hope will play out as development goes along:

  1. A gentler ramping up of difficulty. The first two planets are challenging for a newcomer, but easily beaten. The third one is suddenly far more difficult. I find this just a bit too punishing - a smoother curve is needed.

Real player with 5.7 hrs in game

I’m really impressed with the graphic design, that’s why I bought this game at first glimpse, it is almost a game I’ve dreamt of.

But the game mechanic is pretty disappointing.

The bigggest issue is that the mechanic make players have to carefully protect the enemey while not die to it. If you killed your oppenent without taking the mines, you might lose accidentally (which is not a rare situation, since your mines can be took down by enemies in a fight). This makes the game very tough and frustrating when the enemy starts really strong, and it is very annoying when you lose a game you shaw have won.

Real player with 5.5 hrs in game

Element on Steam

Let’s Rock!

Let’s Rock!

You are a young graduate of an aviation school, who, by assignment, got to the distant frontier of the developed area of the Universe. Now you have to go the path from a rookie to an experienced pilot, who is destined for great battles in the name of Humanity.

Game features:

  • 9 colorful levels. Explore diverse and unique worlds

  • Earn points and exchange them to enhance the power of your war machine. After passing each level, it becomes possible to acquire a new type of weapon. Learn to use your arsenal effectively. You will have an impulse gun, the missiles, a plasma gun, the mines, the homing shells, a laser gun, a protective energetic shield, and finally you will have Perun’s Exhaletion!

Also in the game:

  • Choose the spaceship that best suits your skills

  • Destroy the bosses

  • Accompany and protect cargo ships

  • Free captured Earthlings and other creatures

  • Find and destroy 8 evil alien fish

  • Enjoy!

Let's Rock! on Steam

Sky of Destruction

Sky of Destruction

nice game, but it seems to be stuck in early access limbo. As is, it’s kind of good. get’s a little repetitive after a while. not a bad game, just kind of incomplete.

Real player with 20.2 hrs in game

Update, no Updates. Bye.

I Like it so far, but there is more work to be done. The Game is updated frequently, this looks promising. The Gameplay might seem a little bit easy made, but the Hunt for Upgrades is it that binds me to Games.

Real player with 5.1 hrs in game

Sky of Destruction on Steam

VEGA Conflict

VEGA Conflict

Great game ruined as a money grab. This game has so much potential, but it falls short due to greed. The game is beautifully rendered, fun to play, strategic and challenging, but not too difficult. Unfortunately the negatives way out weigh the positives. The negatives, and there are two only, are: 1. this game is pay to win to the nth degree, and 2. there is a ton of down time waiting for ships to build or repair. To put this into perspective, building a single mid-level ship would take 4 days to build, or you can do it instantly for $20. Yes, build one ship for $20. You have seven fleets of 6 ships each, for a total of 42 ships. Let’s do the math here. If you want to pay to fill up your fleets with these mid-range ships it would cost you $840!!! That is nuts! Well, if you want to build them without paying it would take you 168 days!!! This also leads to a ton of down time. After you reach level 40+ (mid range), there isn’t much to do other than grind. Many of the events are above your level, and all of the quests are done. So you can grind. And wait. And wait some more. And wait even longer.

Real player with 4328.6 hrs in game

this game IS DIEING only Coiners play mostly, go find another game. This game was actualy fun to play but now with new stuff coming out every month thoese that spend 100$ a day or so have all the good/strong stuff. its also manily pvp. this game has gotten better but the above still holds true if you brand new you will have a hard time playing the game but if you can find a good clan that will help you you will fly through.

so any new person that joins now after they play for a bit. they get the ability to lvl straight up to lvl 60 which is a good lvl but you will spend about a month refiting you our base with the tech you got in 8 mins of playing the booster.

Real player with 2618.4 hrs in game

VEGA Conflict on Steam

Age of Space

Age of Space

Age of Space offers a unique experience combining real time resource management and tactical combat in 3D. Step into the shoes of an interplanetary mercenary balancing on a knife-edge between the established might of the United Earth Alliance and the rag-tag band of Martian rebels. Grow your power as you fight for either side in the battle for control of the solar system.

Mining outpost

Build and expand upon your mining outpost as you gather resources in real time. Unlock new and unknown technologies salvaged from the wreckage of your enemies. Customize and build massive warships from your shipyard. Nudge the balance of war by accepting missions from your star map, fight pirates for fame and riches or become an outlaw yourself…

Ship Customization

All spaceships come in different sizes and fill different roles and purposes. All spaceships have unique bonuses that you should exploit in order to get the most out of your ship. A spaceship has a set of properties and three different sets of hardpoints where you can install modules and weapons:

  • Passive modules boost primary attributes of the ships.

  • Active modules are your backline of weapons and modules that are available all of the time

  • Tactical modules are impactful tactical weapons that can change the tide in any battle, but require high amounts of energy to use

Character Development

Evolve your four captains into becoming commanders of massive capital ships. As they gain experience they will be able to pilot increasingly advanced spaceships ranging from tactical cruisers to motherships.


Put yourself and your crew to the test in instance-based combat scenarios. Design your fleet, execute your strategy and profit. Manoeuver your spaceship in 3 dimensions from a 3rd person perspective. The rest of your fleet will either be controlled by AI, your friends or a combination of both. There will be different types of contracts to choose from:

  • Storyline missions

  • Side missions

  • Mining operations

  • Piracy operations


Play any contract (except a few solo missions) together with up to three friends.

Age of Space on Steam

Creeper World 4

Creeper World 4

For anyone who knows what Creeper World is, you’ll probably know what to expect and what you’re going to get. This review is for those who don’t know what Creeper World is, and are looking to break into the series starting here.

The totally official backstory

  • Having just watched the Titanic movie, a brave scientist seeks revenge against the ocean for killing Jac-

  • The giant amoeba from Evolution has evolved and is now threatening to eat the galaxy unless David Duchovny can-

Real player with 538.4 hrs in game

This game is a small evolution over Creeper World 3. Around 45 missions total plus random and user-made maps. If you enjoyed the previous games in the series you will enjoy this one.

The graphics are now 3D but that doesn’t affect the gameplay that much. The only exception is the connection between buildings, which now also takes height into account. You can no longer link from height 1 to height 20 with a simple tower.

An annoying change is that nullification is no longer permanent. You have to keep the nullifier intact and supplied, otherwise the nullfied structure will come back into operation. This is like CW1 where you had no nullifier and instead you had to park a few cannons near each emitter to kill off the creeper before it can spread. CW4’s system is the worst of all the games. Maybe this change was brought about because the circle of power mechanic from CW3 was so OP. But there is a simple solution to that - simply make the nullified structure disappear and leave nothing behind. The ERN system is a good compromise as it retains some of the benefits of the circles of power without becoming OP.

Real player with 144.7 hrs in game

Creeper World 4 on Steam