I wake disoriented. Where am I? Looking out a window, I see the light reflected off the planet below. Clearly, I’m in orbit, but over a planet I don’t recognize. How did I get here? Why can’t I remember anything? Where is everyone?

Cradle-18 is a 3D walking simulator aboard an orbital space station. Explore from one compartment to the next to unravel the mystery of this deserted craft. What was the mission? And what has become of the crew? Am I truly alone?

No enemies. Seems there is nobody to fight with.

Search for clues and collect information to piece together the answers. But space is a harsh environment, and the systems on this craft are showing signs of stress. Survival is not guaranteed.

Notes of horror. It feels uncomfortable on the uninhabited station in space.

Space ambient music. Enjoy space views to the beautiful space music. While you can.

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Cradle-18 on Steam

Spaceman Sparkles 3

Spaceman Sparkles 3

One of my favourite games! I love everything about this game! The only negative is that the new update has made the game controller based, making it hard for me to use a keyboard. Unless I’m missing an option to change the keys, an option like that would be great!

Overall rating: 9/10

Real player with 23.7 hrs in game

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Its a very interesting game. It has little to no story but I think that is a strength of the game that it is good without one, and would be best without it. Its a hard game. If you would like to challenge yourself with a hard game, this would be one to check out. The weapons are given to the player in stages, which I think is a good way to get used to the controls and to introduce how to use it (even if it seems hard to find out what it does for the first few attempts). My only gripe with the game is that the way to get to the bosses is extremely difficult for a few, specifically the ones on the sides of a floating platform. It looks amazing and I absolutely love the music, but there were only a few tracks so it got annoying after it looped for the 20th time. This game was a lot of fun and I would recomend it to my friends and anyone looking for a game to play for a few hours, or a lot of hours depending on how well you get used to how gravity works in the game.

Real player with 8.3 hrs in game

Spaceman Sparkles 3 on Steam



Not recommended for: People who enjoyed Firewatch, Gone Home, and other narrative driven first person exploration games. The narrative is missable, unimportant, and underdeveloped.

Recommended for: People who fantasize about being isolated in space, and possibly have VR. I played without VR, I imagine it’s quite immersive. People who like meditative busy work games that have very little challenge.

Review: There is a charm to this game, if you like games to be a sort of meditation, for all it’s problems I still kept playing it till the end. Maybe it was just listening to someone else breathe for five hours. But ultimately, it just didn’t really go any where. It’s for that reason, and a multitude of game design blunders, that I have given it a negative on the recommend.

Real player with 14.8 hrs in game

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Adr1ft was a game that I practically didn’t see much positives in after finishing it in its entirety. I believe the idea of how poorly the game handled certain features was outrageous. “Walking” simulator or not, the exploration wasn’t worth the hassle and ultimately its only outstanding feature (being it atmospheric setting) isn’t enough to excuse the game for being more notably boring rather than interesting. There were times where it would fascinate me, and others where it turned out increasingly hard to pay attention due to how progressively dull this game was becoming.

Real player with 14.2 hrs in game

ADR1FT on Steam



When Game Informer magazine came out in August 2015 - two years ago - it had a compelling cover for a game which had yet to be released. I read the entire article, and realized I had to play this game. There was just enough detail balanced with mystery, especially as it relates to the story and the game mechanics, that it drew me in. I wanted this game.

This isn’t a first-person shooter (although, thankfully, it is first-person). You won’t be shooting bullets, or slicing and dicing with a sword. If you’ve played the game Gone Home, and liked it, you’ll like this game even more. If you’re not a fan of Gone Home, especially because of the “shortness” of the original game, Tacoma has a lot more story, depth, and a slightly more complicated game mechanic.

Real player with 10.8 hrs in game

This way to the TACOMA DOME!!!!


Tacoma is a narrative focused game, a “walking simulator” developed by Fullbright, the creators of the lauded Gone Home . The game involves exploring a space station, uncovering information about its former inhabitants (as well as the future of year 2088) through recorded scenes and a detailed environment.

Everything that Gone Home got right, the deeply meaningful topics of the narrative, the empathy for the every-day average person, the sonder-ful and wonderful environmental storytelling - this game does it better. The studio’s sophomore game definitely shows off everything they’ve learned from Gone Home - and their mastery of narrative places this game at the peak of the “Walking Simulator” genre. The only problem with this game is that it didn’t last longer (about 2 hours, for me)

Real player with 10.3 hrs in game

Tacoma on Steam

CAT Interstellar

CAT Interstellar

The main character, Dog, controls beautifully for a walking simulator, moving comparatively swiftly. The level on the planet surface is where the game truly shines for me; rather than move painfully slowly like in most walking sims, you can speed along the dunes like a dog unleashed, and the game strikes just the perfect balance between serenity and wonder for me, which considering what you’re actually doing is a small miracle. Well done!

It must have been there that I completely blew the alleged allotment of 1 hour: I ended up with 3.5h total, for story, all achievements, the easter egg location on the surface, being rather sick – not game-induced, I believe – and telling spouse in detail about it, as you do, so let’s dock 40 minutes for that last bit. There are some minor points against the game (all characters but the main one move like molasses; subtitles setting does not stick between sessions; NPCs seem to talk to your character when they reach a certain location, regardless of whether you’re actually near enough to hear them when it happens – you can ask them to repeat themselves, but only for the very last bit of dialogue), but the single big one is this: there’s a fair bit of hints and exposition, but the pieces never quite come together as a proper narrative. While I’m not sore on general principle that the game is short (like many of y’all, I have a backlog of several hundred games; I like short games, and the attainable goals they offer), I think giving the game one or two more hours of breathing space, and better telling therein, would have made this a clearer winner. Well that, or the main exposition droid said something of complete genius to me while I was at the other end of a cave. Either/or.

Real player with 3.9 hrs in game

Well, I hate to be the first one to say not recommended but will explain my reason and I will update it as the game gets updated. Price point is not a factor for my reviews so should mention that as well since many will look at the fact currently it is quite cheap.

TL;DR Version

If even a tad more of the story was included at launch or at least one interesting mission included at the beginning I may of swayed to the recommended side. Once more story is in then I may change my review to that.

Real player with 3.0 hrs in game

CAT Interstellar on Steam



I almost only have negative things to say about this game.

First off, voice acting.

I disliked all the voice acting except for 2 characters, the character you play and the AI that gives you ‘missions’, they are the 2 main characters.

There is nothing more to say about that, bad voice acting is bad voice acting. It doesn’t feel engaging, it’s too obvious someone is just reading a script in a studio, not good at displaying emotion etc…

Story was just bad, didn’t seem very well thoughout.

I will admit though that the first 10 minutes made me feel hyped, the story seemed cool then, but it very quickly dropped off.

Real player with 5.9 hrs in game

OKAY, here’s a review. I only write these when games are amazing or suck total ass. This one is the latter, unfortunately.

Some bullet points if you want to ignore my nonsense.


Promising story!

Interesting story development through clues around the levels

Solid music

Decent character development


So much excessive, unnecessary walking between stuff.

Unclear idea of directive, where things are, and sometimes even what to do

Much of the story left with loose ends, undeveloped, or ignored

Real player with 5.5 hrs in game

De-Void on Steam

Verde Station

Verde Station

Verde Station is by indie developer Duel Boot or more precisely Soren Silkenson a Texan developer who considers himself a jack of all trades, being also a builder, VR specialist and business entrepreneur among other things.

As voiced by himself on numerous occasions, this is a walking exploration game more than just being tagged with the misleading notion of being a walking simulator and nothing more. Exploration is hereby highly encouraged by the game so that each gamer can quickly unravel the mysterious series of events that have already taken place over the year’s solo mission. Verde Station is an experimental prototype space station greenhouse. You control the protagonist who monthly is submitted to vs400 online psychiatric examinations and given impossible tasks to complete and report on a space station littered with potential hazards and rumoured not to be ready by the time it was commissioned for its trial run.

Real player with 15.6 hrs in game

Well I have a mixed feelings about this game. I was about to recommend this game, but I was waiting for something more to be in a game before I do this. Well, it didn’t work out.

What’s good

First, it’s very impressive to see such game to be developed by one man. I had a lot of fun providing feedback and bug reports on the forum while the game was in Early Access.

Second, the idea of the game is good. Attempt to present it looks a bit dramatic. There are some good moments in the game which can create an illusion of something interesting happening.

Real player with 8.8 hrs in game

Verde Station on Steam

Exo One

Exo One

The game itself is very simple. You’re an object that can change between a ball and a disk, using gravity tech to either increase/decrease gravity, making you gain speed very fast very quickly as long as you use slopes smartly as you would in a tony hawk game.

Once you get a bit of speed you store energy, that energy gets used to make you into a disk which you can use to fly around with. Depending on your angle you can use it to go even higher, get more speed, fly even faster and get a sense of speed that even Sonic himself could get jealous of. It’s all up to you how adrenaline-fueled you want to make your adventure.

Real player with 12.0 hrs in game

I’m not sure how to proceed with this one…..bear with me and please hear me out. Exo One is a game I really liked but cannot recommend to you. You need to be of a certain ilk to get into this one and I really suggest watching a few bits of a playthrough and reading reviews on both sides of the fence.

I am giving Exo One the thumbs up because it definitely does not deserve a thumbs down. But this is not a thumbs up in the way that if you like a certain kind of game then you will enjoy this. More like I liked it, everyone else on here seems to be going gaga for it but I can’t help but feel a lot of the reviews here are part of the Kickstarter crowd or were at least following it. I honestly expected a Mixed or Positive average on Steam. Not an Overwhelmingly Positive for sure.

Real player with 9.8 hrs in game

Exo One on Steam

Moonbase Alpha

Moonbase Alpha

Moonbase Alpha is a marvel of the 21st century. You cannot even compare any other games like Gears of War, Call of Duty, Team Fortress 2, or even Assassin’s Creed to this landmark in human intelligence. If you were to put a average Joe into this kind of enviroment, his head would implode from the amazing graphics, story, and gameplay. If you were to play this game, your feeble monkey brain would not even be able to understand the deep, complex and twisted story of Moonbase Alpha. NASA’s masterpiece of 2010 shows us how far America has come in understanding space and lifestyle in space. Moonbase Alpha shows that even through NASA, we can learn much more about space and the human psyche. Moonbase Alpha follows the story of astronaut John Madden and his daily life on Moonbase Alpha, NASAs experimental base on the moon. If John fails his secret mission objective, his family and status in the NFL will be taken away and soiled by NASA. Moonbase Alpha brings us this harrowing story along with intense gameplay elements such as fixing carbon dioxide leaks, repairing solar panels, and driving robots. If you even attempted to finish such a hard, cruel game, you would be hailed as a god among men. Jesus would bless you with immortality and wealth beyond comprehension. The graphics in Moonbase Alpha top even Crysis 3 and have made many a computer catch fire. Even my IBM Super Computer cannot handle such a masterpiece as Moonbase Alpha. Many will look back to this game in the future, and smile as they remember their glorious past. NASA will forever be hailed as the wunderkind of this millenia. Thank you, NASA, for creating such a wonderful and exciting game.

Real player with 15.6 hrs in game

john madden pizza

[:nh]I’m gonna eat a pizza. [:dial67589340] Hi, can i order a pizza? [:nv]no! [:nh]why? [:nv] cuz you are john madden![:np]

Portal 2 space core

[_ 1,30 ]spayyyyyyyyyyyace

tetris tune

[:t 430,500][:t 320,250][:t 350,250][:t 390,500][:t 350,250][:t 330,250][:t 290,500][:t 290,250][:t 350,250][:t 430,500]

funky town

[:t 520,250][:t 520,250][:t 460,250][:t 520,500][:t 390,500][:t 390,250][:t 520,250][:t 700,250][:t 660,250][:t 520,500]

Glados’s birth parents prank call

[:dial6387657]The birth parents you are trying to call do not love you, please hang up[:t 350,500][:t 1,500][:t 350,500]

Real player with 13.6 hrs in game

Moonbase Alpha on Steam



sigh I want to recomend this but I can’t. Even as a new release $8 is way to much for the experience offered, even $2 would be pushing it. Theres about 3 minutes of actual gameplay and the rest is just mindless wandering using a terribly clunky interface. As it stands you would be better off taking your money and spending $5 on “The Dig” by Lucas arts. Hours of gameplay, just as visually and audably pleasing and a much deeper more moving story. As for Stranded if you want to try it wait until it’s in a humble bundle or something.

Real player with 1.3 hrs in game

Worst buyer-seller relationship ever.

It’s a poor game, more of a game-demo space-walking simulator with a non-riddle which trigger an ending after 30mn of walk playing. I had read a preview on RPS, which was quite great, quoting nostalgia, Lucas Arts and The Dig. But The Dig was a much longer experiment. And it had story. And it had gameplay. And it even had humour.

There, as you wander in the deserted landscapes of Stranded, you have none. No story, no riddles, no gameplay, no humour. Just an excrucciating pain in the butt when the end is triggered.

Real player with 1.3 hrs in game

Stranded on Steam