Under Domain - Alien Invasion Simulator

Under Domain - Alien Invasion Simulator

This game feels like the creator made a unique and interesting system to play this game but then refuses to teach anyone how to use it. The tutorial even states it’s a LIMITED tutorial and you will learn the more advanced parts of the game with play… except the game play is totally static with no learning curve, so the advanced functions and parts of the game are impossible to reach. At first I figured I was playing the game wrong or just not getting something, but after going to find some kind of guide online (there are none at the time of writing this), or looking at the game’s web page for more information (the game’s page is only a landing page with screen shots, logos, and PR/Sales Hype), and then finally the game reviews/comments that all have the same problem with the game play and then some… I am now pretty sure this game isn’t finished and there are commands and graphics missing to advance the game play. Glad I got this on sale for like $2 since even $6 for this game is over priced as the game currently stands.

Real player with 9.4 hrs in game

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The game is really good-looking, definitely an interesting idea. The art, graphics, sound - top notch! And there are a lot of possibilities for further update, which, judging from Antarctica screenshot from “About this game”-section, might be coming (

! I didn’t see a way to build Earth, Moon or ocean bases ).

Basically you play as an alien race that, for a good reason (from their perspective), wants to invade the Earth. And with maximum of 12 decades (from year 1900) and 10 turns per decade you can invade the Earth by 2020 (yep)!

Real player with 6.3 hrs in game

Under Domain - Alien Invasion Simulator on Steam

Space Tyrant

Space Tyrant

I really like this game and it totally deserves to be as popular as games like Slay the Spire. I got both this and Slay the Spire during the summer sale and ended up refunding Spire because this one enthralled me so much. You might be wondering how the two games are comparable at all, but you must keep in mind that Space Tyrant is as much a roguelite as it is a 4x, and it very much conforms to the idea of losing horribly and repeatedly but having fun in the process as you gradually build up your deck and learn the game. In many ways it scratches the same itch as games like Spire, but something about the colorful aesthetic, humorous themes, and creative genre-mashing put the drab Spire to shame, at least for me.

Real player with 119.5 hrs in game

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TL/DR: 6/10. Great idea, beautiful game, but harsh game design. Expect hardcore RNG roguelike play that detracts from wonderful 3x/4x design and a fun narrative. Also, the devs seem to be onto bigger and better things.

For a game about being a tyrant, you sure are stuck with specific game rules and no options to revolt against the oppressive developer-made campaigns. I really enjoy the idea of this game, and it did many things right…however, some design choices left a sour taste in my mouth. It’s like eating chocolate only to find that someone laced it with lemon juice. I’ve played tons of 4x games (love the genre!), and as much as this game is thought of as a “light” beer and pretzels version, it’s actually way more punishing, and your strategy, no matter how good, might not be enough due to insane RNG and hardcore random campaign rules. I get plenty of that in real life. I want to enjoy the games I play.

Real player with 83.7 hrs in game

Space Tyrant on Steam



Cautiously recommend but only if you’re a hardcore fan of arcade pixel games. My playtime is due to having left the game idle - actual time played ~5hrs and it was okay.

Pros -

Unique reinvention of oldschool Qix mechanic and a good microgame in its own right - lots of inventive enemy designs and some fresh twists. Slick retro style. Awesome dark theme and some nice angsty chiptunes. 3 game modes with some minor unlockables, though imo I only recommend Adventure Mode (somewhat hidden beneath the other two) and mostly enjoyed it. There’s a lot to love about the core mechanic once you get the right combination of powerups so as to make the game speed up a bit and flow well.

Real player with 22.9 hrs in game

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Voidrun takes a fresh idea and capitalizes on it


Voidrun is a game where instead of shooting enemies with a gun or some other standard form of combat. To kill anything in this game, you circle them with void orbs, similar to games like Qix and Pokemon Ranger. It’s incredibly satisfying and puts a very different twist to the oversaturated roguelite genre.


There are 3 different game modes to play in Voidrun. Adventure mode is a more casual take on the game with no permadeath and upgrade shops, Arcade is your typical arcade mode where one hit kills you, and you grind for score on a huge flat plane (no online leaderboards. Sorry!), and the classic (roguelite) mode is where the focus seems to be, play through 4 different planets, each with 3 levels, and just try to win.Voidrun is stock full of content, each mode bringing a lot of replayability.

Real player with 17.0 hrs in game

Voidrun on Steam

Fission Superstar X

Fission Superstar X

A good side scroller shooter roguelike game. Graphics are tight, but fit for the genre and run without bugs. The concept is cool and bizarre: player must try to travel trought solar system in a starship carryng a powerfull bomb , fighting enemies, landing in every planet to offer an odd concert or blow it. Mechanics is well and simple; there are 9 vehicles to unblock, one for each planet blowed, 3 main types of weapons, many kinds of common foes, 10 mini-bosses and planetary bosses.

The action sets in a highway shown by a side view-screen, with varios diferent events and obstacles, like big starships, space creatures, asteroids and mine fields, ion and solar storms… Player can hires until 4 crew to operate the 4 weapons domes, to pilot, connect the shield, repare ship or heal other members. Every passanger has 3 skills with 10 grades each. There is no map, only a long way in 9 stages of increasing difficulty with encounters randomized, like shops to buy weapons and enhances for the 4 starship parameters or place to hire and heal crew.

Real player with 61.1 hrs in game

If you liked Death Skid Marks (the creator if this game was a co-developer of that one) you will like Fission Superstar X. Similar gameplay, different setting, same sense of humor. Be warned, it is a roguelite, so it can be brutal. Even a single misstep can destroy your ship and end your run. That said, it is designed to be played over and over. There are many ships to unlock and tons of different things about the game to discover. There is a lot of quality playtime here for not a whole lot of money.

Real player with 42.5 hrs in game

Fission Superstar X on Steam