The Magic Elevator

The Magic Elevator

Tested this app on a childrens festival and they all loved it. Its not realy a game its an experience. Hope you love it too.


Johan pruys (the maker)

Real player with 4.3 hrs in game

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This is great, really.

I put on my headset being skeptical and taking notes in my mind. I thought from the videos it looked like just a bunch of assets thrown together.

But it was very peaceful and i found it really meditative. All the small details happening around were great, I was never bored, and a beautiful strangely coherent world. I felt very connected.

This is now my go to app for meditation and recommend for such purposes.

Real player with 1.8 hrs in game

The Magic Elevator on Steam

Underwater Space

Underwater Space

Underwater Space will take you to an unknown world in which you’ll experience exciting battles, discover new species and places. And you’ll take care of resources supply, development of your base, and your own ship.

The underwater world is beautiful but also very dangerous. Beware of deadly monsters that are hidden in deep water. Some threats can be well spotted but some of them may not look like they want to make you dead.

Fight in exciting, underwater battles for resources needed to survive. Experience spontaneous small battles when searching for new resources. And a big, organized war.

Explore this wonderful world. Discover new species and fantastic places. Study ancient ruins and what’s left after an old civilization. Admire the beauty and learn the history of this world.

Gather resources by yourself and organize your base to do it when you’re busy with other things. Remember that without them you won’t last long in this place. And you’re not the only one that wants them.

Develop your base with new technologies. Build mines in new places, defense buildings to keep enemies away. Create new ship improvements, new weapons. Everything that will make your life easier here.

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Underwater Space on Steam

Dream Mirror

Dream Mirror

The IDEA, graphics, ambient music are simply awesome!!!

Vr needed a game like this!

Real player with 123.7 hrs in game

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first i was very disapointed the stage was with sd graphism the horse was full of pixel , the cows , the space background even if the ship was great i was disapointed ans same for the next levels where i appreciated ony the sound part

until the balloon stage but from this stage i said wouah every stage

first the possibility to be in balloon is great and this stage of the city is wonderfull but empty there is no character like a deserted city and i love too underwater

after this there is a forest wonderfull the color of the tree and all and with great model and great animations of deer , in this stage all the animals are great worked , the light is wonderfull and the wonderfull color of the tree do we have the impression to be in the anime wonderfull i love this stage

Real player with 3.1 hrs in game

Dream Mirror on Steam



Your ship has crash-landed on a stray rogue planet, and your ship is out of fuel… It’s up to you to delve beneath the frozen surface and find a way to get your ship back into space while fighting strange sea creatures and uncovering the mysteries of the world beneath the ice!

  • Randomly generated enemies and upgrades

  • 8 weapons, 14+ upgrades, and 40+ enemies

  • 8 distinct zones, 8+ bosses

  • 4 ships with unique playstyles

  • Tight, polished movement and controls

  • Gameplay systems focused on risk and reward




I was a beta tester for Siphonophore so I’ll go into a bit more depth about the game.

TL:DR - I enjoyed my time with the game, The gameplay loop is simple and fun, Boss fights are challenging and the game’s story kept me interested while at times a little confused.


You start off with a basic cannon like weapon which you will be using for a majority of the game with new weapons and colour upgrades becoming available once you have defeated each boss. You also have a dash ability that can be used to propel you short or long distances with momentum affecting how far you travel. The creature also has some weapons to deal with enemies and is more useful against the bigger enemies you encounter.

Real player with 13.3 hrs in game

Tip: Hold E and use scroll wheel to enable progress.

So far I don’t think it’s a masterpiece. The gameplay is lacking due to the large number of enemies, important indicators communicated exclusively through the HUD, and near complete lack of distinction between food and foe.

However, it’s worth playing. The aesthetic and sound design are just like in the trailer, and the dialogue while probably thoughtless gibberish is entertaining to read (except in the extended tutorial that entirely misses the core issue).

Real player with 1.7 hrs in game

Siphonophore on Steam

In Other Waters

In Other Waters

Sublime underwater sci-fi experience! Fuelled by a great story, great UI presentation, and your own imagination!


On a desolated planet a female scientist asks your help to control her diving suit, in order to investigate what happened to her colleagues who did studies on this planet decades ago. A friend xenobiologist of hers arrived long after after they vanished to find out what happened to her mother, this friend also disappeared. She left bits of research behind, but she didn’t leave clear logs behind. What was the reason for this? Together with Ellery, our companion, we slowly but surely find out what happened to this underwater planet!

Real player with 14.1 hrs in game

Exploring the unknown, In Other Waters places the player from the perspective of an AI helping to guide xenobiologist Ellery Vas after she was called to planet Gliese 677Cc by her colleague, Minae Nomura. What she discovers is for the player to find out. The game is minimalistic yet beautiful, stowed away in a world that rests entirely in the imagination of the player, aside from some of Ellery’s research sketches, a topographic map that you explore, and also simplistic representations of the life within the oceans of this planet. Moving around within restricted vector points on the map, you will uncover the story in bits and pieces, every bit driving you to try to find out some more.

Real player with 13.3 hrs in game

In Other Waters on Steam



When I saw this game appear on Steam, a long forgotten memory came back to me! This is actually my very fist video game! I remember when my parents bought me my first PC, this “new game” was delivered with the PC. I didn’t like it because it was too difficult (for a 9 year old). The cutscenes are excellent, beautiful cartoony style, but the gameplay itself is a very bland railshooter … which is fine, I guess … but if you don’t care to play this game (which is a challenge if approached without nostalgia glasses), then just watch the cutscenes on YouTube.

Real player with 2.7 hrs in game

Wetlands on Steam

Deep Abyss

Deep Abyss

Deep Abyss is composed of independent chapters, connected as one structure.

  • It has a unique Control that seems unfamiliar yet simple to get used to.

  • Explore the deep sea and space yourself as a diver. Swim through strange yet beautiful backgrounds and music. It will give you a new gaming experience that you have not felt in other games.

  • The story progresses in the form of poetry rather than a linear composition. It is a game resembling a small painting where you can achieve poetic and artistic sensibility.

Deep Abyss on Steam

Nano Nebula

Nano Nebula

Apparently there’s a design flaw where you can warp to a new solar system and it doesn’t generate an exit wormhole. Now I’m in a dead end system and can’t progress. 7 hrs down the toilet.

Dev is inactive on the boards.


Real player with 7.8 hrs in game

TL;DR 8/10 simplistic planet exploration game

Nano Nebula is one of few VR games that has a long playtime. The premise is that you have to find your missing crew members after an attack on your ship. You first learn how to move in space (With little jet things) by trying to recharge your ships batteries, which I think is a very clever way to introduce a mechanic. Next, you get a 3D map in the middle of your ship, where you can then choose where you would like to go. At that point, there is no direction. Your goal is to find your crew members, and it provides you with no direction on how, which I find great. It really emphasizes exploration but doesn’t pack in too much useless side-stuff. Granted, there are side objectives you can complete, but those are mostly just for fun.

Real player with 1.1 hrs in game

Nano Nebula on Steam



Glutton - a game that tells us about a creature brought to earth on a meteorite. The game begins with the level of atoms and ends with the scale of the planet, our creature as it grows acquires new skills for more effective absorption of biomass, and protection from the dangers that wait for it at every step.

Game Features

  • Ability to upgrade the main character for genome points, which gives him not only new skills or improves existing ones, but also changes his appearance!

  • 5 unique abilities that open up as you progress through the game, which can be upgrade!

  • As you progress through the main character will evolve, which will also be display on his appearance!

  • 40 eventful levels in 8 different biomes (you will visit the level of atoms, unicellular organisms, microorganisms, marine animals, insects, people and cities, and so on until you reach the scale of the planet).

  • Levels both on land and in liquids! Depending on this, the control of the character changes!

  • System of small missions to diversify the gameplay with different missions on the levels!

  • At the end of the block of levels, you will find a boss ready to challenge you!

  • A variety enemies!

  • System of passing levels by the number of stars, the better you pass them – the easier it will be to go further, because for they open up improvements for skills!

Glutton on Steam