Evochron Mercenary

Evochron Mercenary

Ok i bought this game during the summer sale and so far I like it!

The Good!

Open world.. You can do what you want to do if you have some imagination!

A large mapped out universe with safe systems.. Not so safe systems.. And just down right Angry systems!

Even more systems that arn’t mapped out… Not sure how many so far, I have only found a few of them and their hard to find which is a good thing! Remember Space is a big place so it shouldn’t be to easy to find everything!

You can Generate space stations in locations you chose that arn’t to close to other stations.. Gives you a tactical advantige or a trading benifit, howerver you wish to use it! Thats kinda up to you to figure out!

Real player with 318.5 hrs in game

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Probably the best space sim I will ever play. Evochron Mercenary is an amazing achievement because it excels at its primary purpose: putting you in the cockpit of a wide-open universe. And I do mean wide open. While there are a jump-gates, jump-drives and other, more-exotic means of travel, the universe is a continuous whole. You could drift from one side to the other given enough time. . . though I am not sure if there are sides or just an infinite extension of the void. There are also hundreds of systems – yes, HUNDREDS – in the game many of which have yet to be discovered. Also you can land on planets (or burn up in their atmospheres).

Real player with 85.6 hrs in game

Evochron Mercenary on Steam

Lunar Flight

Lunar Flight


It’s been 2½ years since my original review (see below) which still stands. However, I’ve now been able to play this game in VR (Vive) and felt compelled to update my thoughts.

This game is the best VR experience I’ve had to date! It’s easily a better VR experience that DCS which I also spend a lot of time with. Why the high praise? There are a few reasons:

GOOD FRAME RATES - Perhaps due to the fact that this is a relatively simple game, framerates remain high enough to give a good experience.

Real player with 155.7 hrs in game

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This little gem is the perfect homage to 50 years of human spaceflight, and classic Lunar Lander games (originating way back on 1969 text-only computers).

It takes the idea of the old 2D arcade games with realistic physics, and perfectly transcends them into 3D - plus VR support! The audio deserves special mention: the mesmerizing music, plus voice recordings from real NASA missions, create an intriguing ambience.

Considering the ‘Newtonian’ flight dynamics, this game is of “Easy to learn, difficult to master” flavor. There is a learning curve, but once you get the hang of it, it feels AMAZING to fly around. The satisfaction of completing Mars missions is just so rewarding!

Real player with 101.4 hrs in game

Lunar Flight on Steam

Evochron Legacy SE

Evochron Legacy SE

I am a newcomer to 3D space and flight games, so I will start by explaining what I liked about a different space game, which inspired me to seek out Evochron Legacy. In Endless Space, I shoot across a 2D galaxy in custom-built ships, turn by turn, exploring solar systems. Each one is like a Christmas present as I approach, and the red, yellow, blue and white stars are the bows on top. When I get there, a window opens up revealing multiple planets. It is possible to guess beforehand what types of planets are in the system based on the type of star, but there is no accounting for the variety of anomalies, resources and conditions that each planet might reveal. Each one is a present unto itself, filled with envisioned potential. In times like that, I think someone should make a whole game just about this. Well, Evochron Legacy is almost that game.

Real player with 180.9 hrs in game

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Edit 10.9.2019

My house is now the rest of my ship. While flying to the Red Circle, I can cook, do laundry, and wash dishes while contemplating how to take over the sector with my fleet.

Been flying for 2 years now, I’ll be in my bunk.

Edit 4.15.2017

After almost 40 hours it felt like time to update this. In short, this game has sunk it’s teeth really deep and it’s still biting hard. None of the wow factor outlined previously is gone…in fact, it has increased the longer I’ve played. Bear in mind I’m in no hurry to complete anything, get the best gear or ships, or become dirty rich - and I’ve stayed away from tutorials as much as possible. I think this is where this game really shines for me - it rewards patient exploration of it’s mechanics, and they run deep…I only just became a good enough pilot to win my first race!

Real player with 127.8 hrs in game

Evochron Legacy SE on Steam

Starfighter Origins Remastered

Starfighter Origins Remastered

Hi all and welcome to the CDF Starfighter Game….

Edited / Re written review….

The game has been entirely re done / re mastered in every aspect , and you can now see the work shaun has put into the game again . All on his own..

Yes things have been v difficult and more as we v stated before which was ignored somehow , but now im sure you shall all see it has not been in vain / futile..

The new remastered version / currently being finished up and tested is running better than ever and is great fun for all who own it or plan to own it shortly..

Real player with 90.8 hrs in game


Campaign achievements not unlocking after the first mission. Robot voice may overlap during gameplay depending on how rapidly one presses targetting or speed matching keys and abruptly ends during loading screens. Music also ends abruptly during loading screens. Sound levels cannot be independently adjusted, infact it cannot be adjusted at all in-game. Other than that this game is close to AAA standard in presentation; graphics, voice acting, cutscenes and music. Considering that all development it’s mostly done by a one man, it’s really very impressive. Shaun T Williams is probably as talented as Chris Roberts of Wing Commander, Privateer and Freelancer fame

Real player with 40.8 hrs in game

Starfighter Origins Remastered on Steam

Elite Dangerous

Elite Dangerous

I’ve played this game a wee bit, but using words to describe how I feel is difficult, so I’ll just go ever each aspect and things I find important to mention.

Point #1, Starting Out:

Steep learning curve. The game is extremely difficult to get “good” at at base level. The first couple of weeks (Yes, weeks!) were spent looking up tutorials and flying around aimlessly. Learning that you have to plot routes on the galaxy map took me a while too! Really learning the little details and small things about this game will take a lot of time, and it can be frustrating trying to figure out why your ship constantly overheats when fuel-scooping, or what “Jump Exceeds drive fuel use limit of 5 Tons” even means. This complexity makes the game feel like you are actually flying a spaceship, which I quite like, but some people may not like that steepness to the game.

Real player with 2423.7 hrs in game

After 2000 hours of gameplay, I feel like I did almost everything I could on the game. The truth is, I probably didn’t.

I’m not a fanboy and I do store this game from time to time in my library giving it some time to allow me to miss it. But I can ensure you that this is the kind of game that you would actually miss, indeed.

From the beauty and tranquility of mining on frozen rings of distant planets, to surface exploration on the most daring and unexpected places, asteroid belts 10x bigger then the biggest gas giant, alien life on different forms and places, stuff that you spend hours amazed defying what you thought it could be possible.

Real player with 2233.0 hrs in game

Elite Dangerous on Steam

Vector 36

Vector 36

The first fifty hours, they were the worst. The second fifty hours, they were the worst too. The third fifty hours I didn’t enjoy at all. After that I went into a bit of a decline.

So why play for so many hours if the game’s that appalling?

Ah hah. Ah hah. Taste the soup…

Yes, Vector 36 is actually very good - the first few hours or so are a bit dry figuring out how to build and fly the basic low-powered skimmer and getting enough credits from racing to buy the next one (the Phi 90 - a lot more fun; a bit like an underpowered sports car). Keep plugging away and eventually you get the Quill which has buckets of speed, handles well and doesn’t require too much modification (I suggest a larger fuel tank and an extra radiator or two). This machine is fun to fly and wins the races. There is also a faster beast (that looks like a fish, moves like a fish,) but it steers - like - a - cow.

Real player with 318.9 hrs in game


hardcore skimmer (compare: multicopter) racing SIMULATION, science fiction setting, difficult but rewarding. deep game.


after playing this game to the death the last few weeks I think it’s time for me to write a review. I keep it short and focus only on points that make this game special to me:

the physics and the controls are great, the handling is nuanced, complex and, yeah, I assume: realistic. though it’s all science fiction, it really is a simulation.

that makes the game hard and unforgiving at the beginning - the learning curve is really pretty steep. but once you get the hang of the controls and learn how to build a skimmer that’s to your liking, racing it becomes just glorious.

Real player with 123.0 hrs in game

Vector 36 on Steam