Rockets are Super Hard

Rockets are Super Hard

This has been a great game to play with a group of friends. Working together to successfully launch a rocket into orbit using the highly detailed manual and communication skills not to miss any timed events or which button to correctly press. The manual may seem daunting at first, but the PDF is very well organized and put together that we have had no issues navigating through it to find the different modules for each mission. The sense of achievement is very high after each successful launch, and makes us want to keep playing once we finally do achieve mission success. Highly recommend this game for anyone that likes group puzzle games.

Real player with 12.1 hrs in game

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This game is already shaping up to be really special. This is helped tremendously by devs who are extremely active in the community and receptive to suggestions. They work quickly and respond in the forum. I made a list of typos and suggestions for the manual and it was a fairly long list. They did every single thing on the list in the same day that I posted it.

From a gameplay perspective, this obviously is inspired by Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes, but I think this game stands up extremely well on its own. Being in the control room is significantly more fun than being the defuser in KTaNE, and the game itself feels more cohesive. The manual is also over 100 pages even though the game is in early access. The ktane manual is 23 pages. I’ve played it quite a bit already and I still feel like I haven’t even scratched the surface. The single player campaign helps to teach the game, and even puts the manual pages inside the game to make it easier to look things up, but playing multiplayer is certainly more fun.

Real player with 11.3 hrs in game

Rockets are Super Hard on Steam

Deep Space Gardening

Deep Space Gardening

Lovely artstyle and laidback music. Only played the tutorial so far but looking forward to playing it with friends in local co-op

Real player with 10.8 hrs in game

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A great addition to the Co-op time management/Resource Manage genre,

Soundtrack is pleasing to the ear.

The game is simple to pick up and required scores are manageable.

Currently Lacking in accessibility for the colour blind player, but I have no doubt this will be fixed.

Being able to Mix Local and Online multiplayer makes gathering friends very easy.

Graphical style is very clear and easy to view during long play sessions

Real player with 6.7 hrs in game

Deep Space Gardening on Steam

Stars Survivor

Stars Survivor

I think this game is simple, easy and interesting.

However, I have decided the name appropriately, so I want to change it. Let me know if the developer knows.

Thank you.

Real player with 1.1 hrs in game

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⠄⣠⢸⣿⣿⣿⣿⢯⡓⢻⠿⠿⠷⡜⣯⠭⢽⠿⠯⠽⣀⠄⠄⠄⠄⠄⠄⠄⠄⠄Christmas started








Real player with 1.0 hrs in game

Stars Survivor on Steam

Space Fighters

Space Fighters

Considering that this is a single man developer releasing his first game, this game is very polished. The Gameplay is balanced and the UI is intuitive. This is a great simple game! I received a key for beta testing and was astonished by the dedication by the developer and his willingness to accept feedback that is actually implemented.

Real player with 0.3 hrs in game

Space Fighters on Steam



This is a neat game! The style of the ship and the ship manual are super flavorful and I had fun messing around with it. The one problem is that it’s a bit repetitive: most of the hazards you can see are handled in very similar ways and it feels like once you’ve played it for a few hours you could start to memorize most of the steps. Definitely once your Mission Control has gotten a feel for how to navigate the manual the missions become pretty easy.

That said, the aesthetic is great and if it interests you I definitely recommend it. Just know that you won’t be getting too much playtime out of it unless you regularly invite new players to be in charge of Mission Control. I’d love to see the game expanded in some way with either dual hazards or more variation in how you solve problems, but it’s a fun package as it is and I plan to keep showing it to friends.

Real player with 5.6 hrs in game

As someone that has played a lot of Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes, and ALSO someone that loves all the movies/series about various NASA space programs, this game seemed right up my alley.

So my friends and I got into character and decided that we didn’t need to preview the manual, we just jumped in. Then we died, and died, and died again. Since it’s the first day the game came out, we couldn’t even look to search engines for help guides. Eventually, though, we read the manual correctly and things improved. (And by ‘we’ I mean my friend did. I’m still very confused.) – Hint, page 57 is a good page.

Real player with 3.5 hrs in game

Nominal on Steam

What Happens in Space

What Happens in Space

What Do You Do When You Don’t Know Who To Trust.

4 - 10 players


The AI system has detected the presence of an alien life form and begun diverting the power to the self destruct system.

Take your place on board the station and fight to escape OR eliminate your enemies as the alien.

Crew Objective: Escape!

  • Win by finding all 3 keys to access and launch the escape shuttle.

  • Beware players infected by the alien parasites.

  • Communicate with the security officer to kill the aliens.

  • Use your Unique skill to help the other crew and escape.

Alien Objective: Kill!

  • Take the shuttle leaving crew to die

  • Kill all crew members. (except the security officer).

  • Sabotage airlocks

  • Use the security officer to kill the crew,


An Energy wave passed through the station causing some players to become crazed, many systems parts are fried and need replacing to restart them.

Join forces with the sane players to restore the stations systems and save the crazed players, Or take up your weapon and corrupt the sane players.

Sane player Objective: SURVIVE!

  • Win by replacing all the damage parts.

  • Avoid crazed and corrupted players.

Crazed player Objective: Corrupt!

  • Corrupt all the sane players

  • As corrupted players stun crew

  • Prevent Installation of system parts.


  • Start games with 4 to 10 players

  • 6 Characters to choose from

  • Filter Search for specific game modes

  • Invite you friends to play via steam

  • In game proximity voice chat.

  • 2 Game modes.

  • Invite only option for games

What Happens in Space on Steam



Play with 4-10 players online to neutralize one or more traitors among the crew members. Exposing the traitors is vital, otherwise the crew will die!

Objective: Complete all tasks or Discover the Traitor!

  • The task of the team is to complete all the tasks or find all the traitors.

  • We must act quickly, otherwise the enemy will arrange a diversion.

  • Track and observe other team members to identify the traitor.

  • Instantly collect a vote after the discovery of a body.

  • When voting, you must cast your vote to expel the suspect.

Objective: Kill of the crew or Destroy Equipment!

  • The task of the traitor, prevent the team from completing tasks or kill all team members.

  • Merge with the team, so you won’t be discovered.

  • Use the robot assistant to sabotage.

  • Break the security system and the room will become a trap.

  • Shut down the crew’s vital equipment.

  • Use shelters to stay unnoticed.


  • Quickly find a game online from the host list.

  • In-game text chat.

  • Quickly single game with bots.




This title reminds me a tiny bit of the game Fat Princess, including how carrying the commanders back to base in a group is faster. I look forward to future updates. There is potential here. I will review this game properly once the game is more fleshed out.

Edit: I didn’t know it initially but the Fat Princess connection ran deeper than I thought, having Devs from that game. They are very friendly, inviting to play, and responsive to the small community that exists here. I really want this game to do well. It is a shame that it is buried under lackluster AAA titles and throngs of cookie cutter indie games and asset flips. Some of the criticisms starting to pop up are are understandable, to a point, from the average gamer’s standpoint. There is a server rotation that allows users to have better ping at different points in the day based on play time in a given region. Server costs are obviously an issue and this is the way that they decided to to do things with the current community size. From a technical standpoint this is an Early Access title, and there are bugs, but even still it is highly playable, and gorgeous to look at. I saw one review pointing out that a dev was in-game cheating, yet they were ignorant in the fact that the Dev was using something accessible to all players. Ignorance in itself is NOT inherently bad as that is simply the absence of knowledge. But, people are making snap judgements without further investigating a situation and making conclusions with willful ignorance which IS entirely bad. The game is coming along. It’s small, but that is also reflected in the price point. More people need to play this game, it is a gem in the rough and I would hate to see it go under. The bots are decent and my friends and I have been defeated by them one time or another, but you can start to learn their ways. As with most games, it is definitely a more challenging experience when played against other people and you will often see more people on during the weekends. When a full game gets going it is frantic and chaotic in all the good ways.

Real player with 87.5 hrs in game

Very fun game, even in early access! The devs are very in tune with the community and eager to improve the game, and I dont get the impression that’s going to change any time soon. Squids has elements of a MOBA, but has a quality to it that i think appeals to people who both like and dislike MOBAS. I personally am not a huge fan of them, but the gameplay in Squids is more fast paced than a typical MOBA, which to me makes it more fun. There are elements of map control and team levelling that will make seasoned MOBA players feel right at home as well. I’m excited to see how the game develops on a competitive level, especially as the devs continue to expand the game’s content. Definitely worth checking out!

Real player with 9.3 hrs in game


ThreadSpace: Hyperbol

ThreadSpace: Hyperbol

Hyperbol is a truly awesome unique game. It has a tutorial which you can play in offline mode or you can join players online.

Support 10/10

This game is still actively supported by the developer. I got a response in a very short time on their discussion forums.

Graphics 8/10

Graphics are unique and interesting.

Sounds and Music 9/10

Sounds and graphics are near perfect for its genre.

Gameplay 9/10

Gameplay is awesome. Always something interesting and it is enough that you will be enjoying it for months to come.

Real player with 1256.6 hrs in game

This is really an awesome game that is quite fun however it has one major problem ….. it is a multi-player game that is rarely played anymore. You can play the game single player with AI bots (which are quite challenging if set to be so) or on LAN if you have seperate keys handy.


plays on windows 7 & 10 just fine. I have not tested it on win8 systems


None. The game is not only polished, but has no bugs.

fun/replay value



Real player with 81.0 hrs in game

ThreadSpace: Hyperbol on Steam



This is the game I have been waiting for!

Since Mech Warrior and Mech Commander, I have wanted to VR pilot a mech. I want all the story boards and team overviews with in-mech VR and commander of a squad in Real time scenarios with VR command decs or carriers communicating with real time live players to enact sieges etc.

While this game is not all that, they clearly define a road map to what is much of the VR piloting of various mech classes. Currently it seems they are working cockpit operations and player interaction (but I am sure they state exactly what somewhere in their roadmap).

Real player with 6.8 hrs in game

If you were disappointed when Hawken shut down before the Rift CV1 released and never got to play that sweet, sweet Mech combat in VR, never fear, Iron Rebellion is here!

This is truly going to be a trend-setter game. The virtualized joystick controls and easy to learn, tough to master gameplay leaves you coming back again and again for those spicy mech shootouts!

It hasn’t been released for long, so many updates are on the roadmap, cannot wait til I can make a Reaper loadout like from Hawken and dart around as a tiny speedster mech with a sniper rifle, weeeeee!

Real player with 3.5 hrs in game