Need a puzzling game to play, but you don’t have time for a large scale, AAA title? This game is for you. The puzzles in this title will get your brain working, requiring you to sift through clues in emails and files as well as deciphering codes left by the inhabitants of this abandoned station. You’ll have to carefully manage your time and resources between crafting items to keep your life support stable, and fending off alien intruders.


  • Good, satisfying puzzles

  • Pixelated visuals and simple geometry are a nice change from the realism of today’s games

Real player with 3.2 hrs in game

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This is an interesting game. It started off a bit flat, seemed like straight out time/resource management. You split your time between telling drones to go auto-gather resources, rushing around to build stuff, and then occasionally going outside to shoot bugs before they get inside and cause problems.

But there’s a surprising amount of logs and emails and info you can look through, and the offscreen support character makes her own little comments on what you’re reading.

All while mutant alien bugs eat through the walls to come get you.

Real player with 2.7 hrs in game

K37-D on Steam

Mars Quest

Mars Quest

If u miss games like Vyruz: Destruction of the Untel Empire, this might rub the right place. More development and it will be fine.

Real player with 0.6 hrs in game

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Mars Quest on Steam

Battlezone 98 Redux

Battlezone 98 Redux

Important disclosure here: Prior to the release of BZ98R (and still to this day), I have been a player of the original game up until it’s final unofficial patch version U1. This game is entirely based on this community patch.

People who have played 1.5 are going to feel differently about the game than people who last played it 20 years ago (1.3, 1.31, 1.4…). The same goes for people who had never played BZ98 in any form prior to purchasing this game.

This review involves numerous statements of objective fact but it was still written by someone who was playing 1.5 for years prior to the release of this game.

Real player with 8710.2 hrs in game

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This is the best game you’ve never played. It’s the hidden gem of hidden gems.

Set in an alternate 1960s where the space race is just a cover for a cold war turned hot, the United States and Soviet Union secretly deploy massive armies into space in pursuit of an extra-terrestrial substance, bio-metal, that can be used to craft amazing and powerful weapons of war. The National Space Defense Force (NSDF) and Cosmos Colonist Army (CCA) do battle over control of the bio-metal throughout the solar system using hover tanks crafted from the precious material. Battlezone has some of the best sci-fi lore of any game- don’t skip over the briefings and debriefings!

Real player with 321.0 hrs in game

Battlezone 98 Redux on Steam

Evolution of War

Evolution of War

Very short and stupid game with no progression what so ever. Good for playing one match maybe.

Real player with 0.3 hrs in game

Evolution of War on Steam



Silence on cosmic station somewhere in deep space. Scientists no answers.

You are a agent, who must inspect station and save people and science ultimate discovery.

Scientists in a cryostasis sleep, system of station awakens and unfreeze people, but scientist hard to thinking.

Enemy is unknown, technics engaged destroying people, materials, ammo.

Stock still have equipment can you use in mission.

Your ship use radioactive fuel.

Save scientists, take care of science, and good luck!

Reskue on Steam



Awesome game! Played with a party of 3 of us - definitely a challenge and strategy involved. A lot of love went into this game. Thanks a bunch for this experience.

Real player with 4.2 hrs in game

What a game!!!

Keep up the good work with more updates!!!

Καταπληκτικό παιχνίδι που βγάζει έντονα το ρετρό στοιχείο χωρίς όμως να δείχνει παλιό. Φανταστικό και σαν coop και σαν pvp. Οτι καλύτερο έχω παίξει τον τελευταίο καιρό. Απίστευτα ενδιαφέρον παιχνίδι με αρκετό βάθος λόγο των πολλών modes/maps που έχει.

10/10 εύκολα!

Real player with 1.3 hrs in game

Warbrush on Steam

Battlezone: Combat Commander

Battlezone: Combat Commander

As the lead artist on this project and life long lover of Battlezone 2 (The first real 3d game i played) I wouldn’t have worked on it as hard as I have if i wasn’t going to recommend it, which of course I do.

I worked as faithfully as i could to restore and enhance the battlezone 2 i played and loved, despite initial criticism, much work has commenced to further enhance the battlezone: combat commander experience visually, I knew I had to step the bar up as one of the key elements of BZCC was it’s beautiful graphics and rich, unique worlds in which the war for biometal was raged back in 1999.

Real player with 2435.4 hrs in game

I served as a tester for this game, so I’m going to be as impartial as possible.

I enjoy the game overall, but there were some items removed that I wish weren’t.

There is also plenty room for improvement.

In case someone doesn’t care to read through the bullet points.

For under $20, I would recommend the game.

The following isn’t a comprehensive list, but is a list of items that I could think of at this moment.

Things I liked

  • Shadows have been fixed when compared to 1.3 and older versions of Battlezone II. Shadows never looked correct.

Real player with 733.6 hrs in game

Battlezone: Combat Commander on Steam

Bionite: Origins

Bionite: Origins

At its current state I can’t recommend. I’ve re-downloaded when new updates were made, but sadly the game does not feel like BZ. The controls are too sophisticated (couldn’t implement the original’s?), unit AI needs a huge improvement, and many bugs just build on top of it all. Seriously though, commanding your constructor to build a guntower shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes. Bad pathfinding and controls plague a game where basic game mechanics should be a priority. Besides, 6+ years and it’s still in early access? Sorry, but donating to them was a mistake.

Real player with 2.0 hrs in game

As others have said, this game unfortunately seems to have grinded to a halt since 2018? Developers obviously lost interest. It’s a buggy mess that is COMPLETELY unplayable at this stage; controls are wacky and nothing seems to work correctly. Don’t buy it.

I think everyone was hoping something great would come of this spiritual successor… it’s a shame. Oh well, Battlezone 98 Redux and Battlezone: Combat Commander are on Steam now at least.

EDIT in response to developer:

I fully understand that game development is very difficult, especially when starting out or with only a small team, and as such, many projects take years to develop.

Real player with 0.8 hrs in game

Bionite: Origins on Steam

Cosmic Tank

Cosmic Tank

I was brought in to test the game for Early Access (full disclosure), but it’s been a blast to play. I’m sure it’ll only get better from here.

Real player with 4.4 hrs in game

Cosmic Tank on Steam

War Beasts

War Beasts

⚖️ Grade = B-. Worth a buy, if you enjoy sit and relax to watch the outcome. However, if you’re looking for busy management after complete setup, it isn’t play that way


✔️ Tower management

✔️ Variety of towers

✔️ Variety of units

✔️ Everything unlocked at the beginning

✔️ Build wave of attackers armies

❌ Campaign mode to learn about tower

❌ Passive Skills

❌ Urgent aids when needed

❌ Variety of location

❌ Fast Forward


Real player with 5.1 hrs in game


Tried and it’s not bad. Though there is no guidance, you could figure out the way to play this game quite soon. But I do recommend the developer to add tower, skill and user interface introductions into this game, maybe a manual button in the setting menu.

Cannot sell or fix buff tower is kinda annoying and the money quickly becomes useless during the late game play even in second stage. Finding and clicking each resource tower to collect coins periodically does not give player a comfort experience, especially when you cannot move these separated towers. A collect-all button may be a good approach.

Real player with 2.5 hrs in game

War Beasts on Steam