Saturated Outer Space

Saturated Outer Space

_“The future has a habit to unpleasantly surprise everyone who makes plans for it.”

  • Alastair Reynolds “Redemption Ark”_

Whenever a threat emerges in outer space, a squad is coming to the rescue.

You are the Commander of a squad working for the S.O.S. Your primary task is to rescue civilians across the galaxy and to eliminate all emerging threats, ranging from raiders and ruffians to unidentified forms of being never encountered before. It’s up to you to go for a stealth run or to turn things into a bloodbath. But there’s yet another decision to take, the crucial one: when you finally make it to the civilians, you won’t be able to help everyone.

Choose who will live and who will be left abandoned - build yourself a name and get the privileges of a revered rescuer or make a fortune by saving those who pay and enjoy the power that money can give.

No matter what you choose, remember: SPACE NEEDS YOU!


  • Experience a captivating storyline inspired by sci-fi classics

  • Sneak past your enemies or kill them all in a tactical turn-based combat

  • Team up with various allies to make the most of their distinctive traits

  • Build your own strategies to make it through boss fights

  • Protect civilians, keep them safe and escort them to EVAC-zones

  • Your decisions matter - it’s up to you to decide who is to be rescued or left behind

  • Complete the story in your own way - 3 different endings based on your choices and playstyle along with an extra one

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Saturated Outer Space on Steam

Loading Human: Chapter 1

Loading Human: Chapter 1

Despite the negative comments from other Vive owners, I decided to take a gamble and bought it. Personally, I love the intriguing story a lot and graphically it’s very beautiful. Voice acting and music are good too. This is clearly a very well-made production. On the other hand, it’s obvious that the developers have chosen for a one-size-fits-all solution for PSVR, Oculus and Vive, and this means : a seated vr game with less refined control and movement than Vive owners are used to. A seated game has its advantage though : you can perfectly play it when you feel lazy or tired. But, to be honest, you own this incredible room-scale capable piece of technology with these advanced controllers, and yet, while playing this game, you feel like you are forced to use a primitive system of moving, and of picking up and using things, and this doesn’t feel quite right. On the other hand, it’s not all that bad : once you get used to the interface and start focusing on the story and the game itself you can enjoy it a lot. Like someone else wrote : maybe we should stop complaining and be glad that it was released for Vive as well, instead of being a PSVR exclusive for example. :) Anyway, bottomline : game and story are really great, I’m going to keep playing this one, no doubt, I’m far too curious of what’s going to happen during this game and how the story will evolve, but… potential buyers that own a VIve will have to be sure that they can overcome that feeling of having to use a limited system of movement and control. But for me, being able to play a beautiful full-blown adventure, is a welcome change from the many simple demos and wave shooters for Vive.

Real player with 33.9 hrs in game

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Experienced on the Oculus Rift and Windows Mixed Reality

You can view my full gameplay here (part 1):

and here (part 2):

This is one of the best walking simulators in VR. It’s got a really good story with very nice VOs. My first playthrough took 3.5-4 hours to complete. On my second playthrough, it took a little under 2 hours.

Most of the negative reviews have to do with the default locomotion method, which admittedly is terrible. However, the game did add full locomotion with smooth turning a while back, so those reviews are now no longer accurate.

Real player with 8.9 hrs in game

Loading Human: Chapter 1 on Steam

OPUS: The Day We Found Earth

OPUS: The Day We Found Earth

I liked this game, but I didn’t love it as much as I thought I would.

Even though the art, dialogue, and character designs are cute, the overarching story is very depressing throughout, and the ending is at best bittersweet. It kind of left me with the same feeling I had after watching Silent Running.

The core gameplay mechanic of scanning for planetary systems is simple to learn and introduced well. I appreciate that the difficulty of the tasks varies over the course of the game due to changes in the available information as well as the level of assistance at your disposal, and I personally never found it repetitious. For whatever reason, though, I couldn’t seem to wrap my head around the map layout as a whole, so it took me way longer than it should have to locate the right zone and area for each challenge.

Real player with 7.5 hrs in game

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The Day I Found Opus

a Sci-fi Indie Adventure game that will have you exploring, and seeing, the stars differently. I found Opus today, and of course played until I’d 100%ed the game. Though there are 31 achievies, they all come pretty normally through the story. By the time I’d finished the story, I had surveyed over 500 stars, which is the achievement just before the highest of 1000. But, I still had to locate a final supernova and a moon of one of the planets, along with the last 500 stars to survey, so that final count took a little grinding.

Real player with 7.2 hrs in game

OPUS: The Day We Found Earth on Steam

Outer Wilds

Outer Wilds

This is my favourite game now. It’s difficult to describe to people because it really is the less you know about it the better, but I’ll give it a go while staying spoiler free:

The absolutely gorgeous soundtrack is so immersive, from the moment I heard the menu music I was immediately in love. It’s so versatile and yet consistent in theme and quality throughout, I listen to the soundtrack outside of the game. The puzzles manage to balance the line perfectly between being difficult enough to stump you for a while but also having a simple straightforward solution that you can find hints for readily if you just explore enough. The moment of breakthrough each time you figure out something significant is also incredibly satisfying. Having watched a few other people play this game, I can say that everyone’s play through is completely unique because everyone will try different potential solutions and discover things in different orders. The story is really beautifully told and combined with the soundtrack really hits hard emotionally, the most I’ve ever felt from any game.

Real player with 57.9 hrs in game

Even though it’s been several several months since I’ve beat it. This game’s soundtrack still gives me chills. Opening the game’s page to write this review still had me reliving the emotions I had throughout the journey months after my initial playthrough. I recently played it again to give its expansion a shot, which is also awesome and I am pleasantly surprised to say that it also lives up to the vanilla game.

I’ve played a lot of games, but this is one of the only ones that I’d consider a masterpiece. It mixes music, story, characters, time-looping, and mechanics in a way that is both engaging and so very endearing.

Real player with 35.7 hrs in game

Outer Wilds on Steam

Homeworld Remastered Collection

Homeworld Remastered Collection


Sadly, as a HW player since the first game came out, (Back in 1999) I cannot recommend this game.

The first time I played Homeworld, I was a young boy about 8 years of age. My grandfather introduced me to the game, and whenever I go see him I will still play LAN games against him, on the same two disks that we have always played on. Now, with that being said, at 8 years of age I didn’t really understand tactics or how to win, the main objective for me was to build a heavy cruiser and try bum rushing the enemy mothership, praying that my prized cruiser didn’t get salvaged in the process! As I grew older and understood the game more, I enjoyed it more as I began using formations and tactics to alter the outcome of battles, some of which were against slim to none odds.

Real player with 168.7 hrs in game

Homeworld remastered collection

Homeworld is one of my favorite games, when i heard it was coming to steam, i immediately bought it (and it was the reason i got into steam) and when i got my first game, i couldn’t be more excited.

By playing both remastered and classic versions, i can see all the improvements they have done, and unlike many remasters out there in popular games, this one actually improves some gameplay mechanics rather than just giving some crispy new graphics.

Classic version

Real player with 93.3 hrs in game

Homeworld Remastered Collection on Steam

Mass Effect (2007)

Mass Effect (2007)

General info

~Genre: Action game with roleplaying elements

~Number of players: 1

~Downloadable content: available (not on Steam)

~First part of a trilogy

~Completion time: 20-45 hours

~High replay value

Strong points

+Rich story: Explore the Milky Way occupied by many alien species, each with its own detailed history and culture. Narration is fluid and players won’t have any issues following the story as it expands and reach its climax.

+Cast: A customizable protagonist (face, gender), ruthless villains and unforgettable companions (with different armour exclusive to their race). Expect to gain more enemies and allies as you clear the galaxy of terrorists and drug warlords.

Real player with 393.4 hrs in game

Ah, Mass Effect… how do I make this review and not sound the slightest biased at all?


Mass Effect is one of those cult classic games that gained recognition due to its advertisement of being a spiritual successor to Knights of the Old Republic. To some degree, yes it is. As soon as you start the game it just screams Star Trek or at the very least any old corny 80s space opera. This is definitely one of the charms of this game. It’s more about talking and finding resolutions to problems rather than pulling out your plasma rifle and shooting every space-fiend you come across.

Real player with 137.1 hrs in game

Mass Effect (2007) on Steam

OPUS: Echo of Starsong

OPUS: Echo of Starsong

Well then, where to start…

This game is mostly text, but there are gameplay elements, so if you like being invested in a great story, look no further. As one might guess, this takes place in space. The gameplay elements are not very complicated, though some of them are luck based. Average time for a full playthrough is around 10h. You can grab it on sale, but normally the price shouldn’t be very high. The art (the scenes) is quite good, the lore is original and the world (The exploration part) is rather well-made for a 2.5D game. It is not a very difficult game. I really enjoyed it and would recommend you give it a try.

Real player with 34.0 hrs in game

A beautiful experience with great story, deep lore, outstanding music and artworks.

The gameplay consist of planet explorations, puzzle solving, try / roll for luck mechanic tailored into this masterpiece.

If you’re searching for something with deep and emotional story, try this.

The soundtracks are definitely worth the purchase. so if you can, get the game with it.

10/10 Absolutely Recommended.

Real player with 28.0 hrs in game

OPUS: Echo of Starsong on Steam

SpaceNET - A Space Adventure

SpaceNET - A Space Adventure

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Authentic small two-color point-and-click adventure game in retro 80s style.

This game can be a real gem for you if you value minimalism and retro atmosphere with a non-linear sci-fi adventure with less graphics and more story.

Real player with 355.2 hrs in game

spacenet is a retro-style sci-fi point & click that gave me asteroids, elite and similar vibes, but there’s no combat, resource management (except money, see below) or anything like that here, just you in your spaceship wandering around, talking, puzzling and hacking in a non-linear fashion.

Real player with 10.4 hrs in game

SpaceNET - A Space Adventure on Steam

The Fermi Paradox

The Fermi Paradox

This game has amazing potential. The game has a plethora of interesting civilisations and outcomes. Although, I’d prefer if their were more ‘developments’ as it only seems to include 5 things: Extinction, massive de-population in some way, contact from space, the building of ships, and colonisation.

I’d like a bit more variety but for what the game is right now, it’s good. It just seems that nearly every other development is mass extinction or depopulation.

Another thing (Which is only a nitpick) when the systems are on the eastern side of the ‘map’ the text that pops up goes off screen. This could be fixed by pushing the planets in a bit more or making the text be on the left of those planets rather than the right.

Real player with 267.4 hrs in game

Criminally underrated game I highly recommend with some caveats. The resource management is intriguing - you get “Synthesis” points to spend on guiding the races, which you earn by choosing options that are harmful, or “collect” instead of boosting certain stats between events (or even sacrificing certain racial stats to get even more synth).

The gameplay is all about mitigating losses, determining when you can make sacrifices. It’s an exercise in risk-benefit analysis. If you’re good at this, you’ll be good at the game. If you’re not, you might find it frustrating. If you pick it up, be SURE to make sacrifices as you go to earn Synthesis, or you’ll be in trouble, and make sure everything you spend Synthesis on is worth it to you!

Real player with 38.7 hrs in game

The Fermi Paradox on Steam

Mass Effect 2 (2010)

Mass Effect 2 (2010)

Mass Effect 2 is an adventure I will never forget.

In my personal opinion, Mass Effect 2 is one of the best sci-fi RPGs ever made, the world Bioware created is unique, diverse and wonderful, not to say everyone is hugging eachother while hopping over rainbows.

The game presents you with many moral and ethical choices, an exmaple is a mission which requires you to blow up a mass relay, but doing so will destroy a colony with over 300.000 residents, but if you don’t do it the system will get invaded by the Reapers. (Giant robots with lasers, you have to play the game to understand.)

Real player with 240.9 hrs in game


EDIT: I never expected for my review to get to the top of the reviews section of ME2 store page, thank you fellow gamers! That’s why I’m adding a few more things to it and separating it in sections. English is not my native language so please note that I’ll probably have a ton of mistakes here, and I also have a very limited vocabulary. I’m trying my best. Also please note that you’ll probably lose more time reading this review than actually playing the game. :)

Real player with 143.3 hrs in game

Mass Effect 2 (2010) on Steam