This is the most Amazing, Original & Awesome Shoot Em Up I have ever played, I have been following this game for quite a long time..The wait is finally over with superb positive results,

far higher than my expectations.

This game feels like its from another dimension…Theirs lots of great side scrollers out there,

but this one REMOTE LIFE as got everything & much more, the graphics & the detail is incredible also everything you click on before you even start to play the game,

the Art work is beyond Awesomeness. :)

Real player with 43.5 hrs in game

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First impression

The first thing you’ll notice is the game looks beautiful, it’s a 2d horizontal shmup but all the graphics and animations are 3d rendered. The art style looks like it could have been by inspired by HR Giger but it’s a lot creepier. What stands out as well is that it’s a twin stick shooter. It may look a bit unusual with all weapons coming from one point in front of the ship but it works well. It allows for the game to bombard you with enemies coming from all directions even while you’re manouvering through tight tunnels and obstacles.

Real player with 24.3 hrs in game


6180 the moon

6180 the moon

6180 is a minimalist platformer where you play as the moon on a mission to wake the sun. The name derives from the amount of time it took to create the alpha (roughly 1 hr, 43 min). Its key feature is the ability to loop around from bottom to top of the screen, and using this to get around all manner of obstacles. The real game begins after you’ve reached the sun…


  • Simple controls, ease of play

  • Clean interface & design

  • Simple progression of difficulty with introduction of new mechanics

Real player with 14.1 hrs in game

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6180 The Moon, as has been mentioned in reviews before my own, was so named as this is the number of seconds it took the developers to make its prototype - around an hour and 45 minutes (thanks for the correction madsen). But why is this so important? Well, it’s my issue with this game; it feels like it never developed far beyond a fun little coding or development project.

Aside from the screen-wrapping mechanic you can see in the trailer, 6180 The Moon features all the typical “minimalistic puzzle-platformer” fare you might expect, albeit at a very rudimentary level. Move from left to right across the screen, get to the objective, and avoid the spikes. Levels are short and relatively uncomplicated, with difficulty in most puzzles coming through manipulation of the gravity mechanic. In essence, jumping pushes you out the top of the screen and in through the bottom; you hit an arc somewhere in the middle, and float right back down again. And that’s the game.

Real player with 7.5 hrs in game

6180 the moon on Steam