123 hours, just came back for more after not playing for a few months, and had to write a review.

I can not for the life of me figure out the negative reviews (keep in mind though I am more of a ‘benefit of the doubt’ reviewer than a ‘this game is not precisely what I expect/desire therefore I will crap all over it’ reviewer). This game is a blast. I have to assume they are doing the usual ‘reviewing it as compared to some other game they like more’ or ‘reviewing it for what they want it to be rather than what it is’. Either way, my opinion is this game is one of the better unkown space games in existence. All these ‘FTL’ clones, and no mention of Interstellaria, is a travesty, this game needs more PR.

Real player with 124.3 hrs in game

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Short version:

It’s fairly similar to FTL with the added ability to explore planets (with simple ground combat), move your ship freely in deep space (with dynamic tactical space combat) and enjoy an entertaining plot that guides you through the open-world universe.

Is it perfect? No. There are issues and the UX is not the best, but unless that puts you off, you can definitely enjoy the game.

Coldrice seems to be working non-stop to fix any issues and there are also some planned improvements.

Real player with 77.3 hrs in game

Interstellaria on Steam



While not perfect, the game is very well done from a mechanics standpoint. The story lines can be a bit janky at times and in its current state there are quite a few issues in the second half of the game where apostrophes and extra line breaks make the text less than ideal. At its core, this is a shoot-em-up space combat game on a two dimensional plane so more like driving than flying, but the visuals are interesting and the gameplay solid. Interested to see more development on this one.

Real player with 20.0 hrs in game

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Multiple Gun Setups

Multiple Ships and Secret Unlockables

Multiple Upgrades

Great galaxy mapping system

Star systems really submerge the player; all of them have multiple points of interest, ways to make credits, quest lines and possible enemies or places to upgrade your ship.

Mission progression setup well; by following the progression of mission the player gets deeper into the game.

Battles seem fast and fun

Multiple enemy types to deal with; some fast and less accurate, others slower but more powerful

Real player with 15.8 hrs in game

BlazeSky on Steam

ASA: A Space Adventure - Remastered Edition

ASA: A Space Adventure - Remastered Edition

Maybe spend a buck or two on it if you really like the genre (but there are other short game that you can get for the same cost that are less annoying).

I got this cause I saw Catyph released, and was curious about this earlier game (ASA) before I tried Catyph. Pros and Cons:

  • Science Fiction point-and-click with a somewhat interesting story

  • Some of the puzzles in the later parts of the game are nice (but getting there is a problem, see below)

Real player with 24.6 hrs in game

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This is my 3rd Black Cube game and I love spending time in Simon Mesnard’s world. His attention to detail in terms of the alien language, numbering system, technology, etc. pulled me in from the very beginning. He is also a master at creating (very) challenging puzzles which will make you stretch intellectually. Thus, you feel a sense of real accomplishment when you solve them.

ASA is an early game with an interface that makes navigation puzzling at times. However, once you get used to it, you will be zipping around the ARK and the planets without thinking twice. The art and music are beautifully done and I enjoyed the voice acting. Using a dairy and various artifacts, the game tells a full story of the astronaut who preceded you.

Real player with 20.1 hrs in game

ASA: A Space Adventure - Remastered Edition on Steam

Redout: Space Assault

Redout: Space Assault


Many of the severe bugs were patched within a week of launch and I now have 100% completion in the game. The game is merely fine still but it is no longer broken beyond completion.

The Good

The game looks alright and occasionally fulfills its space sim fantasy.

The Bad

1: There are a bevy of bugs and glitches in the game. There are currently objectives that are impossible to complete and an achievement that will not unlock. (I am a completionist and this is a big knock.)

Real player with 20.8 hrs in game

Things I liked:

*Graphics - It’s a very pretty game! Great environments and models. The 2D character portraits are well drawn, too.

*Music - The soundtrack is fantastic! The previous game also had a top notch soundtrack, so I’m not surprised that quality continues

*Gameplay - It’s not terribly complex, but it’s fun. Reminds me a lot of Starfox, but smoother and faster. I’ve played through 5 missions so far, getting all the optional objectives for the first 4. There’s a good variety of mission types so far and I like that it’s not all just run in and blast everything. There’s moments of intensity broken up by moments of rest. It’s these later that give you a chance to look around and admire the vastness of space, before you once again shove missiles into bad guys.

Real player with 18.4 hrs in game

Redout: Space Assault on Steam

Orb and the Stars

Orb and the Stars

Fun and challenging platformer where you have to reach the exit as an orb while you can collect star shards in each level. The graphics are rather simple, but the game is fun and challenging.

Real player with 7.6 hrs in game

Orb and the Stars on Steam



It’s a cheap game so you shouldn’t expect much, which is exactly what you get, not much. You fly around without being able to tell if you’re moving most of the time; controls are clunky and sometimes unresponsive. You do at least have to play to get the achievements, but since they don’t count it doesn’t matter much. Despite that, it’s decent enough given the price, but there are 2 good reasons for the down vote.

1. Somehow my perspective has been zoomed in to the point that my ship takes up about 10% of the screen. I have no idea how this happened and don’t see any way to fix it.

Real player with 25.3 hrs in game

This game is absolutely amazing !!

Why buy this game? It is very well processed. It has excellent technical performance and great playability. Overall, I like the space theme of the game and the features that the game uses. With this game I see great gameplay and future. It’s just amazing. As a game developer, I say it’s really great. In addition, my friend created this game.

One mistake the game has, and here it is at its gameplay at a very low price at the steady. Otherwise, undoubtedly, for me, the best of space games I’ve ever played!

Real player with 10.0 hrs in game


OPUS: Echo of Starsong

OPUS: Echo of Starsong

Well then, where to start…

This game is mostly text, but there are gameplay elements, so if you like being invested in a great story, look no further. As one might guess, this takes place in space. The gameplay elements are not very complicated, though some of them are luck based. Average time for a full playthrough is around 10h. You can grab it on sale, but normally the price shouldn’t be very high. The art (the scenes) is quite good, the lore is original and the world (The exploration part) is rather well-made for a 2.5D game. It is not a very difficult game. I really enjoyed it and would recommend you give it a try.

Real player with 34.0 hrs in game

A beautiful experience with great story, deep lore, outstanding music and artworks.

The gameplay consist of planet explorations, puzzle solving, try / roll for luck mechanic tailored into this masterpiece.

If you’re searching for something with deep and emotional story, try this.

The soundtracks are definitely worth the purchase. so if you can, get the game with it.

10/10 Absolutely Recommended.

Real player with 28.0 hrs in game

OPUS: Echo of Starsong on Steam



This very basic game gives you what you see. Its a simple randomly generated level flight game. It can work in VR as well. Has a proper functioning menu. Developed by one person. I hope to see more from Kensei Games.

Real player with 0.7 hrs in game


Real player with 0.1 hrs in game

SlipDrive on Steam

Super Space Jump Man

Super Space Jump Man

Overall I like the idea of radial gravitational effects, but as implemented it’s still relying on traditional up-down gravity with the player able to fall off the bottom of the map but not the top, but requiring that freedom of movement to actually move forward.

For that reason I don’t' think this is worth a pickup. The main hook isn’t fully to it’s fullest potential here. But if you want a 100% achievement it’s fine.

Real player with 1.5 hrs in game

Casual auto-runner with single-button gameplay.

As other Nannings titles, Super Space Jump Man has a free version available on browser. Aside from Steam Achievements (currently profile limited), Steam version offers nothing else to the free version.

A rare miss from Nannings, for me anyway. Super Space Jump Man is an auto-runner, i.e. the astronaut runs automatically clock-wise the planets. Jumping gets him to next planet, and the next, until the finish worm hole.

Real player with 0.6 hrs in game

Super Space Jump Man on Steam



Saw this on the new releases page for 5$ and said “why not”

Turns out it was a pretty good decision.

It’s a very simple game. Each level has basically the same objective. Bring back a set number of collectibles to the ship and then leave. Each level provides you with a weapon you also have to collect as it spawns randomly in the level most of the time. All of this to some pretty decent tunes.

You have a jetpack with fuel that replenishes slowly when on the ground and 3 hit points.

There are a few power up and gimmicks like a flying surfboard that has a flamethrower, a space worm that grows longer when it eats enemies or a UFO firing missiles for example. Those you can use yourself once you’ve killed the current owner

Real player with 1.7 hrs in game

Amazing game. Given key for the game to try out and so grateful for it. This game has great music and also really amazing level designs. Perfect retro style game. 10-10 Will be posting content for the game on my youtube channel and social media. Check out The_casualgam3r on Tiktok, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube and Twitch.

Real player with 1.3 hrs in game

JETBOY on Steam