Immortal Defense

Immortal Defense

Some of you have probably been waiting for this game to pop up. I considered about where to put it for a little while before eventually deciding to have it be at the very end. That’s because, in my opinion, Immortal Defense is the best tower defense on Steam at the moment.

The peaceful planet Dukis finds itself under attack by the evil Bavakh empire, a war-faring race of red, devilish aliens. Their armadas are vast, and with no notable army of their own Dukis is no match. However, they have one trick up their sleeve: Subject K, who has volunteered to be a Path Defender, a process that involves separating his soul from his body and sending it up into space. It’s unclear whether K represents one of his names, or whether he’s the eleventh person they’ve tried this with. Once up there, K gains the ability to see the Bavakh’s ships as they move through Pathspace (basically hyperspace), and the power to attack and destroy them before they reach their destination.

Real player with 89.3 hrs in game

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Whether you’re new or old to tower defense games, Immortal Defense is a good buy. With tons of unique mechanics but still holding together what makes a good tower defense a good tower defense, and on top of that all a great story considering it’s a game where you’re shooting geometrical shapes flying on a line… Immortal Defense is amazing for what it is.

In Immortal Defense, you play as a Pathspace Defender whose goal is to defend your home planet by literally becoming a god and shooting invisible hellbeams from another plane of existence at people who are invading you. You do this by what else- placing towers! While the story and gameplay get more complicated than that (and bring all sorts of delightful twists and turns), that is the basic premise to the game.

Real player with 39.4 hrs in game

Immortal Defense on Steam

Dead Space

Dead Space

I’m not huge into survival horror with emphasis on ammo and health pack conservation. But I bought this ages ago on sale and finally pushed myself to go and complete it. Still not huge into the genre but I had fun and was pretty fun all the way through. Graphics still hold up ok too. I would obviously recommend to anyone who enjoys Resident Evil games.

Real player with 39.2 hrs in game

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Aged Like Fine Wine

Dead Space is now more than 13 years old, but don’t let its age and dated graphics fool you. Some may say that I’m too late to the party, but I dare say that this game was truly ahead of its time, and there isn’t anything like this nowadays. If you, like me, are new to the franchise or just looking for a good horror title, this review is for you - with no spoilers.

Curiosity in Storytelling

You play as the silent engineer, Isaac Clarke, on his mission to repair the mining spacecraft USG Ishimura. Throughout the campaign, you will find leftover data like text and video logs explaining a fraction of events before your arrival. The variety of information given to you is like a piece of fabric, so you can sew the story back together just enough to understand what had and is happening. From data research regarding the “creatures” you encounter, to the sheer panic and the slow downward spiral into insanity that the crew had experienced due to the influence of “the artifact”. While the game’s progress is linear, as you move from one section of the ship to another, everything still feels interconnected. There are some chapters where you return to the previous areas, the environment has been renewed, you can now enter previously-locked rooms, whereas some of the old segments are now blocked because of the advancement of the “creatures”.

Real player with 31.3 hrs in game

Dead Space on Steam

Sector Zero

Sector Zero

Sector Zero is a story-driven sci-fi survival game with light RPG elements.

Software engineer Alex wakes up with no memory in an unfamiliar and hostile environment. Without a weapon he’ll have to use his fast reaction and brains to fight the threats that await for him behind every corner.

Key Features

  • Space suit upgrades 

  • Voice acted mystery story

  • Challenging survival experience 

  • 25 atmospheric music tracks

  • Simple, intuitive controls

  • Story and Endless survival mode

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Sector Zero on Steam