9.5/10 – One of the best games I’ve played in the past decade. Easily in my top 10 games of all time.

A modern-day Bioshock… on crack!

⚠️⚠️This review does 𝗡𝗢𝗧 contain any spoilers but other reviews might. The game is story-centric with key plot points and twists which some turd-burgers like to spoil⚠️⚠️

I played Prey (2017) just after it released and really didn’t know what to expect, I read that it had some cool weapons and crafting mechanics so I gave it a try and… Oh My Goodness… it’s incredible! I have now completed 5 full playthroughs and even created some mods for the game as well as helping others create or improve mods. It is genuinely one of the most immersive, jaw-dropping, captivating games I have ever played, I adore it, and it regularly goes on sale for under £$€5 which is the bargain of the century.

Real player with 526.1 hrs in game

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They are weak, bothersome, without brains. You will be better. Scan and slam, until it is done.

Too Long; Didn’t Read: Prey is an immersive, slow paced, adventure game that not only creates tension through its horror-inspired enemies and its dark hallways, but also thanks to its morbid technologies and concepts.

It rewards exploration and attention to detail, and the world itself is probably one of the best and most realised in gaming. Its puzzlelike approach to combat may alienate some, but understanding it comes as part of the well-balanced progression.

Real player with 112.7 hrs in game

Prey on Steam

Freespace 2

Freespace 2

There are no words in the English language (or any other, for that matter), to describe how much I loved Freespace 2. Especially Free Space Open from the modding community of the Hard-Light Project, which is basically the definitive edition of freespace, enhanced to todays graphical standards and featuring hundreds of hours of very high quality user made content they could actually charge money for. Writing, voice acting etc. the modding community did a better job at those than many AAA titles within the industry.

Real player with 36354.8 hrs in game

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Why I recommend this game

This game is what made me the gamer I am today. I bought it back when it first came out, I bought it on Good Old Games and now I’ve bought it on Steam. Why? I’ll tell you why - I believe it’s the greatest game ever made.

Why this game is awesome and deserves your attention;

  • The original graphics were fantastic back at release in 1999.

  • You won’t be using the original graphics when playing the game.

  • The story was - and still is - amazing. Far better than the usual tripe.

Real player with 412.8 hrs in game

Freespace 2 on Steam

EVE: Valkyrie – Warzone

EVE: Valkyrie – Warzone

I’ve run some very realistic flight simulation games with my Rift, Thrustmaster A-10 HOTAS and Crosswind pedals and they are fun for the reality of flying, but Valkyrie is fun for the fantasy of flying.

Starting out with a Battlestar Galactica Viper style launch into battle, this game is a blast because of how the ships don’t follow realistic physics and instead allow a fast moving ship to stop on a dime and spin and turn in any direction instantly in what would be body crushing high G-force maneuvers.

Real player with 133.0 hrs in game

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Super cool game!, I love it. I’ve played Eve Valkyrie “Classic” for the last 6-7 month using PSVR and got very addicted to it, and must admit I still am. I’ve recently switched to PC and find it better for me (still play in VR). After having played the game that I love for some month, I sort of got used to the ships and maps, so when Warzone was announced, I was really looking forward to it, and have to say it has not disappointed me.

The new maps, new ships, and new progression tree, are like a breath of fresh air, and we all, new and “oldies”, have to learn how to fly the new ships and get familiar with the new maps. It’s a learning curve that takes time, but is most welcome.

Real player with 84.3 hrs in game

EVE: Valkyrie – Warzone on Steam

Universal Combat CE

Universal Combat CE

I’ve played all of the battlecrusier games for many years. After the learning curve, the game is very engaging. It is now mid 2016 and I have YET to find a game with this much depth and freedom.

This is a game where you have to think in order to suirvive.

With all the 4x space games out there now, and all the FPS out there now, this is the one game where you can create your own playstyle. You can go from taking over a starstation to invading a planetary defense system. You can steal enemy craft and even use their own air defense against them. You can be a sniper or have a crew of snipers watch your back as you lead a team of 40 marines into battle. Of course you have close air support knocking down everyting in the sky or any tanks on land that are a threat. And I’m just scratching the surface.

Real player with 416.5 hrs in game


If you jump into this game without reading the manual (you roguish maniac you!) and you’re stuck press either Ctrl+H, Alt+H or Shift+H which will both pause the game and call up the manual or control bindings.

Press Ctrl+H to exit the documents.

Well…I usually don’t bother writing Steam reviews as I often trust in the overall consensus of those that have already done so (what difference would my 2 cents make?).

However this is probably the first time I have found myself in a situation where a game I hold in high regard is otherwise very divided in opinion.

Real player with 46.2 hrs in game

Universal Combat CE on Steam

BADA Space Station

BADA Space Station

Badass aims to bring short bursts of intense action by pitting you and your pals in an Arena against hordes of different enemies. The players will need to navigate through the different Arena Segments, killing all enemies that are sent against them and survive in order to win.

This is a co-op focused game. Gather your friends, stay close and coordinate in order to survive. At launch, there will be four available characters to choose from, all different and with unique playstyles.

All Characters share a similar control scheme. However, their Core Attacks, Weaponry, and Skills vary. This will have players make several choices on how they want their character to play out. Character progression is set by earning promotions and each new skill might open a whole new playstyle that you maybe had not yet considered. Do not get cocky though, the waves are randomized and you will not know what exactly comes next. So choose your skills and character wisely.


What happens when you combine Chewbacca and Conan the Barbarian? A furry brutality happens. Revel in the guts of your enemies as the first to enter the action and the last to leave. Use your gigantic Gun-Sword and either dismember or shoot your weakling enemies. Brawns is not the only thing this character has, from Explosive Rounds to Inspiring Brutality, this character has much more than meets the eye.


Like going fast? Like dodging bullets like nobody’s business? Like transforming your hand into a boomerang and throwing it around dismembering your unfortunate enemies? Then the Puppeteer is for you. Damage per second is her thing, and she does not shy away from playing dirty by becoming a blob that makes her invisible to her enemies. She can also fuse with other friends or foes, giving advantages or disadvantages to them.


If you like tanking all the damage and if you like humiliating your enemies by using your Gravity Gun, then the Scarlet Magnet is for you. The best crowd control abilities will be at your disposal and on top of that you can use your Gravity Gun to traverse or manipulate the environment. You don’t like where our level designer has put the explosive barrels? Just pick them up and throw them at the poor souls in front of you.


He might not look like it, but he is the smartest of the bunch. So smart that he modified his office chair into a machine of death. His Melee Attacks are nothing to boast about, but he does not need them. He is all about pure firepower and gadgets. All kinds of machinations can pop out of his chair, from Healing Turrets to Explosive Spiders, and if the worst happens, he can simply pick up his chair pieces and carry on with the fight.


Why all this aggression? Why the violence? Can’t we all live peacefully?

**ABSOLUTELY NOT.**The premise is simple:

In this far far away galaxy a very odd Event happened a long time ago. The sun stopped emitting the usual rays that… you know… suns do. Instead, it started emitting pure badass hormones. As a result, every living thing in this galaxy became super pissed and macho, creating chaos that lasted ages. But the Big Four Companies did not like the chaos, as it decreased sales. Yes, capitalism existed - even before the Event - and no matter what the money needs to flow.


They created the BADA Space Station and started having their employees fight in the Arenas in order to promote their products to their now bloodlusted customers. Simple advertisements did not cut it anymore. On the other hand, advertisements from the most badass creatures in the galaxy were priceless. You would only buy something from someone stronger than you. And that’s where you come in.

  • Choose your Character.

  • Fight with your friends against countless enemies.

  • Promote the Sponsor Products during the battle.

  • Earn their Influence for a wide variety of Bonuses.

  • Level Up.

  • Unlock up to 20 Skills.

  • Gather randomly generated Loot.

BADA Space Station on Steam



While not perfect, the game is very well done from a mechanics standpoint. The story lines can be a bit janky at times and in its current state there are quite a few issues in the second half of the game where apostrophes and extra line breaks make the text less than ideal. At its core, this is a shoot-em-up space combat game on a two dimensional plane so more like driving than flying, but the visuals are interesting and the gameplay solid. Interested to see more development on this one.

Real player with 20.0 hrs in game

Multiple Gun Setups

Multiple Ships and Secret Unlockables

Multiple Upgrades

Great galaxy mapping system

Star systems really submerge the player; all of them have multiple points of interest, ways to make credits, quest lines and possible enemies or places to upgrade your ship.

Mission progression setup well; by following the progression of mission the player gets deeper into the game.

Battles seem fast and fun

Multiple enemy types to deal with; some fast and less accurate, others slower but more powerful

Real player with 15.8 hrs in game

BlazeSky on Steam



Now this game… I’m so happy I went to EGX: just for finding out about this game. You will not find anothergame quite like this. It is so fun. The game is so well refined, being a bit fiddly to rotate blocks and remove blocks from corners of a cube structure. But this shouldn’t push your choice away from it. If you think you could enjoy it, even if the features such as online multiplayer and bots arn’t there yet, support it, buy it, try to get some friends to try it out with you.

Bottom line is you won’t regret backing this game as that £4.99 / $6.25 / €5.89 will aid these talented people form a full game of content.

Real player with 19.5 hrs in game

Been playing Blockships for a long time, at various trade shows, and it’s just pure unadulterated fun. Everyone from young to old gets it immediately and then it’s just game after game of explosions, laughter, and victorious cheering.

It’s easy to pick up but there’s a great amount of depth and strategic awareness to the gameplay. You try to keep track of both the contents and positioning of your opponents' ship parts, the blocks scattered around the level, and the blocks you have available. Building to counter opponents on-the-fly is super unique, and the entire battlefield can change in an instant with a skillfully placed shot.

Real player with 9.4 hrs in game

Blockships on Steam



The advertisement videos shows gameplay that isn’t consistent with the actual choices/options/theme of the game. Buyer beware. Other than that, it’s a simplistic wanna-be “FTL”, but its not. It could be good for small children who just barely know how to read. In fact, it should come with an expected player age of 7 years old. This isn’t insult or malice, I just think that the target audience should be an upfront aspect shown to the buyer.

Real player with 18.5 hrs in game

This is a neat game. It combines some travel elements of FTL with combat similar to a pared-down Gratuitous Space Battles. There’s some resource management, cardplay to influence battles, and satisfying meta-progression. It’s worth checking out

Real player with 9.3 hrs in game

Corpoct on Steam



Mentally stimulating yet relaxing game. It’s good! I was looking for a replacement for Ishido which I can no longer find for PC. Hextones retains the stone placing challenge that I love in Ishido but expands it. Each stone in Hextones has six instead of four sides. Learning new strategies after years of playing Ishido with only four sided stones is surprisingly fun. Hextones also has incremental challenges where you must get 6 sided, 5 sided, 4 sided, 3 sided and 2 sided correct placements to pass to the next tier. This is more difficult than just accumulating points. The music is hypnotically good. Well worth the price.

Real player with 146.5 hrs in game

Futuristic Puzzle for a Good Price! This is similar to previous square grid “tile placing” games we’ve played, but this time it’s hexagons, and the scoring is a little different.

The music and visuals seem relaxing, just don’t get worried as you’re running out of space to place tiles!

(It would be cool to have more various play modes, including one that lets you remove some tokens from the board so you can play longer! Also, it’s nice to have multiple backgrounds and tile sets available, if possible.)

Real player with 11.6 hrs in game

Hextones on Steam

Descent: FreeSpace – The Great War

Descent: FreeSpace – The Great War

Descent: FreeSpace was - for pretty much two decades - the start of the best space combat simulation ever developed. I probably spent several years of my childhood playing FreeSpace 1 and 2 and to this day there is no other game which I will get back to every few years and then play it for months on end because it is that good.

Never before have I played a game which utilizes almost all keyboard buttons, some of them even twice or thrice with button combinations. It takes days to get used to the controls and to remember all of them in the heat of battle, but after having learned them once, I never forgot them again. I can boot up any FreeSpace game after 5 years without having played it and the controls will come back to me within 5 minutes. No other game has ever managed to do that. No other game has ever managed to entertain me to that degree even although I can still remember every single mission, every enemy wave, every plot twist and all and any scripted events.

Real player with 198.1 hrs in game

Descent | Freespace: The Great War is a 3D space craft action simulator. You are a recruit pilot who just joined the Galactic Terran Alliance in its age-long war against the Parliamentary Vasudan Empire, but the war takes a different turn when an unknown threat makes its appearance with the sole purpose of exterminating both races.

Pros: You get to live the war and the events through the eyes of a pilot, and the whole story is detailed through mission briefings and in-game events. Different levels of success in a mission may affect the following mission, even open entire branching side-missions. The voice acting does a good job a delivering the humane yet rigid tone of a military situation, something you’ll rely on for immersion as there is little to no cut scenes. Action is great, and often allows creative thinking to resolve an issue, succeed in a mission and achieve bonus goals. The missions themselves are very varied, rivaling and often surpassing classics of the genre like the Wing Commander series. Control is spot-on, although optimized for mouse-less keyboard. As you progress, you get more and more flexibility in how you want to set and arm your squads.

Real player with 27.3 hrs in game

Descent: FreeSpace – The Great War on Steam