Shortest Trip to Earth

Shortest Trip to Earth

My experience: I have beaten the game with every ship and on the hardest mode. Please note that my playtime doesn’t really reflect how much I played this game. I tend to leave whatever game I’m playing running when I’m AFK doing other things. That said, it probably would’ve taken at least 100 hours to accomplish what I have if Steam only counted when I was actually playing.

I’ve played some games which shared some attributes of this one but, really, not even FTL is all that close. You can move around much more than FTL. You’re not always running away - in fact, you’re running to the fight. The boarding mechanics are simpler here than FTL. The ship to ship combat and crew management is much more fleshed out here. I can’t think of any other games like this but, if you can, feel free to leave me a comment!

Real player with 256.8 hrs in game

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I bought this game on sale. The game has interesting story elements that gets you eager to get to the next sector. At first I was enjoying the game and would recommend the game to any “FTL” lower. But after last 2 runs I would definetly woudn’t recoomended the game. I don’t know if this is because of patching or this is the game design to make you reply game more, the more you play and get better the enemies get more stronger. When I say “enemies are getting stronger” I don’t mean like smarter AI or new tactis, they are basically cheating with some creazy strong weapons while at same time ship repaiers are getting more expencive for you.

Real player with 88.1 hrs in game

Shortest Trip to Earth on Steam

Neon Dragons

Neon Dragons

Neon Dragons is a fast-paced roguelite spaceship action, with item collecting mechanics, and retrowave-style visuals. The player’s objective is to survive as long as possible in each stage and eliminate all bosses in the game.

Explore different universes full of danger, adventures and surprises, while eliminating enemies and collecting resources.

Play your way, creating your own strategies while surviving as long as possible.

Key Features

  • Increasing difficulty

    Plan your steps well within the universes as enemies will grow stronger as the waves pass, demanding more skill and attention

  • Powerful items

    With a wide variety of active items, you’ll be able to create different combinations of items to cause the greatest possible destruction.

  • Constantly changing

    The game universes are never the same, always with different challenges and unexpected dangers. With different items and attributes, no match will be the same

  • Retrowave visuals

    Destroy enemy ships and dodge missiles in the best Retrowave style, with neons and vibrant colors that bring the universe to life

  • Powerful Bosses

    Survive long enough to face powerful and challenging bosses who will put all your skills to the test

  • Progressive evolutions

    Play and unlock upgrades that accumulate as the game progresses, making the game more and more interesting as time goes on

  • Unlimited play

    Even after completing the game, you will still be able to continue playing to increase your highscore and compete for scores with other players.

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Neon Dragons on Steam

Power of Ten

Power of Ten

What if you took Asteroids, expanded on the gameplay, and gave it a graphics update? that’s Power of Ten. Well-done pixel graphics, good sound effects, and simple but fun gameplay.

The game has little scenarios*, random maps, and weapons pickups, so reminds me a tiny bit of FTL: Faster Than Light, which is nice (I may be a little biased but I love anything like FTL). Power of Ten is made by one guy, and he’s very active on development and feedback in the PoT community which is something I really love seeing. always a good sign.

Real player with 34.3 hrs in game

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Its a fine game. But play space is empty. Just a few planets, astroids, and thats it. Would love you see maybe a passing ship in the background or something to make it move lively. I know its space but come on.

Significant slowdowns and lag may turn people off.

NEEDS multiple updates!

Other than that it makes you feel like a true starfighter. Ships handle great and combat is cool. If its on sale buy it, because itll be a solid game in a while.

Real player with 6.5 hrs in game

Power of Ten on Steam



You can actually try the WHOLE base game for free, and then if you like it you can buy the additional content that comes with the steam version. FYI.

This game is fun and addictive. Its also got a pretty steep learning curve. When you start and have no idea what you are doing, you will die. A lot. It is as hard a teenage boy in the cheerleaders lockerroom at changing time. That is, until you know what you are doing, at which point you can focus on using your money wisely on the various ship upgrades. Once you get the basics down, it is easier and massively rewarding. My suggestion is on your first go around just use it as a learning experience, get some idea of what everything does enough that on the second attempt you will know exactly which weapons and upgrades to buy. You have to specifically test out a number of things blindly before you know what they are, which is useful for the second (or third) run which should go a lot more smoothly. Given the early stuggle, it is very satisfying to wreck previously tough enemies after you get the right equipment.

Real player with 330.9 hrs in game

At its heart, Transcendence is a hybrid of Escape Velocity and Rogue. If that concept excites you, no need to read further; just buy it!

The game meshes the story of a galactic pilgrimage at the behest of the God Domina, with real time, 2D top-down combat across randomly generated star systems (effectively serving as “dungeons”) and a healthy dollop of loot. The star systems always follow a standard progression in terms of the factions and events you will encounter, so they are not entirely random. However, the implementation still ensures that no two games are ever the same.

Real player with 100.1 hrs in game

Transcendence on Steam

Derelict Void

Derelict Void

If there’s one thing that makes you keep coming back to a game, it’s the perfect balance between ease of progression and the odd moment where all hell breaks loose and you gotta strive to survive. That’s exactly what Derelict Void is!


Good graphics and animations

Not too much clutter on the screen

Lots of choices and you know that you’re either going to die a valiant death or live to see another day

Learning curve is rewarding (more often than not)

The hydroponics area has some good stuff in it wink

Real player with 26.4 hrs in game

Derelict Void is certainly a game that will likely draw comparison to a variety of other titles. The game is apparently inspired by Frostpunk - though in my mind one could likely also see some draw for this game from the likes of Out There: Omega Edition for the emphasis on collection of resources and technologies, Cultist Simulator for its mix of real-time with pause turn based gameplay, and of course FTL: Faster Than Light for text based events. Chief to all these games though is that is all about survival in a hostile environment.

Real player with 16.2 hrs in game

Derelict Void on Steam

Crying Suns

Crying Suns



WHAT TO EXPECT: Space themed. Strategy rogue-lite. Epic sci-fi story. Numerous battleship types. Unlockable officers with abilities required for events and combat. Vast number of bridge-view encounters. RTS ship-to-ship tactical battles. Hex-tiled maps with minor dynamic elements. Abstracted text-based planetary missions. Stylised presentation and GUI. 2D pixellated graphics. Hard reset every chapter. Singleplayer only.

Real player with 47.9 hrs in game

Something I’d recommend, but with some reservations.

tl;dr It’s FTL: Faster Than Light , but story-oriented and focus on fleet-level rather than ship-to-ship combat. Overall FTL is the better one of the two, with more run variety and less time wasting fluff, not to mention it’s cheaper, while Crying Suns shines in presentation and other “meat around the bone”.

The good

  • Gameplay wise the game copies many of the good parts of FTL, but puts its own twist on the formula by instead pitting whole fleets against each other. Your mothership dictates your playstyle – alpha strike, turtler with lots of mothership guns, suicide swarmer, general space superiority etc. – and there’s a good number of different squadrons and weapons that either affect the battlefield or directly attack the enemy mothership, with their own quirks and special powers, plus officers that confer unique bonuses to your fleet or ship systems.

Real player with 32.0 hrs in game

Crying Suns on Steam

Derelict Redux

Derelict Redux

It’s pretty dang fun. Not easy either. Getting the hang of it takes a few minutes and usually dying a time or two. It’s got a lot of potential, and it’s improving. I look forward to seeing where this goes. Throwing grenades, and using some of the automatic weapons rock. Loot and mow down hoards of creatures, fly around a find things to loot and fight? I’ll have more please.

It has it’s bugs that need fixing. Some minor improvments as well, but over all it’s fun. I’m looking forward to some updates.

Real player with 14.9 hrs in game

Edit:80% of this review is outdated,Game had been overwholed! It took a year since I bought this but hey,it’s indie.And I believe its core design is good enough to have some fan like me.Though it’s still early and would need some more tweak. I might see good time to rewrite this review as I play it & get updated farther.

It’s very like hotline miami with space(except story and survival), nice concept and good gameplay.If you are a sci-fi fan and interested in trailer, that won’t go wrong.

However you’ll be confused at starting, there’s not much clear guidance of where to go.

Real player with 14.9 hrs in game

Derelict Redux on Steam

Captain Forever Remix

Captain Forever Remix

This game is awesome.

I’ve played plenty of 2D shooters in space, and this is by far one of them.

I have a lot of praise and a couple of complaints. I’ll skip the praise because you can find that elsewhere, or just look at the gameplay for yourself.

This game’s difficulty curve is ridiculous. Assuming you, like me, haven’t played the original game, you’ll be thrown into the gameplay right away with very little time to adjust to the unique mechanics of ship-building and combat. There are a lot of different parts to build with and constructing a powerful ship is more nuanced than throwing a bunch of pieces together. In many cases, a tiny ship is more effective than a large ship, but building a large ship is half the fun.

Real player with 37.6 hrs in game

This review is written in both of English and Korean language

이 평가는 영어와 한글 두 언어로되어 있습니다


In Korea, Captain Forever, well-known as “우주선 키우기”, became famous while playing by the number of online BJ.

The original version of Captain Forever can be played by connecting to “" , Captain Successor as the extension addition that you can play after purchasing $20.

Real player with 23.3 hrs in game

Captain Forever Remix on Steam



There are several users who have written detailed and thorough reviews of this title, I am not going to attempt to do anything approaching some of the excellent reviews that I have read.

I am however, so impressed with this game that I feel I must share my two cents about how immersive and amazing the experience and gameplay are.

Many, many years ago I had a gaming PC…. to put this in perspective, the World Trade Center was still around in those days, we had only elected 1 George Bush and nobody knew what an iPhone was.

Real player with 132.4 hrs in game

An shining example of how Early Access can work and a brilliant mixture of roguelike and space shooter


dares to experiment and comes out a winner.

I’ve had my eye on Everspace ever since last year when it was on Early Access. Reading those words invokes a feeling a wariness to any consumer who has seen hundreds of EA titles rise and fall either in the blink of an eye or suffer a prolonged cycle of non-development and eventual death.

I held off buying the game last year but once I saw that Everspace was getting a final release in May I made a promise to myself to buy it during this summer sale. The discount was not that big but boy was the price worth it.

Real player with 82.0 hrs in game


Nova Drift

Nova Drift

The common description of Nova Drift as “Asteroids + Action RPG” is accurate but there’s a lot more to it than that. I’ve played a variety of “Asteroids with extras” over the years and Nova Drift is definitely my favorite.

Nova Drift is much livelier than most Asteroids-style games, though not as frantic as dual-analog “arena shooters” tend to get. Many Asteroids-style games are slow and ponderous with heavy inertia but the player ship in Nova Drift feels fairly agile unless you’ve sacrificed a lot of speed (and you can usually fix that with other upgrades).

Real player with 615.0 hrs in game

I’ve been playing this a little every day (sometimes a lot), and it has become a little part of my daily routine. My PC runs on my living room TV, and when my kids wake up at the outrageous hour of five-ish, I can relax and chat with them while playing. Most of the time.

This game is totally family-friendly, encourages learning and creative thinking, is visually impressive, exciting, and is just the right amount of challenging. My six and eight-year-olds are constantly asking for a turn, which I allowed early on since they never took long. Unfortunately, their turns are getting longer and longer as they come up with good builds of their own. They have even taken to suggesting upgrades while they watch me, often pointing toward a route to a super-mod that they think would work well. Outrageous. My three-year-old will start chiming in any day now…

Real player with 218.7 hrs in game

Nova Drift on Steam