Deadnaut provides a lot of creepy atmosphere, fun and replayability.

When I bought Dreadnaut and entered the game, I didn’t expect much based on the trailers available. It seemed just like all those top-down squad RTS games, which there are hundreds of. It was only 10 euros, so I decided to jump it and test it out.

I immediately reached out for the character creation. I’ve always been one for creating my own party/character, since the game experience feels a lot more personal. The character creation has two minor bugs, which I did not realize were bugs until I read the forums for a tutorial on character creation. The bugs:

Real player with 20.9 hrs in game

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In one campaign your fighting off waves of fast moving xenomorphs, through the flurry of fast moving xeno’s you see one of your men get dragged away through a airlock. Yet in another campaign you may be contending with the possessed remains of a former crew driven insane by unknown artifacts, behemoths throwing your soldiers around as artifacts obscure your command and control with horrifying visions of death and torture.

Deadnaut’s is a game that wants to immerse you in its universe. Your hud looks akin to something from a WW2 submarine simulation and your control over your soldiers is sketchy at the best of times. There are a large amount of things to take into consideration with Deadnaut’s and many ways for those under your command to come to harm or die, this may be the one area the game faulters in. It is a real time tactical squad based game, essentially a rogue like.

Real player with 20.8 hrs in game

Deadnaut on Steam

Negative Atmosphere

Negative Atmosphere

Negative Atmosphere is a third person, over-the-shoulder survival horror game dedicated to dread, tension and trauma. Trapped aboard the voidship TRH Rusanov, Samuel Edwards must evade, fight and kill his former crew-mates as an outbreak transforms them into monsters. There’s only one way out and an entire ship to cross. Danger lurks around every corner and time is running out. Explore the depths of the Rusanov, pull whatever resources you can out of its guts, and run.

Treat the infection

As Chief Medical Officer of the Rusanov, Edwards has a confident, in-depth understanding of medicinal drugs. Routine medication can be repurposed for more creative ideas, or transformed into something more extreme. Whether attempting to save the injured, influence enemies or alter himself, Samuel’s medical knowledge will be key to his survival.

Every choice matters

Edwards has beliefs, past experiences and coping mechanisms that players will learn throughout Negative Atmosphere. This means that morality is not just about what you want as a player, as every decision will have an effect on Edwards. Learning his values is important: working with them or against them will affect Samuel’s mental state and change how he reacts to events.

Nowhere is safe

The Rusanov is infested with threats, from man and machine alike. Humans on board have mostly fallen victim to the outbreak, twisting their limbs and stretching their bodies into creatures that are near-unrecognisable. Robots are becoming unstable; some turn violent and roam the ship’s corridors, while others break down in a state of utter panic. Between the remains of the crew, the confused husks of metal and other terrors that skulk in every shadow, every engagement could be Samuel’s last.

Your survival is… unlikely.

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Negative Atmosphere on Steam

Signal Simulator

Signal Simulator

This is a great game, but conditionally. It has a certain type of audience that loves it to death, while a significant other group of people will find it monotonous, boring, and a waste of money. I’d highly recommend looking on Youtube for videos published in at least August 2019 to see the newer updates and what this game entails. This will most likely be enough to give you an idea of which group you’re in, and whether you’ll love or hate the game.

That said, I find this game very enjoyable.

Real player with 60.0 hrs in game

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Signal Simulator is an interesting one and speaks to a very specific audience: the scifi fans and space enthusiasts.

You are the operator of an array of radio antennas and scan the sky for signs of extraterrestrial radio signals, while having to look out for your battery charge (solar powered, so it drains at night), server failures and temperature of said servers. The resource management remains at a very manageable level, though, and is improvable through upgrades for you observatory. The game mechanics are easy to learn. Unfortunatly they lack a bit of variety, but it’s a simulator. I guess we expect some grind in those.

Real player with 42.2 hrs in game

Signal Simulator on Steam

The Teleport

The Teleport

Information / Review English

The Teleport is a First-person horror / Adventure game developed by Emre Abali.

Story / Gameplay

A Spaceship that was sent to an unknown Planet to explore, to reveal its Secrets. At some Point, however, the contact breaks off and radio silence prevails.. Now you come into play to get to the source of the Problem. Our Character is in a Team of 4 People who are teleported to a Spaceship that has not been heard from for a long time. Once there, you’d like to flee again quickly, because corpses are scattered everywhere in the Spaceship.. After a short Exploration, you don’t think twice, since everyone is dead, at least that’s what it seems. You want to come back and come back alive. Your only Problem is, the energy was only enough for the outward journey for another Teleportation..

Real player with 4.8 hrs in game

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“Get Away From Me…!!”

Here’s The Thing:

You are part of a crew of four people(?) with a macguffin of a teleporter and you have to transport yourselves to a ship that lost contact with base. Like all sci-fi devices, something goes inevitably wrong and members are quickly separated. Armed with a surveillance console, a janky robot and Lady Luck, you must get yourself out of this mess~

Real player with 1.6 hrs in game

The Teleport on Steam



Caffeine is an interesting idea, but has a few problems to work through.

The main premise behind the game is interesting. Everyone on Earth has become addicted to coffee. So much, that now space stations are mining minerals to create synthetic caffeine.

The game does a decent job at building up atmosphere and creeping you out, but the overall experience is hurt by a lot of annoying mechanics and bugs.

As it is, the game needs to iron out a lot of annoying glitches. My progress isn’t saved, nor are my graphical settings. Meaning everytime I boot the game up, I need to restart from the beginning and change my settings again. Not a huge deal seeing as the first episode of the game only lasts 1 hour, and I’m sure it will be patched out, however it’s still something that shouldn’t be happening.

Real player with 2.7 hrs in game

Coffee is the Key! Caffeine Episode 1 is certainly a little rough around the edges and has potential and room for improvement. It’s chilling atmospheric feel in both level design and audio is very impressive. It took me a little while to get used to the controls but with Xbox controller support, it did make it more easier for me to play and with the Windows 10 / Direct X 12 option does make the game play and feel so much better.

Reading all the post it notes lying around in specific locations was quite fun and interesting. I do have to say that the sound in the game is fantastic, playing with headphones really drives home what i believe the developers are trying to achieve which is creepy, suspensful and chilling. The level/outlay design for the game is very nicely organised, give you a feeling of solitude and despair while you are searching and exploring. A nice touch is the floating messages same as dead space, which appear when specific things need to be explain in the game.

Real player with 2.4 hrs in game

Caffeine on Steam




A tense, eerie and claustrophobic space adventure which can be slow at times but your patience is rewarded with an interesting story.

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Real player with 11.7 hrs in game


What is it?

An atmospheric sci-fi adventure game very inspired in the likes of 2001: A Space Odyssey and MOON movies, where you play as the Space Station’s Artificial Intelligence, SAM. You move around from different cameras and station compartments throughout the whole space station that is made of 3 “arms” and the core of base. Each arm represent the Chinese, Russian and the last one that seems to be a cooperation of Europe and America, Space Agencies.

As SAM, you are limited to interact with cameras, laptops, doors, reading notes and schematics. As you progress later in the game, you get the ability to use a flying Sphere to move around.

Real player with 10.4 hrs in game

Observation on Steam



This game is something entirely different.

Feeding us with eerie feel of the Moon and presenting a space mission disaster the game starts with a large amp to our expectations light. Being secluded in space, even on the surface of the Moon with other survivors in some relative vicinity is actually terrifying. And that’s a lot to anticipate - will it be scary enough, will it be strange and mystic enough, are we going to see the science side of the space exploration, will we manage to get out of the pickle we are in?

Real player with 1.6 hrs in game

[Edit: I COMPLETED THE GAME!!! See the end of this review]

Dark Day Interactive, aka SES, aka inACTIVE Pixel Studios, has managed to make a game that’s definitively worse than the worst parts of Advanced Lawnmower Simulator and Bad Rats put together. And sadly, I think it’s not even deliberate.

This game is free on Steam, but they are overcharging for it. The game is unfinished and apparently abandoned by the developer.

The “gameplay” is as follows: you start the game, you pick between two planets (the moon for free, or Mars for three bucks: yes, I know, the moon isn’t a planet, it bugged me too). You pick the moon. [Edit: Another review says that at this screen you can press ‘e’ to get Mars unlocked, too - so I reinstalled it to check. Yup. You can pick Mars.]

Real player with 1.1 hrs in game

GASP on Steam

Cosmic Awakening VR

Cosmic Awakening VR

Very Fun and scary game. The atmosphere and space station setting are both really well done. There’s a real sense of dread When you’re moving down the halls. The controls are fairly responsive although some things, like picking up certain objects, don’t seem work perfectly. I’m usually very sensitive to motion sickness when it comes to VR games, but I had no problems here. I was able to play for an extended period with no real problems. I definitely reccomend this game to any Vive owners who love a good horror experience.

Real player with 3.2 hrs in game

First thing I want to say is I liked this game and I had no bug issues. The game ran 100% fine for me and there’s a video to prove that below. My specs are listed at the bottom.

Well this game was gifted to me so I decided to try it out. I am not very good at puzzle and discovery games as I have not played many in my life time so this one started off a bit slow for me. The atmosphere was fine and the graphics well enough and since it was horror the game went into creepy mode nearly right off the bat. The game in general starts off very slow until you kind of figure out what you need to do. There are 2 game modes. The first I wasn’t sure what to do but the story mode basically keeps you moving along a certain path, so to speak, I am guessing to a climax. In the begining exploration takes up most of your time then after you get the jist of what you probably should do the game moves faster and then gets more tense. I purposely didn’t finish the game because I was making a video and didn’t want to spoil the experience. Later this week I will continue where I left off as you can save your progress (yay!!). Look at the tags. If you like any of the tags then you should enjoy this in VR. If this was a regular game I don’t think I would have been too interested but I am looking for VR games that put me in another time and place. This fulfills that for me. I like action but I think adventure and exploration games fit VR really well since the mechanics are not very complicated and the focus can be on the environment rather than running here and there not really enjoying the setting. The price is a bit steep since I am guessing it is not super long but the quality of the game is not bad. I love Virtual Reality and scifi so this kind of game sends me there. It has many options too for graphics and other things. I say it is a buy. A number rating would be above average but only 7/10 mainly because the price is a bit high, in my opinion. Don’t expect to be very scared by this. It is more a “atmospheric tension” experience but does have some surprises which I won’t reveal in writing.

Real player with 1.9 hrs in game

Cosmic Awakening VR on Steam

HORROR TALES: The Astronaut

HORROR TALES: The Astronaut

Set in a fictional Space Station and taking place just after an incident in such space station, players experience terror directly in first person while they solve environmental puzzles (including physics-based puzzles and 0 gravity puzzles) in an interconnected space station with a metroidvania style level design. The air is running out and the power of the space station is running low. Will you survive?

But be aware: the space station is not uninhabited and it’s guts hides creatures and other biological entities no one would like to cross paths with.


Not enough Horror? Explore the rest of Horror Tales Games to punish yourself. Each adventure unique. All first person. Not meant to be played in any particular order.

HORROR TALES: The Astronaut on Steam

Moons of Madness

Moons of Madness

Moons of Madness

Tides of the Elder Gods


Once again Funcom expands its online MMO’s lore - the formerly known The Secret World but re-purposed as Secret World Legends in 2017 - with a new interactive narrative experience in Moons of Madness which acts in exactly the same way as Funcom’s previous effort, The Park. What that means is you are getting a heavily story-based experience with some light puzzle solving as opposed to one that includes combat and an overdose of action.

Real player with 13.2 hrs in game

TLDR: I really wanted to love this as a huge fan of horror, lovecraft and narrative driven games but its just not “quite” there. It’s by no means bad, but it just didn’t have the strong story needed in a game…with no gameplay.

Pros - Pretty game to look at in places, clearly a lot of effort went into set dressing / area design, initially builds a good atmosphere.

Cons - Story is very shallow and predictable, characters are just bad, puzzles are very simple, lots of choppy framerates and some very out of place gameplay that felt shoehorned in.

Real player with 11.4 hrs in game

Moons of Madness on Steam