After The End: The Harvest

After The End: The Harvest

Originally written for early access version 0.9u3 - 29May2017

Edited for version 1.4 20Jun2018

After nearly 90 hours and having seen the game to its completion, I’m finally comfortable editing in a final review.


–- The game’s description and screenshots are very accurate for what you’re getting here: an expansive open-universe RPG with the look and feel of an old action-adventure SNES game.

— Among the biggest selling points for After the End continues to be developer interaction. Throughout the early access period and post-release, The Sworn has consistently been available to field questions and bug reports in the forums. I very much value this!

Real player with 86.6 hrs in game

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In a time of loot box gambling and unfulfilled promises many devs have been screwing over customers so it’s nice to see

an early access dev actually keep true to their promises and finish their game. This game has a couple of small issues, but what it does achieve is

so fun and refreshing that it is worth peoples attention.

I originally played through and finished the game during its 0.08 alpha.

It was prety different but i loved it! You can read my original review under this one.

Real player with 60.0 hrs in game

After The End: The Harvest on Steam

Disney•Pixar WALL-E

Disney•Pixar WALL-E

Wall-e is not any kind of game, it’s a game that truly makes you question how you didn’t find this game sooner, it gives a completely new meaning to video games, with the amazing graphics, amazing story and amazing smooth gameplay. There really isn’t a better game than Wall-e. Wall-e answers the questions like: What is the meaning of life?, What happens after death?, Is life real?, Why does dad hit me? Etc. It really is something special… You really wouldn’t think that it’s that much of a special game at first glance but when you play it you realize more and more how fantastic the game actually is… The only con is that people might make fun of you because it’s a “kids game”, but they aren’t real friends anyways, right? So I would 100% recommend this game to anyone who seeks for the most amazing and fascinating game on this platform. It truly is something special and I think that everyone should experience this amazing experience that Wall-e will give you.

Real player with 32.2 hrs in game

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I got this game on sale for like 5 bucks, and it’s AWESOME. I had the console version of this, as well as the PC demo when I was younger, so I decided, “why not”? I was not disappointed. The controls were kind of weird to get used to at first, but I got the hang of it. It’s charming and cute, but action-packed at the same time. I definitely recommend picking this one up if it’s on sale, or even if it’s not. If you’re a completionist and would want to beat this 100%, I genuinely wish you the best of luck. Seriously.

Real player with 27.2 hrs in game

Disney•Pixar WALL-E on Steam

Utopia Colony

Utopia Colony

First of all it’s a game you play once and never again. Simply because once you complete your mission you win and game ends. It can be done in a w/end.

Game is interesting, it has a huge map you can walk or drive but going from one place to another takes time!

Graphics are not great but decent, there are several bases you can explore and complete some task for credits.

Your main source of credits are minerals can find around, collect and sell for credits. You upgrade your suit with more oxygen capacity, and as you progress you buy rovers, you expand your base and build several buildings like greenhouse which provides food.

Real player with 15.4 hrs in game

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Loving this game so far. Love the desolate atmospheric surroundings, and very impressed with my base as it grows. Currently hitting a bit of a brick wall as I need credits to complete the research tasks, but can’t find enough resources to collect, and haven’t figured out how to get my water extractor to work, so having to buy lots of water, cancelling out the credits I earn for any ore do I find on my trips out. I’ve built my greenhouses, and looking forward to when things start go grow. I’ve lost 8 hours straight on my first play, so I really need to go and make my lunch now. Thanks, great game.

Real player with 14.5 hrs in game

Utopia Colony on Steam

Earth 2160

Earth 2160

Earth 2160 is a somewhat unappreciated RTS with a number of nice features mixed in with a truckload of bland. It will provide some decent entertainment in the here and now but it will never be remembered for anything.

Earth 2160 sets you in the future, corporations fight for control over the Solar System’s dwindling resources as a new discovery rocks the power structure and sets the game’s events in motion. As you start out you get to play as either a generic male dominated corporation or the curiously female dominated Mars corporation. They both, not surprisingly, turn out to be evil rather quickly into the campaign and you eventually get to play as the “good” faction, a generic robot corporation that really has no personality and eventually, a menacing alien horde.

Real player with 67.0 hrs in game

I finally got down and finished the game all the way through, after nearly completing it some 12 years ago, and then not-even-close to finishing it some 5 years ago, so I’m naturally biased with nostalgia, but I think it’s an overall great rts, but sadly with a few shortcomings that can ruin the experience if you can’t or can’t be arsed to learn to avoid them.

The graphics in the game are often complimented, and at times they’re really amazing for 2005, but it kinda depends where you look. What I’m most impressed with though, is that each of the four factions has a COMPLETELY different gameplay. Literally every mechanic is altered: completely different vehicles with completely different types weapons, different ways to harvest resources (which require very different planning and sometimes microcontrol), different ways to set up bases and interconnect buildings, different defence systems (which require completely different base layout), etc. It’s literally a different game depending on what faction you play with, which is incredibly enjoyable. Crucially, the factions are all really well balanced, so that every faction has a fair chance against every other. Together with expansive unit customisation and cool base expansion options, it makes for tremendously fun gameplay once you get a hold of the basic faction mechanics. On top of that, the soundtrack is wicked!

Real player with 39.6 hrs in game

Earth 2160 on Steam

Crying Suns

Crying Suns



WHAT TO EXPECT: Space themed. Strategy rogue-lite. Epic sci-fi story. Numerous battleship types. Unlockable officers with abilities required for events and combat. Vast number of bridge-view encounters. RTS ship-to-ship tactical battles. Hex-tiled maps with minor dynamic elements. Abstracted text-based planetary missions. Stylised presentation and GUI. 2D pixellated graphics. Hard reset every chapter. Singleplayer only.

Real player with 47.9 hrs in game

Something I’d recommend, but with some reservations.

tl;dr It’s FTL: Faster Than Light , but story-oriented and focus on fleet-level rather than ship-to-ship combat. Overall FTL is the better one of the two, with more run variety and less time wasting fluff, not to mention it’s cheaper, while Crying Suns shines in presentation and other “meat around the bone”.

The good

  • Gameplay wise the game copies many of the good parts of FTL, but puts its own twist on the formula by instead pitting whole fleets against each other. Your mothership dictates your playstyle – alpha strike, turtler with lots of mothership guns, suicide swarmer, general space superiority etc. – and there’s a good number of different squadrons and weapons that either affect the battlefield or directly attack the enemy mothership, with their own quirks and special powers, plus officers that confer unique bonuses to your fleet or ship systems.

Real player with 32.0 hrs in game

Crying Suns on Steam

Generation Nova

Generation Nova

“They told us it was a foolproof method for interstellar travel."

How would you feel about waking up from cryo-sleep centuries too early on a huge space ship?

GENERATION NOVA is a strategy game of resource and colony management. The player has to balance the passengers needs and resources to keep the them alive and happy. Hopefully you will manage to build a community large enough so that one day the last generation on the ship will land on a habitable planet and start their new life on the ground. But don’t be too eager: Expand too fast and you might not have enough workforce to feed the children. Will you make the sacrifices needed to keep the voyage running or will the cold hull of the ship contain only corpses in the end?

The game takes inspiration from games like Banished, Rimworld and Frostpunk. Huge inspirations for the story and setting are from books Across the Universe and the Silo -series and the film Passengers.

Intuitive Building System

Build nearly two dozen different buildings that all serve a specific purpose inside the generation ship. Mine passing asteroids to create resources and tools to keep the generations growing. Keep the security and happiness up to pump up the working speed and hopefully lower the suicide rates.

Technology Upgrades

Assign passengers to conduct scientific research to gain upgrades in the passengers' and buildings' workflow. You don’t want to keep half of your population tilling the soil in the farms do you?

Dynamic Event And Task System

Choose your playstyle: Make harsh decisions and be a tyrant or be liberal and try to help as much as possible. In the end only thing that matters is that the generations will live on. Make the elders work or let them enjoy their last moments in life in peace. Encounter problems with material and resource malfunctions and order passengers to fix the issue even at the cost of their life or let the material go to waste.

Passenger AI

The passengers have been through a lot by just waking up in the ship. Social problems will eventually occur and everything will take a toll on their psyche. Manage their happiness and hope to keep the needed production lines going. You don’t want to end up with no tools to mine the asteroids. And you definitely don’t want the food to run out.

Interesting Zone System

Depending on where you are flying through the space the people of the ship might get more creative and faster in work. But pass a dark void or a nebula and the problems might start piling up. Hopefully the hull will not be breached in the asteroid field. Plan in advance to go on a resource production spree when you know the passengers are willing to do the extra work and give them the breaks they need when times seem the most dire.

Full Music Score

Over an hour of atmospheric and original music tracks made by Markus Brogaard.

“Home… This is our new home for now. Maybe one day my at least children will breath unfiltered air."

Generation Nova on Steam

The Entropy Centre

The Entropy Centre

The Entropy Centre is a first-person puzzle game in which you assume the role of Alya Adams, who wakes up alone, abandoned and confused in a mysterious destroyed facility. With the help of an AI companion, Astra, and a Handheld Entropy Device which allows you to manipulate time itself, you must solve complex time-based puzzles to uncover the truth about what happened at the facility, and make your escape.

Rewind Time

Progress through increasingly challenging puzzle areas

Explore Diverse Environments And Uncover The Mystery

The Entropy Centre on Steam

Stella Pastoris

Stella Pastoris

After the Third Flame Deluge, the Vatican launched the last handful of the faithful into the void.

After a thousand years Stella Pastoris, the ship’s AI, struggles to keep the crumbling vessel and the precious sleep chambers functioning. Damaged by a passing comet’s tail, the ship plunges towards the nearest world, a class E planet bathed in radiation from a nearby pulsar.

As the ancient reactor begins to fail, it is inevitable that the sleeping faithful will awaken. They will need food, shelter, and most of all…hope.

  • Build the means to supply the needs of the ever growing ranks of faithful, both material and spiritual

  • Face the Void, on Proxima death is certain…or is it?

  • Let your faith sustain you, or embrace science

  • Explore the world to find the scarce resources needed to survive

  • Research an alien world’s resources to face its dangers

Stella Pastoris on Steam

Galactic Trooper Armada

Galactic Trooper Armada

All times classic space shooting game Defender comes back in this modernized top-of-the-art 3D version.

Get back into 80’s with this retro defender game. Enjoy the enhanced version with today device capabilities and revive the gameplay simple yet addictive of first generation video-games.

You mission is to defend an armada of galactic troopers through different hostile planets. Avoid turrets riffles, space and terrestrial mines, shoot down aliens using your missiles, rockets and machine guns and save lives of your soldiers.

Galactic Trooper Armada on Steam

Star Souls

Star Souls

Hi there! Well, I’m from development side, so don’t be surprised by my hours on record. I was responsible for music and sounds, so I’ll just skip that part and try to describe other areas as independent as possible.


  • There are still some bugs. Some of them are unnoticeable, some of them like to show off, and some of them are actually features, so please finish the tutorial and check out the “How to play” thing in case of any doubts. Anyway, your gameplay shouldn’t be affected much, existing bugs don’t block you from finishing the game and getting all the achievements.

Real player with 157.9 hrs in game

Hi there!

My impression of this game is quite positive to recommend it to other gamers.


  • interesting plot

  • funny text quests

  • simple and clear UI

  • awesome art with unique style

  • music sounds great

+Vicky. No comments.


-tutorial could be more detailed

-some little bugs. They don’t strongly affect on the game, sometimes help to win faster.

  • not for children, esp. because of some offensive things.

I especially like the music. It works perfectly in the game itself, but it’s also really nice to listen to on it’s own. It gives the game a feeling of tension and urgency when things are getting hectic. It also has a very nice contrast between more ambient and wonderful tracks, while the player searches empty or friendly locations, and the stimulating tracks of hostility.

Real player with 20.3 hrs in game

Star Souls on Steam