Polandball: Can into Space!

Polandball: Can into Space!

This game is… pretty good! As a fan of the comic series, I have to admit this game was very well-made. So, let’s go.


  • Very well made for being based on such an obscure comic series

  • Jokes and stereotypes are funny

  • Controls are easy to get used to

  • Upgrade and Part system is well-priced

  • Worth the money

  • Achievements are not too hard to get


  • Belgium’s AI

  • Ending should have had an ironic twist (involving Russia/USSRball)

  • Repetitive soundtrack (easily solveable by muting music)

Real player with 6.3 hrs in game

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A fun, comical, charming game of skill, prediction and chance.

Guide Polandball to space, avoid other hassling countries and try not to be held back by the gravity of larger nations such as Russia, China and Canada.

Collect fuel to reach your dreams in the sky, eat burgers to keep your health up, and collect money so you can stop using kitchenware as a rocket.

Its not all struggle though, occationally netherland ball or sometimes a jamaica ball will help you get higher… in various ways.

For $3 or less its pretty well worth it. You will get more satisfaction out of this than you will the bag of chips you would otherwise buy.

Real player with 5.2 hrs in game

Polandball: Can into Space! on Steam

Second Galaxy

Second Galaxy

For those of you complaining about graphics:

If the game is full screen, press ALT+Enter to put it into windowed mode. Now in windowed mode, press the full-size window button in the upper right. The game should go full widescreen with correct resolution. You can press ALT+Enter again return to fullscreen with the better resolution.

In-game chat filter bleeps out strange words like game, master, and system. Silly Chinese.

As far as gameplay review: So far I like it. The game is very handholdy at the start, but if you follow along, it eventually gives you control and you can use what you learned from handholding to figure the rest out pretty easily. Content is a bit lackluster at the moment, but it’s a new game and semi-expected. If you join an active and ambitious corporation, you won’t have a lot of freetime anyway as they will want you for help taking systems once you unlock battleships. Because it is a mobile game, it will likely get frequent content updates, which offsets the sucky part of it being a mobile game and having a mobile game (microtransaction) structure. I think it’s only fair to give them a chance as they have been pretty open with us so far.

Real player with 417.4 hrs in game

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Pay 2 win.

Before the game was fully released the company behind this game made some claim it was not pay 2 win and when it came to fights such as 1v1 a lower tier ship of the same class could have a chance in pvp versus a higher ship which is absolutely nonsense.

Right now anyone with a higher tier ship of the same class will demolish any lower tier ship of the same class, its not even a challenge doing that. The power creep in term of stats is incredible, to put in simple term that type of ship is on steroid.

Real player with 362.7 hrs in game

Second Galaxy on Steam

Galaxy Pass Station

Galaxy Pass Station

Galaxy Pass Station is a space station simulator where aliens from all over the galaxy arrive. You will be the first caretaker of this station, will work for the largest corporation in the solar system - Spherical Corp. All guests must go through your control! You need to carefully check all galactic papers, carry out various tests and not let dubious aliens into the station. After all the checks, the guests go to the station, to the galactic duty-free zone, where they can eat, sleep, buy something from Earth, apply for a visa, and have some fun. Your task is to build the best station in the galaxy to satisfy all the aliens and the corporation.

Galaxy Pass Stations is a game in the vein of indie titles, such as “Papers, Please” and “Beholder”, to name a few.

  • Explore more than 15 alien species.

  • Check alien photos, DNA, and others in galactic papers…

  • Build and manage your space station near Earth.

  • Meet unique characters from all over the galaxy.

  • Survive at the station. Monsters are nearby.

  • Unlock multiple story endings.

Game Features

  • Colorful 2D pixel graphics.

  • Procedural Character Generation - every visitor to the station is unique.

  • Endless and Story game modes.

  • Base Building System - your station will be your base, office, and home.

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Galaxy Pass Station on Steam

Stellar Monarch

Stellar Monarch

If you are familiar with Eurogame style tabletop games, then the abstractions and economic focus (vice military control) will feel very familiar to you. The game’s pillars are not based on American-style wargames.

Many devs who make 4X games seem to have the souls of engineers; Aurora 4x being the archetype. In those games micromanagement focuses on design, production, and use of things like ships. Mastery of those concepts leads to victory.

This game requires micromanagement and is numerically obtuse as well, but it focuses on the qualitative values of game elements (i.e. cards) instead of design, production and use of things.

Real player with 30.3 hrs in game

There’s a lot left to be desired in this game. The UI is clunky, the artwork is amateurish (think early D&D), and there are some strong biases (no female officers, everyone is Caucasian). Maybe there’s a button to change that - but if there is, I havent dug it out from the UI yet (oh, that tiny button on the map pulls up a list of worlds? Which cannot be ordered to tell me most populous, most rebellious, etc?).

For all that, however, the game does two things well. It lives up to what it says it is - you’re the Emperor, not a warehouse clerk. You dont deal with the minutae of the empire, you have People for that - who are, admittedly, often trying to kill you. Or skim off the top. Or are just idiots. But you’re the Emperor, you have People for those People too; people with sharp, pointy objects - my purges havent reached Stalinist levels, but every once in a while, I do feel the need to prune my court of the more corrupt or stupid couriers or officers (‘fire’ all corrupt governors except the loyal ones? Meh heh heh heh).

Real player with 23.5 hrs in game

Stellar Monarch on Steam

Codex of Victory

Codex of Victory


+Enjoyable campaign.

+Varied units.

+Units can be varied even more with modules.

+Units can be upgraded in levels which grant bonuses and abilities.

+Nice progression meaning you shouldn’t feel overpowered or underpowered.

+Story keeps you on your toes.

+Ant farm base building.

+Solid tactics.

+Lovely artwork.

+Nice devs.

+Nice learning curve.


+Plenty of missions.



-Tough (some may find this a con so).

-Enemy has some units you can’t match on harder difficulty without a good understanding of the game.

Real player with 80.9 hrs in game

Greetings, comrades, today I am here to talk to you about “Codex of Victory.” If you enjoy war-games with turn-based combat, you will enjoy “Codex of Victory.” It reminds me of playing the old Avalon Hill 20th century boardgames such as Panzer Leader and Panzer Blitz. The game is fun against the computer and can also be played against a human opponent in a 1-on-1 skirmish. Actually the skirmish mode is more fun as the computer mode involves a very long campaign. In PvP skirmish mode, your turns are timed and you only get a finite bit of time to study the map, plan your move, move your pieces and fire.

Real player with 50.9 hrs in game

Codex of Victory on Steam

Critical Zone

Critical Zone

The perfect party game to play with you friends!

Real player with 5.0 hrs in game

Dispite its simplicity is the game a lot of fun and stays fun for a long time. The Map ideas are great and the character design is just gorgeous. The tiny details about the character just give the game so much life and you can tell that the creators put a lot of effort in it. I can recommend this game for everyone who loves to play with and against friends.

Real player with 3.3 hrs in game

Critical Zone on Steam

Lies Under Ice

Lies Under Ice

The future of humanity in space is under your control as you manage a moon base in the shadow of Jupiter. Will you play the political mastermind or rise above the fighting factions?

Lies Under Ice is an interactive science-fiction thriller by Joey Jones where you take on the role of the protagonist.

Build a scientific outpost on Europa, exploring the moon and the alien life that lurks in the vast ocean under the icy crust. Build a sprawling tunnel complex in the ice or bring about climate change to terraform Europa into an ocean world. Share your alien findings, or capitalise on the research for profit. Be a paragon of the human race or transcend the human form entirely.

Play as a female, male or non-binary president, captain, or commander: it’s your base… until re-election!

  • Play as one of six unique character professions: diplomat, aerospace engineer, asteroid miner, pilot or marine biologist.

  • Come from one of three distinct geopolitical backgrounds, each with their own separate intrigues: the ever-shrinking United Earth, the old-world Group of 81, or the fractious Libertalian Alliance.

  • Decide what animals to bring to space: experience a catsplosion of kitties, or be over-run by escaped lobsters? It’s your call.

  • Develop the base your way: prioritise the comfort of the workers, or try to maximise the scientific output; build luxury domes, mazes of ice tunnels or try your hand at terraforming.

  • Involve yourself in romantic entanglements with your co-workers, or strike it alone.

  • Develop your out-of-work hobbies. After all, you never know when astronomy, cooking, poetry, lucid dreaming and more, will come in handy.

  • Make friends and enemies among the different political, scientific and corporate factions: you can’t please everyone all the time, who will you favor?

Lies Under Ice on Steam

The Fermi Paradox

The Fermi Paradox

This game has amazing potential. The game has a plethora of interesting civilisations and outcomes. Although, I’d prefer if their were more ‘developments’ as it only seems to include 5 things: Extinction, massive de-population in some way, contact from space, the building of ships, and colonisation.

I’d like a bit more variety but for what the game is right now, it’s good. It just seems that nearly every other development is mass extinction or depopulation.

Another thing (Which is only a nitpick) when the systems are on the eastern side of the ‘map’ the text that pops up goes off screen. This could be fixed by pushing the planets in a bit more or making the text be on the left of those planets rather than the right.

Real player with 267.4 hrs in game

Criminally underrated game I highly recommend with some caveats. The resource management is intriguing - you get “Synthesis” points to spend on guiding the races, which you earn by choosing options that are harmful, or “collect” instead of boosting certain stats between events (or even sacrificing certain racial stats to get even more synth).

The gameplay is all about mitigating losses, determining when you can make sacrifices. It’s an exercise in risk-benefit analysis. If you’re good at this, you’ll be good at the game. If you’re not, you might find it frustrating. If you pick it up, be SURE to make sacrifices as you go to earn Synthesis, or you’ll be in trouble, and make sure everything you spend Synthesis on is worth it to you!

Real player with 38.7 hrs in game

The Fermi Paradox on Steam

Star Dynasties

Star Dynasties

Infinite potential, incredible progress.

I started playing this game during the indiecade demo mid-2020, and the evolution this game has been through in just one year is massive.


  • Dev very responsive to Player Feedback

  • Lots of Character Drama

  • Interesting Events (Expeditions specially)

  • Interesting Systems (Secrets, Justice, Gatherings, Favors and Negotiation)

  • Powerful Modding Tool (Seriously, one could create a full DLC-worthy experience with it)

Real player with 996.3 hrs in game


Have changed review to - Would recommend.*

Only about a third of my gamer friends are big head enough to truly enjoy this game, but I know they will enjoy it immensely. I can see this one sinking hundreds if not thousands of hours into, and I’m already hopeful they go series with it.

I have a great deal of hope, if only because of how quickly the developers are acting on feedback and making solid changes. Meaningful save files now exist. There’s still a lot going on, so I’m not yet done with this review, but the nature and flow of the game are starting to make more sense.

Real player with 122.9 hrs in game

Star Dynasties on Steam

Age of Wonders: Planetfall

Age of Wonders: Planetfall

This game is easily one of the best newer strategy games (i.e. 4X style game) currently available for single player in my opinion, period. I’ve had a lot of time to try several of these sorts of games that are considered the top games in the category lately. Civ, Total War games, Stellaris, Endless Legend, the list goes on, but I always come back to this one.

NOTE: Many of the reviews for this game were from when the game was released, since then they did a massive update that re-balanced the game and overhauled several mechanics. A lot of the comments in negative reviews were from a year+ ago using the old mechanics. This game is being actively improved / patched as of Oct 2020 from what I’ve seen and they’re still releasing an expansion.

Real player with 1901.7 hrs in game

As the game is now, I do not recommend it.

I played the entire series extensively, over 4.000 hours over all titles of the series, for me personally, they changed things that were good about the game, and kept things that were bad about it.

City Siege

The first thing that is really noticeable and changes the dynamic of sieges entirely, they removed gates from city walls, those were replaced by militias and defensive towers, however these militias don’t have mods, and you can’t aim the towers, so any other troop that attacks the city will be stronger.

Real player with 1383.1 hrs in game

Age of Wonders: Planetfall on Steam