Void Marauders

Void Marauders

Void Marauders puts you in command of a pirate space ship and its crew. Recruit soldiers, arm them and lead them into tactical turn based battles against alien, robotic and human forces. Board or destroy ships, assault installations and colonies and loot your way across the stars to become the most infamous pirate of the sector.

Loot and pillage enemy ships and installations, sell your well earned loot in space trading stations and improve your ship and equipment. Remember to save something for your soldiers though, pirates and mercenaries will be loyal to you as long as you pay them or you could risk desertion, a mutiny or being thrown through an airlock.


  • Manage a ship and its crew. Recruit soldiers from different classes and species.

  • Lead your soldiers in turn based tactical battles against human, alien and robotic enemies.

  • Play a procedural campaign for great replayability.

  • Loot and pillage enemy ships and installations.

  • Trade your loot and buy new equipment and upgrades.

  • Manage the loyalty of your crew and hunt down any deserters and traitors.

  • Fight Dynamic Rivals: enemies that win reputation for defeating your men or even traitors that will challenge you across the campaign.

  • Find and capture the legendary ship The Omen to become ruler of the sector.

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Void Marauders on Steam

Disney’s Treasure Planet: Battle of Procyon

Disney’s Treasure Planet: Battle of Procyon

This game is one of the very few movie-to-game tie-ins that’s worth buying. It expands the Treasure Planet universe significantly (for those of you who want more), while providing a unique and fun game that even has a pretty good 12-level campaign.

I’ll not spoil the campaign, but I’ll say it’s surprisingly good despite having one particularly annoying mission.

Where this game shines most, in my opinion, is the multiplayer.

Multiplayer in this game is very much like BattleField 2 (which was released three years later); you can play with a bunch of bots, or you can play with players and bots, or you can do just players.

Real player with 197.9 hrs in game

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Holy fuck this is one of the most underrated games of all time, I’m dead serious, this is one of the best things to come out of a movie tie in and for it’s position, a movie tie in in the 2000’s and one by disney of all people, it’s simply one of the best.

alright, let me take a breather here and tell you why this small little game would provoke such a responce out of me. this game as I’ve said befor is a 2000’s era movie tie in, usuallly these are compleat shovelware, and, uppon it’s release, it was surrounded by shovelware compatriots, crappy one trick games that did nothing new or special, this game, however, DID do something special, be origional. origional story, origional music, origional gameplay.

Real player with 49.1 hrs in game

Disney's Treasure Planet: Battle of Procyon on Steam



Ok here’s my full review. The game starts hard both in campaign and endless because of the slow weapon they give you first. Maybe they could have started the game with the railgun or upgrade the base weapon to 2 beams instead of just 1, making it more fair and more different than the railgun when not upgraded. Making the upgrades 2-3-5 beams instead of 1-3-5 beams.

The game ended abruptly in the short 6th chapter with a somewhat underwhelming boss battle. I felt the campaign was a bit short with missing bosses battles. (In endless there’s no shortage of bosses so that’s great but I would have like one or two more different ones). There’s no big story and you don’t get attached to the characters of the game, it’s all action but I didn’t really mind that. I like the variety of enemies but the critters feels like they could to be adjusted, a lot of times I couldn’t finish them fast enough and I’m not sure how to kill them if you don’t have seeking missiles since once they get to you they circle close around you so I extend my arms and make big circles for a minute while they chase me until the missiles take care of them, weird mechanic.

Real player with 12.6 hrs in game

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I started playing this in beta a few weeks ago and fell in love with it right away. It’s ambitious for a small dev team and you can tell they put everything they could into it. For a space themed shooter they have cracked it. The environments are great especially the floating asteroids and planet galaxy backdrops you get the sense your really in the void. As to the shooting, the waves can sometimes be a little short but I think the aim is to be a casual bullet hell shooter and I’ve found myself just playing Antiprism for the no thinking just shoot aspect. Time and time again instead of bigger games. I want to see more intense enemy waves and bosses so I will keep playing but all in all they have done a great job with this. Just little tweaks needed here and there but totally enjoyable experience. I can’t wait for this to come to quest2 as this game deserves to get noticed

Real player with 9.2 hrs in game

Antiprism on Steam

Space Pirate Trainer

Space Pirate Trainer

I Cant get enough of this game, No matter what I play for vr I always come back to this game. However I have played this game enough to know its faults;

~ On hardcore mode at least I have noticed after wave 25 the game looses its coding on enemy fire. The droids will fire randomly without a warning sound, as well enemies that have died do not officially die, their firing script is still active, I have been shot by dozens of random lazers that had no drone attached to them and i had just killed them in the same location of the mystery shot.

Real player with 267.1 hrs in game

As a Top 30 Global score holder, with 5 Top 10 scores, I have to say this is my FAVORITE VR game, hands down!

It’s got everything you could want as a single serving VR game to demo to friends and family, but it’s so incredibly deep with its weapon mechanics that you always have improvements to make.

I have a whole youtube series for this game!

I play this game so much and it’s been my absolute favorite game to try and master as well as to show off to VR newbies.

If you wanna learn how to get better at this game, check out my Way of the Laser series on Youtube, with new training runs every Thursday!

Real player with 244.6 hrs in game

Space Pirate Trainer on Steam

Space Pirates And Zombies 2

Space Pirates And Zombies 2

Quick note

The mixed rating is because the devs could not add

multiplayer into the game due to major issues.

The devs made a fairly long detailled post about this, but it was removed.

So here’s the short version for wy it was cancelled :

After updating the game engine (Unity),the devs realised that unity completely changed how multiplayer works, thus all work done on multiplayer before that was lost.

They wanted to upgrade to the newer engine to improve performance and the long term compatibility with the new systems coming in the next few years. (Performance was indeed much better after the upgrade.)

Real player with 454.5 hrs in game

Space Pirates and Zombies 2 is representative of one of the least-chosen paths a sequel can take. Rather than refining and rehashing the original, SPAZ 2 attempts to branch off on its own with an experimental spin on the original’s gameplay. In some ways, this is a welcome change. In others, it hasn’t gone so well.

Gameplay in SPAZ 2 is split cleanly between a strategic layer, a Mount & Blade-styled world map the player flies around, and the tactical layer, where their mothership does the actual fighting. Between fights, the player can assemble, strip down, or rearrange their mothership with collected parts. AI-handled captains follow similar goals with similar means all across the world map, forming their own relationships as they go along.

Real player with 126.6 hrs in game

Space Pirates And Zombies 2 on Steam

Astrox: Hostile Space Excavation

Astrox: Hostile Space Excavation

This game is not EVE Online. The comparisons are hard not to make given the art direction and user experience of this game, but remember – EVE Online is a massive undertaking by hundreds of people and tens of thousands of hours of effort, and this game is but a mere hint of a shadow of the things that are in that game.

That being said, this is a GREAT game for what it is, and it’s reasonably priced even keeping its limited scope in mind.

It DOES have the feel of EVE Online in some respects. The gameplay is very similar to your first few hours of cargo hauling or mining in EVE Online, but there it ends. EVE gives you the complexity of a rich storyline, faction reputations, a complex and meaningful exploration option, and NPC pirates that make relatively smart decisions on their own - not to mention the multiplayer aspects of EVE that truly make that game great.

Real player with 51.3 hrs in game

I’m glad I got this for $3. It’s not worth $10.

The economy is so unbalanced and meaningless. It feels like the dev just wanted to build a completely random economy with no thought to whether it would feel at all real. There is no sense of supply and demand in any way. All pricing seems completely arbitrary and rarely feels like any balance was done.

The game has several places where you should be making decisions, but there’s so often only one right answer that you ignore the other options. For instance, early on, it’s far better to get the interceptor, a $4500 ship, and chase pirates until you collect enough kills to get one of those early kill missions for like $25k or so. Then get the mining escort ASAP. From that point, kill jobs are almost NEVER worth it, and that ship will easily last for half of your first run. Transport jobs have never once been worth it for me. Not early on, not mid-game, not end-game. Mining jobs are sometimes a complete joke, paying about 5% more than the ore is worth, which is generally not worth the time to go to the station posting the job. Other times, they’re absurdly over-priced, and these are where you’ll (very rarely) get a job that you’ll go out of your way to complete. In cases where the price is really high, I thought perhaps the ore was super rare and far from the sector offering the job. Then I ran into a job where the ore was incredibly abundant, particularly where the job was offered. Again, no feel at all of any kind of semi-realistic economy or supply and demand.

Real player with 45.4 hrs in game

Astrox: Hostile Space Excavation on Steam

Space Pirates and Zombies

Space Pirates and Zombies


2D Space Combat

Proberly THE best Top down space shooter you can get! When you unlock the capital ships you feel in a fight like Capt Kirk himself.

Even after all these years, this game is still my personal favorite when it comes to 2D space action. But not only the combat, also the ship building elements, upgrades and story make this a fantastic game. I also like the visuals - the colourful space looks beautiful! And the humour… oh my god! This game is so funny!

Real player with 235.0 hrs in game

While I’m a bit late into the game of reviewing SPAZ, writing it anyway couldn’t hurt. Space Pirates and Zombies is a action-strategy space shooter with elements of random generation. While you have some control over how random it is, it only serves to increase or decrease the difficulty in the long run.

Gameplay: The gameplay is pretty solid. You pilot your ship around with WASD keys, and shooting your weaponry with the mouse. What makes it special if that you don’t point and shoot, but the direction of your ship controls where your shots are. If you place a weapon on the front of your ship, expect it to shoot forward until the higher class ships which have rotating turret mounts that do just that. Even then, anything other than lasers will still need to lead the target, as nothing is hitscan. This makes shooting more skill based.

Real player with 120.7 hrs in game

Space Pirates and Zombies on Steam

Distant Star: Revenant Fleet

Distant Star: Revenant Fleet

If you are looking at the reviews because you are hesitating on buying this game, before i make a review i should say this:

1-If you don’t have it already, go and buy ‘‘FTL: Faster than Light’’ (People say this game is similar to FTL but i really don’t think so, just ideas on core game mechanics are similar, gameplay is different)

2-If you have FTL and you are looking something VERY similar, then go and buy ‘‘Space Rogue’’ (It is not a masterpiece like FTL, it is just an average game but it is closest thing to FTL you can currently find in here)

Real player with 75.3 hrs in game

Fun rogue-like-like with RTS-like-like top-down tactical combat with up to 5 ships in the player fleet vs a possibly obscene numbers of enemies.

Having stupidly-high APM isn’t a prerequisite, because you can easily pause the action in Tactical Mode to issue commands as needed.

Game isn’t 100% perfect but devs are actively working on quashing bugs and updating features.

Graphics 7/10: Ship/station and environment models are nice. Game has a very dark feel to it. As for backgrounds, I can say that they serve their purpose, but that’s about it.

Real player with 37.6 hrs in game

Distant Star: Revenant Fleet on Steam

Space Bar at the End of the Galaxy

Space Bar at the End of the Galaxy

I’ve played it through twice. Its got good player interaction for a VN. It also has good character development (as deep as you can get in less then 2 hours), my complaint is that game gives us a variety about Imperial and other factions, but you give no information about them. A few blurbs of imagination that has already gone into the game would help players except the characters be more real. I don’t mind invisible histories, but I nice blurb about them can a long ways towards making a player more sympathetic to them.

Real player with 3.4 hrs in game

It’s not bad at all but there are better options out there.

I’m really on the fence when it comes to giving this game a bad review. Here’s some points that stood out that led me to my negative review.


-The writing is pretty decent.

-Characters react in a realistic way to what you choose to answer.

-The character models are good, although with only 5 people ever depicted in game, that’s to be expected.

-The world and characters are actually flashed out a bit, which is rare for such a cheap and short game.

Real player with 3.1 hrs in game

Space Bar at the End of the Galaxy on Steam

Void Destroyer 2

Void Destroyer 2

Early access review to be updated at release.

I’ve spent around 70 hours playing this game until I reached the end of the current story missions (early access) with another 30 hours spent fallen asleep with the game open at various points throughout.

This is the best spacecraft combat game I have ever seen, period. And I’m kind of a fan of the genre. I’ve played the legendary Independence War: 2 Edge of Chaos with its amazing controls, story and combat. The equally revered and economically focused X3: Terran Conflict, its 1.5 style expansion Albion Prelude, and the good at piracy but nothing else X: Rebirth. I love the indie games like the arcady SPAZ/SPAZ2, Funny/Simple 3030 Deathwar, the very charming and intense submarine stealth style of Objects in Space, the small scale survival of the Evochron series, the stylish but shallow Rebel Galaxy and the very promising Starsector with its focus on fleet combat and even empire building. I conquered galaxies in the truly excellent Sword of the Stars and the be-the-space-pirate-bastards-that-bother-4X-players-in-their-early-game Distant Worlds: Universe, managed a space station and fleets in Halcyon 6, watched armadas annihilate eachother in Sins of a Solar Empire and carefully managed limited resources while running from an ancient enemy in Homeworld 1/2. Truly great experiences we are all very fortunate to have been able to enjoy and which shaped my expectations and standards for quality.

Real player with 284.2 hrs in game

First and Only review to anything. So here is what the game is and about.

Void destroyers 2 is an Early Access, Indie, Strategy, Sci-fi Space Sim. Its always nice to start off with pretty much nothing and working your way up into something powerful or a fleet of something powerful. For Void destroyers 2, it does just that. To becoming something powerful you will be needing money, and reputation. Money is the big part, but reputation gives you access to buying bigger ships of different factions.

Real player with 275.2 hrs in game

Void Destroyer 2 on Steam