Maptroid: Worlds

Maptroid: Worlds

A metroidvania experienced entirely in the map!

Sequel to the acclaimed short browser game Maptroid. Maptroid: Worlds has you return exploring metroidvania style, and in multiple planets this time, filling out the map and collecting items, and powerups as you go. Can you make it home for dinner a second time?


  • You can visit a number of planets, explore and fully map them out.

  • Collect powerups to enable you to explore new areas, and zip through the map faster and faster.

  • Quirky, but not outrageous story and lore writing connecting the worlds for you to discover.

  • Improved ship graphic!

  • 40 small puzzle levels for you to solve in puzzletroid mode.

  • 40 small relaxing maps for you to explore freely in zentroid mode.

  • Speedrun mode so you can get faster times unfettered by dialog!

  • And a secret hard mode for a challenging replay if you want to experience something different.

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Maptroid: Worlds on Steam

Alien Function

Alien Function

Fun game with great story line and good puzzles ranging from easy to very challenging. Very very linear but the story line was engaging enough to want to keep on the ride. Really brought me back to the experiences i had playing Kings Quest, Police Quest, etc series way back in the day (showing my age now).

Real player with 15.4 hrs in game

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no hints, this game is bad.

i really wanted to see the end of this, but it’s just a ‘‘click everything until something works’’

also, the only alien you will see is on the title screen.

Real player with 9.6 hrs in game

Alien Function on Steam

Hamlet or the Last Game without MMORPG Features, Shaders …

Hamlet or the Last Game without MMORPG Features, Shaders …

Hamlet or [insert words here] certainly lives up to its satire laden title. The game lampoons not only its Shakespearean source material, but also the expected conventions of adventure gaming. Reading scraps of paper will only provide false leads. Multiple interactable objects… sometimes whole areas of the screen… are useless in these lateral thinking-esque exercises. There are some “normal” puzzles, sure, appearing just frequently enough to lull you into believing that the zaniness has stopped, right before you run smack into the next inane situation. But, unfortunately, none of that is actually enjoyable.

Real player with 5.9 hrs in game

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What a cute game! First of all the name made me giggle and was the first thing I’ve noticed before the cute artwork. I’ve enjoyed this puzzle Point & Click game which is based on William Shakespeare’s Hamlet with a twist. The story starts off when Claudius killed the king and took the crown, not only that but he forced Ophelia, Hamlet’s girlfriend to marry him. But of course Prince Hamlet will not let the evil man take everything from him, he will avenge the death of his parents and save his girlfriend, however, something fell from the sky and changed the whole story. A new hero appeared and accidentally landed on Hamlet, so he had to take the job instead and save the princess.

Real player with 4.7 hrs in game

Hamlet or the Last Game without MMORPG Features, Shaders ... on Steam

UFO : Brawlers from Beyond

UFO : Brawlers from Beyond

Nice game to play with friends!!!

Real player with 46.4 hrs in game

At first I wasn’t sure but once I started playing this game it was hard to put down. Definitely one to play with friends. It’s hilarious, technical, and lends itself to a lot of variety so very replayable. If you like Alien, co-op or vs fighting, and you have a good sense of humor, consider picking this game up.

Real player with 6.5 hrs in game

UFO : Brawlers from Beyond on Steam

BADA Space Station

BADA Space Station

Badass aims to bring short bursts of intense action by pitting you and your pals in an Arena against hordes of different enemies. The players will need to navigate through the different Arena Segments, killing all enemies that are sent against them and survive in order to win.

This is a co-op focused game. Gather your friends, stay close and coordinate in order to survive. At launch, there will be four available characters to choose from, all different and with unique playstyles.

All Characters share a similar control scheme. However, their Core Attacks, Weaponry, and Skills vary. This will have players make several choices on how they want their character to play out. Character progression is set by earning promotions and each new skill might open a whole new playstyle that you maybe had not yet considered. Do not get cocky though, the waves are randomized and you will not know what exactly comes next. So choose your skills and character wisely.


What happens when you combine Chewbacca and Conan the Barbarian? A furry brutality happens. Revel in the guts of your enemies as the first to enter the action and the last to leave. Use your gigantic Gun-Sword and either dismember or shoot your weakling enemies. Brawns is not the only thing this character has, from Explosive Rounds to Inspiring Brutality, this character has much more than meets the eye.


Like going fast? Like dodging bullets like nobody’s business? Like transforming your hand into a boomerang and throwing it around dismembering your unfortunate enemies? Then the Puppeteer is for you. Damage per second is her thing, and she does not shy away from playing dirty by becoming a blob that makes her invisible to her enemies. She can also fuse with other friends or foes, giving advantages or disadvantages to them.


If you like tanking all the damage and if you like humiliating your enemies by using your Gravity Gun, then the Scarlet Magnet is for you. The best crowd control abilities will be at your disposal and on top of that you can use your Gravity Gun to traverse or manipulate the environment. You don’t like where our level designer has put the explosive barrels? Just pick them up and throw them at the poor souls in front of you.


He might not look like it, but he is the smartest of the bunch. So smart that he modified his office chair into a machine of death. His Melee Attacks are nothing to boast about, but he does not need them. He is all about pure firepower and gadgets. All kinds of machinations can pop out of his chair, from Healing Turrets to Explosive Spiders, and if the worst happens, he can simply pick up his chair pieces and carry on with the fight.


Why all this aggression? Why the violence? Can’t we all live peacefully?

**ABSOLUTELY NOT.**The premise is simple:

In this far far away galaxy a very odd Event happened a long time ago. The sun stopped emitting the usual rays that… you know… suns do. Instead, it started emitting pure badass hormones. As a result, every living thing in this galaxy became super pissed and macho, creating chaos that lasted ages. But the Big Four Companies did not like the chaos, as it decreased sales. Yes, capitalism existed - even before the Event - and no matter what the money needs to flow.


They created the BADA Space Station and started having their employees fight in the Arenas in order to promote their products to their now bloodlusted customers. Simple advertisements did not cut it anymore. On the other hand, advertisements from the most badass creatures in the galaxy were priceless. You would only buy something from someone stronger than you. And that’s where you come in.

  • Choose your Character.

  • Fight with your friends against countless enemies.

  • Promote the Sponsor Products during the battle.

  • Earn their Influence for a wide variety of Bonuses.

  • Level Up.

  • Unlock up to 20 Skills.

  • Gather randomly generated Loot.

BADA Space Station on Steam

Crystal Shard Adventure Bundle

Crystal Shard Adventure Bundle

These are 3 great little P+C Puzzle/Adventure games for a great price

(Emphasis on the “puzzle” aspect.) Each game takes place in a “small” world (~6 screens or so), but the tagline on Steam is a little misleading: they can only be called “short adventure games” after you’ve figured out exactly what to do: they can be fiendishly difficult, in the style of classic Sierra games. “Short” does not mean “casual” – an unaided playthrough is going to take a while. Each game also has interestingly different mechanics:

Real player with 9.5 hrs in game

Very nice bunch of adventures! They all share pretty graphics, great voice acting and very interesting plot.

Quest for Yrolg. Very funny and well thought-out game. The puzzles remind those of early Sierra : easy to do, but hard to figure out. Features some realtime sequiences.

Starship Quasar. IMHO, the best game in the pack. Classic adventure with an interesting twist.

Larry Lotter and the Test of Time. Idea is great. Vice acting is amazing. Very hard to solve for those who prefer time-unrestricted adventuring.

Real player with 7.5 hrs in game

Crystal Shard Adventure Bundle on Steam

Chicken Invaders Universe

Chicken Invaders Universe



-Bringing back nostalgia

-Boredom killer

-Addictive and fun

-Creative waves

-Many galaxies to explore and missions to play

-Not pay to win

-Easy ways of getting many keys (Game currency) without getting bored


-V.I.P exclusive items

-Friend limit (Therefore you may increase it by buying V.I.P by 10)

-No mobile support

-Almost NO new music (All battle themes are from older games)

Therefore it is in Early Access so those statements may change. But I 100% recommend it as a boredom killer, fun and very epic.

Real player with 194.0 hrs in game

Chicken Invaders Universe expands on the formula of the previous games and is filled with thousands of randomly-generated missions that you can spend hours upon hours on. The difficulty varies depending on the mission, and some of them can get especially challenging (sometimes even unfair), even for experienced players.

A large part of game mechanics was reworked for the better in this game. Skills now make the missions harder by increasing the difficulty %, spawning harder enemies and making the projectiles faster. All of the weapons from the previous games were reworked, so that they are all worth using.

Real player with 54.5 hrs in game

Chicken Invaders Universe on Steam

Space Cows

Space Cows

I wouldn’t suspect games filled with fart jokes and smurf-level wordplay about milk to be that fun.

Real player with 6.5 hrs in game

This game is really fun but don’t assume it’s an easy one! Actually, the very first level is already quite challenging!

It really feels that the guys developing it had some fun and share a good sense of humor. Also, for the price you can’t go wrong..

Real player with 4.1 hrs in game

Space Cows on Steam

Roscosmas Landing

Roscosmas Landing

Stars received: 2.4/10 _ Note: v.5 [0.0 to 1] = personal impressions

[0.7] Controls & Training & Help

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[0] BONUS point: Multi-Player related

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[N] - if Registration is required with providing PII

Game description key-points: pick astronauts and land safely

Real player with 1.1 hrs in game

Lucky me gets to write the first English review for Roscosmas Landing, which is a 2D retro pixel physics puzzle game. Gameplay consists of using Moon Lander style gameplay to guide a rocket through an obstacle filled 2D maze.

They chose to use obsolete retro pixel “art” as a substitute for contemporary PC graphics. It’s unclear if this is due to lack of budget or talent, regardless, the overall visual quality of the game is extremely low as a result. Resolution and controls are locked. These flaws push this game far below minimum acceptable standards for PC.

Real player with 0.2 hrs in game

Roscosmas Landing on Steam

Spacebase Startopia

Spacebase Startopia

preliminary review 2 days after launch:

after playing 4 hours in closed beta, 13 hours since release and over the years easily 200+ hours of the real startopia i can say with confidence: no.

just no.

i’ll try to keep it fair here. at first i was not amused, by now i’m straight p#ssed off.

at some point this game could end up being really good but that time feels months away. there are so many things in need of more polish, more refinement or plain fixing that it sucks the fun out of everything.

Real player with 69.5 hrs in game

Full video review:

Summarized version below!

I should clarify that I have not played the original Startopia, and thus won’t be making any comparisons here. That said, I am a fan of such simulation, management, and base building games, so I was quite excited to give Spacebase Startopia a look.

Note: Trimmed review to fit character limit, check video for full version!

Learning Curve:

First up was the tutorial, which wasn’t really the greatest. It guides you along the steps to setting up a base, but it doesn’t really explain what each building, resource, and such does. You’re just kinda placing stuff to check off each objective. It wasn’t until I got into the campaign that I really started to understand things, but even then, it was mostly a trial and error affair while I figured it all out. And despite the cutesy graphics, there is a LOT to this game, especially once you start working on the fun deck and have like 20 different buildings to place down there.

Real player with 33.2 hrs in game

Spacebase Startopia on Steam