Initially this game seems awesome. Comedic Subnautica in space is an easy sell for a lot of people, myself included. Unfortunately, the second half of this game is a huge departure from the first- so much so that the game becomes a chore to play. The humor is fine for a while, but the constant barrage of slapstick/fart joke/sO rAnDoM jokes becomes down right irritating well before the game nears it’s conclusion. The survival/base building mechanics never reach a point where they feel fully explored or utilized, and are completely abandoned in favor of really sub par narrative driven walking simulator gameplay after the first couple acts. The result feels like a bait and switch, one that you don’t catch on to until you’ve invested ~8 hours.

Real player with 37.5 hrs in game

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if I could give it a “meh” rating I would. I think it gets a lot of things right, but the second half of the game really drags the whole thing down. The fact that you reach a point where it just throws your old progress out the window is frustrating.

I was absolutely all-in on the first part. It felt like Subnautica in space. But basically everything you build for part 1 has no purpose in part 2. It’s a beautiful game and fun at first. My advice? Play it and don’t ever get into the Normandy. It goes downhill from there.

Real player with 17.6 hrs in game

Breathedge on Steam



I have owned this game since day one and it has devolved into a micro-transaction riddled grind fest with little to no real content added with every update. It is fun once through, but if you already own it don’t bother returning, The devs have taken this game in the wrong direction entirely. I will consider playing the game again IF the stupid in game shop is removed and they release a content update with more depth than a puddle of pee on a public restroom floor. I wish I could get a refund for my 6 copies I bought for myself and friends as it is no longer the game I purchased years ago. GG System Era.

Real player with 375.6 hrs in game

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awesome chill “survival” exploration game. survivals very loose as theres nothing to keep track of thatll kill you besides oxygen, the real fun is in base building, exploring, finding secrets, and eventually traveling to other planets and extending your bases to them and thriving! additionally, the games only gotten better over the years, especially with the removal of the old (not very good) tutorial and replacing it with an ingame mission tracker that actually helps you learn what to do. give it a shot honestly! whether youre new or only played it at early access or on its original launch. its only going to keep improving in time i feel :)

Real player with 175.1 hrs in game


No Man’s Sky

No Man’s Sky

Hello Games did not deliver on what they promised when they released this game and had hells brought down upon them for it (deserving).

Since then they have fixed bugs, added tons of polish, tons of content, tons of extras and have delivered the game they had promised and then some - all WITHOUT ASKING FOR AN EXTRA DIME!

Whereas some other developers released VR versions of their games and had the nerve to charge another $50+ for it, Hello Games released a fantastic and very polished VR play style for NMS, again, without asking for a dime.

Real player with 566.4 hrs in game

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I like this game alot but it has some issues that could be fixed.


base building is a pain because in freecam I cant move the camera up and down with a button like i can in screenshot mode.

and free placement is nice if i could move the part up and down with a button instead of it being completely tied to the camera

The battery until discharged timer is broken(it counts up not down) making figuring out how many solar panels you need difficult

last thing there are very annoying restrictions on where you can summon your ship and freighter and odd restrictions in multiplayer(LAN) like not being able to have two player owned freighters in the same system like how would that be a issue as players are spread so far apart. And the long range inventory access letting you access the freighter inventory and not your storage containers when not in the same system like they are on the same ship why cant i access them.

Real player with 391.0 hrs in game

No Man's Sky on Steam

Occupy Mars: The Game

Occupy Mars: The Game

Our previous game Rover Mechanic Simulator :

You can also play free Prologue now and let us know how to improve the game before release:


Occupy Mars is a highly technical, open-world sandbox game about Mars colonization inspired by the most promising technologies and companies that are working toward becoming a multi-planet species. Build and upgrade your base, discover new amazing regions, conduct mining operations, retrieve water, generate oxygen, grow crops, fix broken parts, and learn how to survive on Mars!

Have you ever dreamt about visiting Mars? We always do! There are so many things to see and discover on the red planet, so many exciting technologies to be created, and so many challenges to overcome! If humanity can do this, we can become a multi-planet civilization!

Build and upgrade your base. Make sure that there is enough water, oxygen, power, and food to survive.

Build greenhouses, oxygen tanks, fuel generators, connect all the pipes and cables, and remember about proper cable management. Grow your own food.

Fix broken parts using realistic electronic components and tools. Learn the basics soldering, using hot air, electronic measurement tools, and all the details necessary to fix your equipment.

Explore different regions of Mars while searching for valuable resources, discover mining sites, and find the best place to build a city.

Remember that you need to find a relatively leveled area with good access to underground water in a place where temperatures don’t drop too much during the night.

Experience an open-world sandbox game with a realistic day/night cycle and overcome real challenges that colonists face. Build solar arrays and batteries for energy storage, upgrade them, and find the optimal way to power your colony.

Upgrade your vehicles and equipment in your garage. Organize your workshop and modify your rover. Change crane hydraulics, operate the robotic arm, dig for valuable resources, build mining rigs, and more…

Occupying Mars is not always easy. Sometimes things will explode, break or not go exactly as planned. Learn to cope with “Rapid Unscheduled Disassembly.” Sometimes you have to really act quickly before you run out of air, food, or energy.

…but most importantly HAVE FUN on Mars!

Occupy Mars: The Game on Steam

Osiris: New Dawn

Osiris: New Dawn

This game has gone from one of Good Faith and community optimism to now being considered a scam by the vast majority.

On paper Osiris: New Dawn invoked a lot of community interest and originally surged to the top of the steam charts, carried on the backs of expectations and desires for what it then (and in the future) represented: a solid space survival experience. However, failures of both project and team management has led to this games downfall–turning the community from hopeful, optimistic and taking the developer in Good Faith to now questioning if this is all just a big scam by someone who claims himself as a 20 year veteran of game development.

Real player with 715.1 hrs in game

Last time I posted a review of this game it was still very much in development. Now currently this game is still in early access and it looks like it will stay that way for a while. Anyway, with the current status of the game, there are things to look at.

In the primaries, it is the same game. You crash landed in an escape pod on an uninhabited planet.

In the first build, you enter the planet which is now known as Proteus with just a gun, tent and some other equipment.

Compared to this build, we currently have the same planet but they mostly did away with things.

Real player with 400.2 hrs in game

Osiris: New Dawn on Steam

Solar System Colonist

Solar System Colonist

  • Prepare your spaceship and travel through the void.

  • Try different vehicles (space, land, atmosphere, sea and underground).

  • Build and expand your station – add rooms, wings and specialized spaces.

  • Focus on discoveries, researches or just on admiring this completely new worlds.

  • Put on the space suit and go outside the station to explore the surroundings.

  • Use the latest technology – weapons, drones and robots.

  • Research or steal plans and parts and customize your own army and workforce.

  • Become self-sufficient, expand your base.

It’s high time that humanity went beyond Earth! People have set out to space and explored the Solar System, claiming it a new home. Asteroids, planets and orbital stations – all of these have been annexed by the brave daredevils and mercenaries hired to protect them. The space is now crowded and resources are worth their weight in gold. Some people have signed contracts to work for the corporations, but you are a lone wolf – freedom over safety, right?!

Prepare your spaceship and travel through the void between celestial bodies as well as glide above their surface. Try different vehicles and test yourself as a pilot. Upgrade your ship and wisely choose the destination – navigate between space junk and trace the route to your new home. Learn the history of the planets and impact their future – shall they can become bridgeheads of trade between colonies, research facilities or military bases? Choose the place that suits your needs best and settle down!

Red surface of the Mars, acid winds of the Venus or the icy, cold world of the Neptune – whichever environment you choose to live in, it will be filled with opportunities and adventures. Become a space cowboy and claim the new territory for yourself, but be aware that you are not the only one trying your hand in the colonization. Defend yourself against the corporations, other colonists and even against the pirates. In space no one can hear you scream!

Build and expand your station – add rooms, wings and specialized spaces. Focus on discoveries, researches or just on admiring this completely new world. Determine direction of development – the success of the colonization rests entirely on your shoulders! Put on the space suit and go outside the station to explore the surroundings and decide upon the best strategy. Be aware that the environment is quite hostile. You have to do everything in your power to survive!

Who knows what may lay beneath the thick layer of gases called the atmosphere? People aren’t the only threat in this new, briefly explored world.

Who knows what biological experiments were carried out here?

And by whom?

Who said life must be biological?

Maybe someone wants to buy samples?

To have equal chances, you will have to use the latest technology – weapons, lasers and also robots. The latter may be treated as just tools, but can be befriended as well. You’ll need all the help you can get, since the danger is constant and the encounter – inevitable. So, it’s better to be safe than sorry!

Clear ceiling and dark space behind it. No one to bother you, no one to disturb you, but also no one to help you… Become self-sufficient, expand your base, explore the planet’s surface and earn some money. If you don’t feel like settling down on the planet, then simply change it! After all, you are the Solar System colonist experiencing the dawn of a new era in human spaceflight!

Solar System Colonist on Steam

Space Engineers

Space Engineers

Do not get this game. It is like smoking. Giving up is hard, but at least one can warn others not to start.

It is a constant struggle between the amazement and joy of things going right and the infuriation and tedium with things going wrong or things not working or existing at all. You will both love and hate the game. Love for what it is, and hate for what it ought to have, but doesn’t. (And with that I don’t mean liquid water. Or a console port, for that matter.) Or what it could be.

It is an old game that can’t possibly have ever honestly been intended to be an actual product. It is one of Keen’s usual abandonware children with, for once, a little less abandonment than usual, likely because, against all odds, it managed to gather enough of a critical mass in player-hours to not fade into obscurity fast enough. All this game continues to get is a bolting-on of “features” that, at best, expand the game sideways, but never truly forwards, and a fix of the most pressing, but not always also pressed-for, bugs. (Though, no blame on those who actually fix those bugs and test the fixes. After all, there are only so many hours in a workday and eyes in a team.) SE is, and always will be, a sort-of-playable agglomeration of tech demos. An Early-Access game without the Early Access flag. Instead of a truly continued improval, effectively all you get, and continue to get, is more things (usually little more than band-aids with pretty pictures on them) that can (and tend to) go wrong.

Real player with 1416.5 hrs in game

my review may be negative but i really loved this game, i feel my hours in this game says that. the game is super fun but expect the game to be fun tell you finally get a ship where you could jump from planet to planet easily and you will find you have reached the end game of space engineers where the only thing to do is hop from space station to space station doing cut and paste quests for space cash that you can spend on materials that you can produce faster then the station could sell them to you. or you can buy already built space ships if you have enough money and send the ships crashing into a moon because the ship you built is far better then any of the ones you can buy. this game is kept alive today thanks to the community of modders in the workshop and that to me is sad. dlc blocks add things mods already added but in standard vanilla and tho only NPCs we have seen have been a wolf and a spider. there are AI controlled ships that will shoot at you but once you get on board you’ve pretty much have won the fight as you will only meet interior turrets as a threat on the ships because the AI driver seat only flies the ship while the turrets are just being standard defense turrets, there is no NPC crew to fight against once you get inside. i know this game is mainly meant for multiplayer but most servers have block limits (for good reason game is still unstable) so you will reach a point you can’t build or add anything else to your ship or station. It’s a fun game that feels like it’s stuck in limbo

Real player with 876.8 hrs in game

Space Engineers on Steam



Starbound is a game i’ve spend alot of time on, especially back in 2017. It was to me, like minecraft was to others. An open world sandbox i knew nothing about, a world i hadn’t seen on youtube and as such, a world i explored. And explore it i did. Either alone or with friends i went from star to star, planet to planet, looking for all the wonders in the galaxy. And for a while, i found amazing things, grand temples, great walled castles, razed cities. But after while, i began to see the pattern. Though the combat stayed fun, the weapons cool and races interesting, the places where i fought, talked, ate and slept became stale, the limits were showing. And so i jumped into modding, adding more and more content to continue that grand adventure i started so many playthroughs ago. But i never got it, that sense of wonder and excitement, i changed my race, my combat, added enviroments, i scoured the worshop for anything to get me that fun i had. But, as was to be expected, i didn’t find it. And so i stopped playing. I’ve returned every now and then but it’s always the same old Starbound.

Real player with 580.4 hrs in game

  • The only thing this game does really well is it’s pixel graphics and it has lot’s of cosmetic changes between races,

for example the ships and armor sets are different from race to race.

  • The intro and the missions are kinda fun.

  • Once you’ve repaired your ship there you can ignore the main quest line.

  • Mech’s (once you’ve unlocked them) are only useful when you’re beaming into space, enemy/ally ships, and asteroid fields and you can ignore its progression since they are not useful on planets. There is a way to mine with the mech’s but it’s so inefficient it’s preferable to mine without it (for planets i mean).

Real player with 340.3 hrs in game

Starbound on Steam



Disclaimer: I’m nearing 1000 hours on this game. I’m a filthy addict, and the developers know it. I’ve just now finally gotten around to writing a review.

Stationeers is the culmination of everything I’ve ever wanted to see in a STEM video game, and it’s still just in its infancy. I have high hopes for its future and have complete trust in these developers that they will not disappoint.

Mathematics. Engineering. Chemistry. Physics. Biology. It all comes into play in one form or another. It’s problem solving and learning science at its best. IN SPACE. It even allows you to gain a better grasp on Celsius, Kelvin, and Pascal’s if these units were once foreign to you.

Real player with 2599.0 hrs in game

Last update: 18-3-2018

My EARLY ACCESS review of Stationeers after having played it for about 190 hours:

  • The game is changing constantly, so this review probably doesn’t apply anymore in a few months.

  • There are constant updates, not on a scheduled weekly basis like Space Engineers but the developers seem to be motivated and active both on the forums and otherwise. The updates I’ve seen so far contained lots of fixes and content, such as the Ground Penetrating Radar (ore scanner) and the Portable Solar Panel with the last two.

Real player with 1185.3 hrs in game

Stationeers on Steam

Empyrion - Galactic Survival

Empyrion - Galactic Survival

I’ve been playing the game for more than 5 years. I have over 7K hours in game, so I have had fun. Lots actually. But in the last couple years it has morphed from a cool survival game to just another FPS. In space, you can not travel from a warp point to a planet without getting blasted to bits by any one of dozens of hostile dreadnoughts that half the time won’t identify with the scanner. Doesn’t matter if you have shields, kaboom. Most starter planets no longer have the ores to make a proper ship to begin with, and the ores are usually small and on public servers are wiped out by previous player. Its just not fun anymore for me, but if all you want to do is masturbate with your trigger finger then have at it.

Real player with 7577.4 hrs in game

You pay to be a Beta tester for a game that left Early Access a year ago and will technically still be in Alpha in 5 years from today on. And, oh boy, if you do not sacrifice your time to play free bug tester you do not have any right to complain about these bugs.

Technically the idea of the game is great. But the execution is so incredibly subpar and the devs do not seem to have any coherent plan and are operating way outside their scope. They are a 7-people team working in their spare time on a freakin universe. Every normal thinking human should now be totally aware of how long this may take.

Real player with 1557.4 hrs in game

Empyrion - Galactic Survival on Steam