Aces of the Galaxy™

Aces of the Galaxy™

Pros: good rail shooter. This is actually better than 90% of the crap rail shooters out there on steam. Good flow of enemies, engaging scenarios, rewarding arcade-like experience overall. Also great soundtrack.

Cons: For god’s sake, LETS US AUTO-FIRE. The creators of this have no regard for the well being of your poor thumb. Not only that, almost no workaround works.

Tried DS4windows - macros don’t work in-game.

Steam global controller - game crash on start.

Eventually found a solution. But jesus…

Real player with 7.4 hrs in game

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A rather ho-hum on-rails shooter. The game might have been more fun had they skipped the on-rails part. It just felt bland as it was, maybe having actual control of your ship path would’ve made things more interesting. Levels are visually decent, but it’s just so much to see that you can’t interact with…I dunno about others…but seeing massive ships in battle in the background just made me wish I could fly up, in, around, attacking them…instead of them literally just being there for eye-candy. Of note is that it does feature controller support (played through with the XBox One controller) though you’ll have to guess at controls since the controller button prompts aren’t there.

Real player with 1.8 hrs in game

Aces of the Galaxy™ on Steam

Omnibion War

Omnibion War

A surprisingly enjoyable indie game at such a low price that deserve more attention.

Being a mechs/space game enthusiast i had to give this game a try and i’m glad i did as it’s quite good.

IMO, the negative reviews are unfair for this game, knowing it’s priced that low.

Notice the plebs with less than 20 minutes posting their reviews smh…

I don’t get it, people expect something triple A quality maybe for the price of a cinema ticket ?

Real player with 10.0 hrs in game

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I’m a huge old-school railshooter fan, so I was really looking forward to this game… Unfortunately, it’s awful.

• Railshooter segments are lackluster

• Free-roaming segments are nigh unplayable

• Game pad control scheme is not well thought out

• Movement and aiming sensitivity are not adjustable

• Y-Axis cannot be inverted on either stick

• Evasive maneuvers are largely useless and easy to accidentally trigger

• Mech mode is slow and extremely clunky, especially when moving along the Y-Axis

• No radar, so you’re completely blind to off-screen threats — of which there are many

Real player with 2.6 hrs in game

Omnibion War on Steam



As the current world champ I can say without a doubt that this game rivals theatrical titans such as Interstellar and Gravity there is no end to this gem of a game it provides infinite joy to me every time i boot it up. 10/10 would panic again.

Real player with 3.9 hrs in game

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Love this little game a lot…… One day if it came out to mobile this would be an even bigger hit!

The music is beautiful alone and is well worth the price for whatever u buy it for.

Great work and I hope to see this game explode!

I have also bought several copies for my friends.

Real player with 2.8 hrs in game

ELON on MARS on Steam

Iridion 3D

Iridion 3D

I purchased this game merely due to nostalgia for arcade super scrollers like galaxy force 2 and it turned out to be a pretty fun game, but warning for potential buyers is that this is a straight up GBA port with nothing new added and looks kind of blurry all blow up on a big screen. One more knock against the game is the fact there is no ability to save and you have to rely on passwords. The game still is a fun arcade shooter, but don’t expect anything close to a remaster.

Real player with 3.4 hrs in game

I honestly never expected to see this game on steam. Iridion 3D is one of my favorite games of all time. The game is a launch title for the Game Boy Advance, which is something to keep in mind about this game. The game uses a pseudo 3D effect in order to create a unique Shmup game that i have never seen an attempt to replicate the style of. While the pseudo 3D style can be very akward at first, if you are able to adapt, the game is a very fun, while short game. While some may feel the fact the game is short is a flaw, i find it adds to the ease of picking up the game for a quick playthrough. As a launch title for the GBA, the game has some audio oddities, along with issues due to developers still learning the limitations of the platform. all in all, if you can get past the flaws and get used to the pseudo 3D style, it is a very fun game.

Real player with 1.7 hrs in game

Iridion 3D on Steam



Ex-Zodiac is a fast-paced rail shooter with a stylized look reminiscent of early 90’s 3D games. Join protagonist Kyuu as she fights to free the worlds of the Sanzaru Star System, overrun by the intergalactic terrorist organization known as Zodiac.


  • A retro, colourful, low-poly visual style

  • 12 main levels (plus secret areas and side-paths)

  • Multiple routes to complete the game

  • Major bosses at the end of each level, each piloted by a member of the Zodiac

  • A 16-bit style soundtrack by +TEK combining FM and wavetable synthesis

Ex-Zodiac on Steam

Iridion II

Iridion II

my favorite gba game maybe the best im very godlike at it

Real player with 10.0 hrs in game

Fun shooting game with interesting visuals originally on the Gameboy advance. While I recommend the game let it be known that it is a very straight forward port with little to no changes. The control scheme is a bit counter intuitive if you are playing on an Arcade stick so rebinding through steam is likely a good idea for most.

I still recommend the title and it is especially impressive given the time and hardware for which it was originally released. I do have a CRT monitor to play games like this so that does a long way in making the visuals pop. As mentioned in a negative review it would likely scale rather poorly to higher resolutions on lcd monitors.

Real player with 6.9 hrs in game

Iridion II on Steam

Planet Zeta

Planet Zeta

Planet Zeta is a classic 2D platformer shooter with a side view.

The player is equipped with a bulletproof vest that absorbs damage well, without armor, the character is very vulnerable to alien attacks, this is an important element of the gameplay. You can also choose from several types of weapons. A standard pistol that can not be replaced, the character can also carry 1 unit of heavy weapons, including, M16, AK47, or Mossberg500.

The player acts as an astronaut who made an emergency landing on an unknown planet, his goal: to find the necessary spare part for the ship to get off the planet, which is teeming with creatures that are hostile to the player.

Planet Zeta on Steam

Carnage in Space: Ignition

Carnage in Space: Ignition

Carnage in space is an old school sidescroller that would have felt right at home on a snes or genesis.

You play an an operative sent to help a settlement in an ongoing war. There is a story here with a few twists and turns that is told through cutscenes. Every level begins and ends with a cutscene so they don’t get in the way of the action and they are skippable if you don’t want to hear the story.

Gameplay is broken up into 9 levels. Level variety is excellent and each level has optional objectives that you can complete in order to receive a higher rank. The optional objectives are fun and varied, some are easy to complete, some are difficult but none are necessary in order to progress. The difficulty of this game is just about right. Completing the levels without finishing the optional objectives should be easy enough, but some of the optional objectives are tricky and will require a few playthroughs to master.

Real player with 2.5 hrs in game

I’ve always been really into retro gaming, especially 3rd and 4th gen console games, and I love 2D platformers, so I’m pretty much the target audience for this game.

This game could be more accurately reviewed if it had a neutral rating, because it isn’t all that bad, it just isn’t very good either.

The controls are fine. They could be better, and I did find myself fighting with them a bit, but they aren’t that bad, and are better than a lot of lone creator indie platformers.

The boss battles are kind of bleh. They’re kind of easy, and the patterns are pretty easy to pick out. They never really offer anything special or memorable. Again though they aren’t really bad, they’re just not special, and I could easily forgive this if the rest of the game was better.

Real player with 0.5 hrs in game

Carnage in Space: Ignition on Steam

High Speed Cataclysm

High Speed Cataclysm

Great game, it’s pure madness, fireworks from start to finish, the gameplay is great, possibility to have new ships more powerful by unlocking the levels. Several modes, campaign, survival, timer… Thanks for this next gen Shoot them up, I loved it !

Real player with 0.8 hrs in game

A simple and fun game, its basically astroids, with unlockables.

Real player with 0.3 hrs in game

High Speed Cataclysm on Steam



When I saw this game appear on Steam, a long forgotten memory came back to me! This is actually my very fist video game! I remember when my parents bought me my first PC, this “new game” was delivered with the PC. I didn’t like it because it was too difficult (for a 9 year old). The cutscenes are excellent, beautiful cartoony style, but the gameplay itself is a very bland railshooter … which is fine, I guess … but if you don’t care to play this game (which is a challenge if approached without nostalgia glasses), then just watch the cutscenes on YouTube.

Real player with 2.7 hrs in game

Wetlands on Steam