Cairo Stark: Crocs Hunter

Cairo Stark: Crocs Hunter

Cairo Stark: Crocs Hunter is a game full of incredible adventures with bright three-dimensional characters and a mysterious colorful world.

You will discover an exciting new universe with many secret levels and interesting quests. Stop the invading race of Crocosaurs and the giant bosses of Rakshasa with the magic of the Genie and the full arsenal of the protagonist’s abilities.

Our hero, Cairo, is a treasure and artifact hunter. He possesses outstanding intelligence, dexterity, and wit. Altruistic, adventurous (incorrigibly so), brave, charismatic, moderately brash, direct and cheerful.

**Cairo, the protagonist, will fight defending our planet from space aliens on 25 levels.

A huge world map will not let you get bored:** you will travel from the desert to the dead city, where many surprises and mysterious dungeons of alien civilizations full of traps await you. From the slums to the luxurious Sultan’s Palace, and finally from the spaceport straight to the home planet of the invading Crocosaurs and new mysterious worlds to save the universe. From whom? That you’ll find out by going all the way to the end of the game!

Find all Crocosaurs levels and fight Rakshas bosses created using alien technologies. Use magic and skills to win. Each Crocosaur is unique in its own way, each requires a different approach. Use different tactics to defeat your enemies.

Minion is a representative of the technical class of the Crocosaur race, office engineer, has flexible logic and high productivity, compact and cautious.

Tank is one of the most powerful Crocs, representative of the combat class, has an impressive stature, indestructible armor, but is slow and clumsy.

Pilot is a representative of the intelligence class, highly effective, with advanced communication skills, adaptability and quick situation analysis, powerful body, daring character, live aggression.

Sniper is a member of the elite warrior class of the Crocosaurus race, secretive, inaccessible and independent, her charm conceals her deadly power, has the “Most Dangerous Enemy” level. Can turn invisible. Be careful - don’t miss her!

All this and more awaits you in our game full of incredible adventures Cairo Stark: Crocs Hunter.

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Cairo Stark: Crocs Hunter on Steam

Lola - The Escape

Lola - The Escape

A 2D Action Platformer with cute pixel graphics and precise controls.Simple mechanics,clever level design and enough levels to explore.Find secrets,collect stars and unlock new worlds. - 8/10

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Real player with 10.7 hrs in game

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Lola - The Escape on Steam

Caves Of Mars

Caves Of Mars

The Caves Of Mars is the new 2D action space shooter game set in the mysterious caves of the planet Mars.

Tharsis is a mountainous region on Mars where hundreds of caves have been discovered. These caves contain precious gems which are heavily guarded by enemies and alien life forms.

Navigate your spacecraft through these caves, destroy enemies and alien lifeforms and collect as many gems as possible. Collecting gems will increase your health and gain points. You will gain extra bonus points the more gems you collect and enemies you destroy.

There are 100 cave levels to complete, each one procedurally generated randomly so no two levels are ever the same. As you progress through the levels the caves will become larger, more complex and you will encounter more challenging enemies, aliens and obstacles.


You will encounter many different enemies as you progress though the caves. Some guard their position and don’t move, whilst others form waves of enemy spacecraft which will follow you. The more powerful enemies will take serval hits to destroy.

Enemy Bosses

Watch out for enemy boss spacecraft. Some of the Key Cards are in the possession of enemy bosses so you will need your weapons to destroy these and collect the Key Card.


Watch out for Alien lifeforms. Some of these can move, jump or fly and throw lightning bolts.


Collect Fuel to Boost Your Health.

Power Ups

Collect vessels containing Weapons and Shield Power-ups. Collected power-ups are displayed in the right-hand panel. Activate / deactivate these by clicking them or selecting keys 1-8. Each power-up with change the appearance of your player spacecraft.

Key Cards and Laser Doors

Find and collect ‘Key Cards’ to unlock ‘Laser Doors’ to gain access to each section of these caves.


To help there is a map of each cave system indicating the location of each Key Card and the laser doors they unlock. Open this by clicking on the map button. The caves get larger and more complex as you progress so you will need this map.

Laser Beams

Beware of the laser beams which you will need to negotiate your way through as they switch on and off. Each laser beam will turn off and on as you approach it. To return you need to navigate the sequence of laser beams before returning.

Moving Platforms

Navigate Your Way Through Moving Platforms.


Your spacecraft will automatically descend downwards until it hits the ground or an obstacle. Control your spacecraft using arrow keys or WASD keys. Fire using either Spacebar or Mouse Click.

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Caves Of Mars on Steam

Outergalactic Aliens Pinball

Outergalactic Aliens Pinball

fun table, same wonderfully complex table layout, LOVE the length of play per game, i feel like it almost never ends; and reaching target and goals feels much smoother of play than previous table. lots of fun ingenuity.

overall, 8/10. just still not a fan of the style of the graphics/art, and the DMD still without much option to adjust/relocate/hide/resize, etc, but I play on a VCab, so i know im a minority for certain features. highly recommend for fans of the game.

and again, great background track, major earworm

Real player with 1.9 hrs in game

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Outergalactic Aliens Pinball :: a space/alien themed pinball game :: while a bit rough around the edges (especially in terms of UI) this is an interesting pinball board to play on, with levels. 6/10

Real player with 0.2 hrs in game

Outergalactic Aliens Pinball on Steam

A Collection of Bad Moments

A Collection of Bad Moments

Silent Dracmor from Turtle island gaming here. Just finished this game, and I must say… HIGHLY reccomended if you enjoy situational abstract puzzles. From start to finish, I felt challenged and ecouraged to keep playing each inventive scenario. 5/5!!!

Stay shiny!

Real player with 14.5 hrs in game

5.4/10 - Gorgeous exterior, soulless interior, fun for about four hours - kinda like my ex

A Collection of Bad Moments is the spiritual successor to Trajectory , but lacks its charm. Where that game had an overarching story tying randomized missions together, and included easter eggs and thematic mini-games, this one has none of those things.

There are seven short missions (four regular, two bonus and one free DLC), two of which have been taken from Trajectory (one literally, the other with some improvements). This time, however, there are no alternative ways of solving problems.

Real player with 4.0 hrs in game

A Collection of Bad Moments on Steam

Alien Extraction

Alien Extraction

There’s a big alien mess and somebody’s gotta clean it up…

Control the alien infested space station from the safety of your security desk in this funny, brain bending strategy game. Guide the station janitor, Lenny, through dangerous winding levels and solve the station’s mysteries along the way.

Use every tool at your disposal

  • Control doors, weapons systems and airlocks from the comfort of your security desk

  • Scour the video feeds for alien movement or for lost clues

  • Pilot drones to explore the station, distract aliens and lead Lenny to safety

  • Traverse the facility minimap; just don’t always trust it to always be accurate

  • Attempt to mute the station AI when it starts insulting you…

Outsmart the aliens…

…or just burn them to a crisp! Aliens can hear, see and smell Lenny; it’s your job to make sure these wily beasts don’t get too close. Outsmart them with trickery and distraction, outrun them with quick reactions and tactics or out…burn them with flamethrowers; it’s really up to you.

Defeat the baddie

Some smart guy thought it would be a good idea to upload Terminator 2 to the station’s media database. Unfortunately, the facility AI enjoyed the movie a bit too much and went rogue, releasing all of the alien specimens and generally causing a big mess. Luckily for you, Lenny the janitor is here and big messes are his speciality. Alien Extraction contains a fully voice acted, lighthearted narrative to take back the station and reboot the evil AI.

Alien Extraction on Steam



This game is just too random. Even the in-game manual straight up tells you that you might have to restart because your seed is too difficult. This is flaunted as the game being “difficult,” but there is nothing difficult about the game giving you unwinnable RNG. That’s just cheap.

You start as a random hero with a random assortment of items you can pick up. You are tasked with progressing to the last floor of the dungeon and defeating its boss. The problem is, your hero is already damaged and near death when you spawn, likely with little SP to spare on skills as well. I have literally been spawned where I am forced into a battle right away without being able to explore for more items and my character gets one shot.

Real player with 5.1 hrs in game