This game is still in early stages, but it is addictive and genuinely scary.

There are some much-needed improvements, including

  • Better controls for up/down, a function to reset to the “normal” plane where most asteroids are located,

  • View distance that doesn’t look unnatural (now the objects just spawn out of blackness),

  • Saves,

  • Goals, achievements,

  • Softer sounds, current ones are way too harsh.

Real player with 0.3 hrs in game

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Evolution of a Mini World: Physics Wonderland

Evolution of a Mini World: Physics Wonderland

Worth a try. Lots of real physics.

For example, special/general relativity, Doppler changes, solar system etc.

There are also wormholes, black holes, firewalls.

BTW: Miles instead of kilos would be better, especially as we are now out of Europe.

Real player with 3.0 hrs in game

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The physics are solid, the story is cool, but the gameplay is not that perfect. Very rich content. Considering the price, still recommend.

Real player with 2.4 hrs in game

Evolution of a Mini World: Physics Wonderland on Steam

Reentry - An Orbital Simulator

Reentry - An Orbital Simulator

Usually If I do a review it’s mostly something short and not really relevant. This one deserves a bit more attention.

If you are into space then this is a title you must add to your collection. At the time of writing this the sim offers 3 programs the USA undertook in the 50’s 60’s and 70’s namely the Mercury, Gemini and Apollo programs. The developer is a one man team who so far has done an amazing job bringing these programs to live with a very high level of detail and accuracy, basically every switch there was on these spacecrafts, is or will be in the sim and will have a function and affect your systems. The simulator has a learning curve especially when diving into the Apollo, LM lessons/academy.

Real player with 531.3 hrs in game

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This is a full fidelity cockpit simulator of the American spacecraft that were used during the Space Race. To keep this review from being unnecessarily long, I am going to break down the features of this game into a list.

Features in this game (what you can do).

  • Fly the Saturn V and all it’s modules, Mercury Redstone, Mercury Atlas, Gemini Titan, and drive the Moon Buggy.

  • Create custom missions for different objectives and scenarios.

  • Play as Mission Control for Project Mercury and Project Apollo. Please note that Mission Control in this game is not limited to just one person, and you could have a full room assisting and guiding a single astronaut. (Cockpit coop is not a feature yet, and the developer is using Mission Control to test the logic and systems).

Real player with 104.5 hrs in game

Reentry - An Orbital Simulator on Steam

Evolution of War

Evolution of War

Very short and stupid game with no progression what so ever. Good for playing one match maybe.

Real player with 0.3 hrs in game

Evolution of War on Steam

RollerCoaster VR Universe

RollerCoaster VR Universe

When done well coaster rides can be excellent in VR. Some are outstanding in my view such as Epic Coasters, the excellent indie Ghost Town Mine Ride & Shooting Value, and the indie horror fun Creep Rides. There is an awful amount of naff out there as well. So it was with in trepidation purchasing RollerCoaster VR Universe for less than two quid.

Its not perfect. Some notable issues which I cite with a constructive view are: Shadowy artifacts in the background (mountains etc.) that break immersion by shape shifting, objects such as long grass on the track that appear in your truck (particularly on the ghost town zombie ride), the many objects adjacent to track appear to contrived on occasion. Some rides are better than others, the ocean track could do with more to see (i.e. undersea buildings, caverns etc.), and the zombie track I could feel would benefit from some of it going inside (a building for example) for part of the ride.

Real player with 3.0 hrs in game

Six coasters for three bucks is a pretty sweet deal to be honest and there’s a lot of variety here. Zombies, dragons, an under the sea ride, even space. The city one which was just added today feels a little rough around the edges, but it’s certainly the most creative ending I’ve seen on a city coaster.

Overall, it’s worth three bucks now, and with a little love and smoothing out the rough edges it will be even better. Hopefully the future updates will include more dynamic soundtracks, and hammering out any pop ups or random floating objects like the coral at the start of the underwater ride. Ditto running over the poor fishys. Seriously though, it’s a solid start and most of the rides are at a pretty relaxing pace, so it would be perfect for those who might usually shy away from VR coasters.

Real player with 1.7 hrs in game

RollerCoaster VR Universe on Steam

Ballads of Moorfield

Ballads of Moorfield

When the wind still blows and trees still grow, there is always hope.

What I can remember. Years have passed. People come and last.

Whatever comes against us, we weather the storm. And with all our hearts together, we call this Moorfield our home.


Build a Home and Let It Bloom

Get settled on new land, and build upon it your new homeland. A dream starts here once you build your first house. You need farms, and you need materials. Everything is randomly generated while you get more lands and unlock more challenges. Use all means you have to grow your place which you named home.

More Creating and Be Amazing

Be smart, be creative, and be positive. Trust your every thought and it will not fail you. Build your land however you want. You are a designer with a magic wand. Show off your work to others, and amaze them with your masterpiece.

Good Leader Never Withers

Lead your people, manage your resources, listen to your counsellor, and decide on the best strategy. As your land flourishes, your fellows' loyalty never perishes. Fill your people with joy, face the toughness with them, and they will laugh and enjoy the happiness with you.

Seasons Change and Profits Paid

Can’t make the scene if you don’t have the green. You can trade resources for all your needs. Seasons do change, and prices are different. And here comes your chance for big profits and a strong economy. With cash in hands, people are nice.

Obstacles Gone and Enemies Down

Stay alarm. Your enemies could be anything. Weather and terrain, thunder and water. They are all like dangerous beasts, lurking around, and waiting for hunts. So be prepared and avoid the preyers.

Across the Hill, a Future Fulfilled

Ballads were written to glorify the lord of Moorfield. Your name is there, heard by your heirs. All those years of hard work have fulfilled your words. The future has come and brings the dawn.

Ballads of Moorfield on Steam

Astro Knight

Astro Knight

You are a carefree astronaut with a sword, the Astro Knight. But because of you, your fellow astronauts came to an untimely demise. As you grapple with your loss, you find yourself in a dream world full of monsters. You must wield your sword and your special abilities to combat waves of foes. But after each stage you must give something up. Can you let go?

Astro Knight was made as part of the inaugural Hackubator class, a game accelerator program where we are split into teams of 5 and tasked with making a game in 3 months. Our team, House Rogue, embodies the values of competence and candor with a sizable helping of rebelliousness embodied by our mantra “Go left”.

Astro Knight on Steam

Pixel Game Maker Series Werewolf Princess Kaguya

Pixel Game Maker Series Werewolf Princess Kaguya

It gets alot harder at the end. If you’re up for a challenge this game doesn’t hold any punches. It feels like the enemies have more invincibility frames than you do! So you’ve got to be alot more careful with your evasion. The skills learned do help to mitigate incoming damage and increase your own.

Real player with 10.5 hrs in game

Pretty good

Real player with 4.8 hrs in game

Pixel Game Maker Series Werewolf Princess Kaguya on Steam

What’s Inside??

What’s Inside??

The game is very interesting great artwork, detail gone into it the narrative is understood easily

  • Game menu easy to use

  • Art work is easy on the eyes

  • Cool multi choose options

  • Enjoyable

*AFK-able game

Real player with 0.3 hrs in game

What's Inside?? on Steam

Mage Hunters

Mage Hunters

An interesting board-style game that needs strategy and luck. A nostalgic and fun experience.

Real player with 5.6 hrs in game

I loved the game. It is perfect for board game lovers. It has interesting and challenging mechanics. Congrats to the devs!

Real player with 1.6 hrs in game

Mage Hunters on Steam