One Lonely Outpost

One Lonely Outpost

A barren, alien world needs YOU to bring it to life!

Start out with just an ancient space-RV, your handy tech gauntlet, a handful of potato seeds, and work to build up your colony. Grow crops to attract colonists, build a town and economy, and work to achieve independence while establishing your colony as a prime destination.

Whether you opt for an all-natural farm or a more high-tech one, you’ll need to balance producing food with other activities on your planet. Explore alien ruins to learn more about this strange world, grow your relationships with the many different characters that will join your colony, and have a blast playing various mini-game activities along the way.

It’s One Lonely Outpost … but not for long!

Decide: Natural or Synthetic?

Order up some supplies from Delivz-On, fertilize the ground, and plant crops with a unique tending mechanic – blow off dust, clip off dead branches, and watch for bugs! Pursue either a Synthetic route with robo-cows and gene-splicing (watch for glowing cabbages), or take the Natural path where you raise Earth-based farm animals and hand-tend your prize crops for premium produce. With either path, the more and better food you can make, the more colonists you can attract.


Build a Community and Forge Relationships

Every colony starts out with just one person (and a robotic pet), but colonists from around the galaxy will come to conduct research and offer other roles or services to help you grow the colony into a full-fledged town. But our career isn’t everything in life – befriend your fellow colonists to find fully developed people with their own histories, lives, and dreams. Grow your rapport with more than just gifts from your farm; perhaps even one relationship will result in true romance!

Explore Ancient Ruins

Ancient alien ruins have kept their secrets for millennia – until you’ve come along. Discover why a barren world is full of all of the features necessary for life, even though according to top scientists it shouldn’t. Puzzle and/or fight your way past the robotic guardians and be rewarded with rare items and a deeper understanding of your new farm planet.

Customize Your Character

Develop a unique sense of style and personality with clothing options and character statistics.. Choose how to balance your strengths and weaknesses across farming, exploring, crafting, socializing, and dungeon-diving as you progress on your journey.

Play To Your Interests

There’s no set path to perfecting your colony. Any element of the game can be played in any order. Whether you choose to focus on tending your farm to unlock every perk, spend all day exploring ruins fighting robots, or dedicate yourself to building up the town and connecting with residents, fun and rewards await to be discovered along the way.

Share With Friends

Play online with up to 3 other friends in collaborative co-op as well as competitive minigames. Friends can either visit your existing outpost with a greenhorn character, choose to start a fresh world from scratch together, or take a short vacation on your main to see what other colonies are up to, all while developing new relationships and even building branching families with other player characters or NPCs.

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This game is still in early stages, but it is addictive and genuinely scary.

There are some much-needed improvements, including

  • Better controls for up/down, a function to reset to the “normal” plane where most asteroids are located,

  • View distance that doesn’t look unnatural (now the objects just spawn out of blackness),

  • Saves,

  • Goals, achievements,

  • Softer sounds, current ones are way too harsh.

Real player with 0.3 hrs in game

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Space Routine

Space Routine

Space Routine is a physics-based goofy simulation of a typical day to day life in space.

The player controls the members of a space family going into their daily routines like jetpacking to work, attending school, doing some leisure activities, buying groceries, repairing or changing the car and spending some quality family time.

The game is an original take on the life simulation genre, adding some goofy physics mechanics to the gameplay and a funny retro style with lots of pop culture references that will hit hard on the player’s inner child.

Space Routine is a sci-fi look at daily life, that will make the players reflect on their own day to day routines and family life.

Key Features

  • Physics-based space life simulator.

  • Take care of your family’s needs: health, food, job, entertainment, and love.

  • Random starting locations for your family.

  • Minigames that will make your daily office job easier.

  • Three different space cars to buzz around in space.

  • Lots of space stations, homes, offices, stores, and space-food-carts!

  • Play with your keyboard, mouse or joystick.

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Space Routine on Steam

Space Chef

Space Chef

Space Chef is a 2D open world action adventure, with lots of cooking, farming and crafting. Imagine Stardew Valley in space, but with a shotgun and a cook book.


Space Chef is an open-world, err.. open galaxy game combining gun-blasting action with fun cooking, crazy crafting and anything but your usual farming. Explore a vast universe that is different each playthrough. Best of all, bring a friend on your delicious adventures with couch co-op!



  • Hunt and gather ingredients - Visit strange alien planets and learn how to capture the tasty creatures before they wipe you out. If violence is not your cup of tea, you’ll do best to avoid alien contact and stick to friendly, yet juicy, plants.

  • Cook tasty meals - Chop and grill your way to success using a full set of kitchen appliances, built from scrap you’ll find floating around in space. The better the quality of your ingredients, the more you’ll earn.

  • Deliver to hungry clients - If you’re lucky enough to get a high value order from Zink Z’Boink of sector Z9, you’ll definitely need those plasma cannons. The hungry space pirates will stop at nothing to get their hands on your culinary creations.


  • Explore the galaxy - Discover planets, abandoned space stations and visit strange settlements. Upgrade your ship to reach further into the unknown. Feeling crazy? Why not chase a high velocity chrystalline asteroid? High risk, high reward!

  • Farm mysterious plants - Find unusual seeds on distant planets and nurture them in your farm until they’re ready to be harvested. Take good care of them though, or they might escape…

  • Craft machines and gadgets - Collect all sorts of useful junk floating around in space and put together to build machines that will make your food faster and your life easier.

  • Mine yourself rich - Using your nifty drill and various dangerous devices, discover valuable resources needed to build that giant thruster grill you’ve always dreamed of. But beware, there are others out there who want them as well.

  • Prepare for space combat - Upgrade your ship to defend yourself against pirates and competing food delivery services. Or join the pirates and get some very lucrative —and highly illegal— missions. Beware of the galactic police!

  • Craft awesome helper bots - Dirty kitchen? Get a SuckBot. Annoying friends? Get a SentryBot. Bleeding out? MedBot is on the way. Find rare electronic parts and build yourself a best friend in no time.

  • Customize your home - Where you work is where you live, so make sure it is cozy. Collect decorations from around the galaxy and, if you’re really lucky, you’ll even find a talking plant to keep you up at night.

  • Meet hungry characters - On your journey you’ll meet several interesting human and alien characters. Some will help you, some will need your help, but all of them have one thing in common. They need food!

  • Keep track of time - Each planet has its own day and night cycle. Certain creatures and plants are only accessible at certain times of the day. Also make sure to watch the morning report for the latest on passing traders and dangerously lucrative situations.

  • Find out who blew up your kitchen - Use your limited detective skills to find out who wanted you out of business. Who’s that suspicious guy at Zlurkas bar that only shows up after midnight? The truth is out there. And it doesn’t taste good.


Still reading? Congratulations, you’re now an apprentice Space Chef ready to sharpen your knives!


Now join our discord at and get the latest news before everyone else, and get a chance to play the alpha version.

Space Chef on Steam

Alien Life Simulator

Alien Life Simulator

here we are, played it for a decent amount of time now and i must say i dont regret this purchase!

i can see a big roguelike adventure evolving from this excellent base!

cant wait for the frequent updates to continue!

Real player with 16.1 hrs in game

cool game. i recommend

Real player with 11.7 hrs in game

Alien Life Simulator on Steam

Exodus H

Exodus H

As it stands this is not a game, maybe you’d call it a foundational engine for one. The videos are misleading, all the demonstrated functionality seems to be missing or at the very least fundamentally broken. I reported a bug that was fixed and patched in a few hours though, so there is hope I might have cause to change my review later. I considered getting a refund really as it seems that no one is actively testing the game before releasing, but that last patch made me choose not to. I might regret that choice later if there is not enough patches and improvements in the next couple of weeks.

Real player with 0.2 hrs in game

Exodus H on Steam

Generation Ship

Generation Ship

You’re the AI responsible for a generation ship, mankind’s last hope for survival. Build efficient raw material cycles and help your crew in a realistic real-time simulation to survive the hardness of space on their long journey to a new home!

  • Realistic Environment controls

    air pressure, air composition

  • Realistic Artificial Gravity

    by spinning the ship

  • Realistic Persons

    Metabolism using air and nutrition, many needs to be fulfilled

  • Realistic resource conversion

    Resources are converted between each other

  • Everything in real time

    No fake time used

  • Optimized for simulation

    Extreme Gamespeed (100.000x and faster)

  • Timewarp

    to wait for something, automatic pause in critical situations

  • Build a generation ship

    as fast as possible

  • Take care of your crew

    Fulfill their needs

  • Make the ship independent

    Grow your own food, build resource cycles

  • Build it large enough

    to survive the long journey

  • Connect Storages

    To manage the resource flow

  • Recycle Resources

    Convert them into resources that are needed

  • Get supplies from earth

    Till you are independent from them

  • Gather Resources in Missions

    (coming soon)

  • Life support

    several Environment Controls

  • Crew Supply

    Toilets, Sleeping quarters, Canteens,…

  • Food Production

    Greenhouses, Kitchen,…

  • Artificial Gravity buildings

    Mass Balancers, Spinning engines

  • and much more

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Glutton - a game that tells us about a creature brought to earth on a meteorite. The game begins with the level of atoms and ends with the scale of the planet, our creature as it grows acquires new skills for more effective absorption of biomass, and protection from the dangers that wait for it at every step.

Game Features

  • Ability to upgrade the main character for genome points, which gives him not only new skills or improves existing ones, but also changes his appearance!

  • 5 unique abilities that open up as you progress through the game, which can be upgrade!

  • As you progress through the main character will evolve, which will also be display on his appearance!

  • 40 eventful levels in 8 different biomes (you will visit the level of atoms, unicellular organisms, microorganisms, marine animals, insects, people and cities, and so on until you reach the scale of the planet).

  • Levels both on land and in liquids! Depending on this, the control of the character changes!

  • System of small missions to diversify the gameplay with different missions on the levels!

  • At the end of the block of levels, you will find a boss ready to challenge you!

  • A variety enemies!

  • System of passing levels by the number of stars, the better you pass them – the easier it will be to go further, because for they open up improvements for skills!

Glutton on Steam

Space Colony: Steam Edition

Space Colony: Steam Edition

I really like this game. It has been described as The Sims in Space. I have never liked The Sims games as I find that they are far too repetitive and boring. Space Colony is a good building game, The Sims element is that you do have to be aware of the needs of your operatives to improve production. This does give an extra twist to the game that you have to think about and some of the challenges are based around ensuring that your crew are reletively happy or they won’t work.

Any Building Sim worth it’s salt should have an element of ensuring that you are providing basic things, such as food, so I don’t find this particularly strange, as some have mentioned. Making sure your crew does not go mad while on an abandoned planet does give the game an additional challenge.

Real player with 102.4 hrs in game

well i dont know what to say, i really want to like this game but its more about mini managing all of the peoples quirks than it is about building a colony. the maps are very small so building is limited even in sandbox mode. there are numerous objects on maps that cannot be removed (maybe by bombs in free mode ?) forcing you to make odd looking and crappy base layouts in most cases.

alot of the quests are just kind of gimmicky, in a previous scenario you will unlock items for the quest, yet the very next quest acts like you never used them before just to make certain quests “seem” harder. although there is an option to download user made content so thats a plus.

Real player with 40.5 hrs in game

Space Colony: Steam Edition on Steam

Humanity: First Woman In Space

Humanity: First Woman In Space

Create more harmony and equality - reduce discrimination in the world! Feel how it is to be the first woman astronaut.

What Is Humanity?

Humanity: First Woman in Space transports you into the body of the first woman to go into space. View the world through the eyes of Astronaut Turova as she navigates through the male dominated world of astronaut training. Experience how it feels when most people around you don’t believe in you. Research shows that this type of experience can reduce your bias: by playing Humanity: First Woman in Space, you are not only having fun but you are increasing harmony in the world!


This is a Virtual Reality experience that will work on any SteamVR compatible device! It will also work with an Oculus Quest 1 or 2 using an Oculus Link or Virtual Desktop.


Humanity: First Woman in Space is still in development and for now only the first part of the story - before the Rocket Launch - is available. We are looking forward to your feedback to shape the second part of the story, which happens in the spaceship. The second part of the story will include: asteroid shooting, panels fixing, 0 gravity flying.

How Does It Work?

Humanity: First Woman in Space is based on scientific research about increasing empathy and decreasing bias/ discrimination through the use of Virtual Reality. If you’re interested in learning more about these topics, please reach out to us.

Who Are We?

Our mission is to transform and empower people and organizations with Virtual Reality. We are a Berlin-based startup. We combine cutting-edge technology with the latest scientific research and a great passion for innovation. Together we share the vision of an awakened humanity, happy, healthy, aware, caring for themselves with joy!


  • Thanks to Lucas King for his music.

Help Us

Every feedback is greatly appreciated! We are creating this story together and we would be more than happy to integrate the features you want. Please, tell us what you liked, what you would like to change, or what you would love to see in the second part.

If you’d like to support us, you can do so by rating this experience, by joining our Discord or by sharing this experience!

Humanity: First Woman In Space on Steam