Dark Zodiac

Dark Zodiac

Mystictronaut is traveling alone in search all lost constellations. His costume, boots, gun and grenade give him special abilities so he is up to the task. Hunting aliens and robots, searching for the path through this universe of planets and stars.

Playing as Mystictronaut you can:

1- Fly through space using your revealing bomb to reveal hidden planets and asteroids.

2- When the planet or asteroid is revealed it comes with lots of aliens and robots that you must eliminate.

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Dinos Reborn

Dinos Reborn

I am Payton, the (last?) survivor of the expedition I do not recall. I woke up in an escape pod in a place I do not know. The creepy sounds around me, mean one thing. I AM NOT ALONE!

Haunted by unanswered questions. The flashes of memories of the spaceship, the crew… and a mystical force keep reappearing in my dreams.

Trapped in a place where the past & future become the present and dinosaurs alive again.

I must evolve my survival skills, explore this unknown planet to solve its mystery, and discover its true nature and the reason for being here.

I must survive!… Payton Out!

Prepare to be surprised. For reasons unknown, some of the dinosaurs in this place are overly aggressive towards you. They are driven by something more than instinct and hunger. You’ll learn the reasons for this behavior if you will live long enough. Predators can hunt day and night. They can fight each other or work together.

Survival of the fittest. In this world, the number of ways you can die and things that can kill you is essentially limitless. Hunger, thirst, fatigue – fail to manage them, and you’re gone. An infected wound that you didn’t take care of in time? Bye-bye! Poison spreading throughout your body? You’d better look for healing herbs and change your diet, or no one will ever hear from you again. All this without even mentioning the huge predators roaming the land. Be vigilant, mask your scent, use camouflage, keep quiet, find a good spot to hide, and maybe, maybe you’ll make it ‘til morning.

You begin on this unknown planet with only your bare hands, sticks, and stones. You need food, water, shelter, fire, medicine, weapons, and many other things if you want to stay alive. The catch – you need to do all of this yourself. Tools will lead you to weapons, weapons to food, food to strength, strength to the ability to build traps, snares, fortifications, shelters, and eventually an entire base. The last will be crucial to your survival, which is your ultimate goal.

You don’t remember who you are or why you are here. The world around you is as dangerous as it is beautiful and mysterious. Exploring vast amounts of the terrain might reveal more wonders and unexpected encounters than you would expect. As you explore, you will come across unknown technology. Some of it will be recognizable to you. Others will be alien. You will find plenty of evidence that people were here, or maybe still are. Look for clues, notes, maps to find hidden places and discover the great secrets of this place, and to find who you are and what is the reason of being here.

You wake up on a beach with rainforests in your sight. It’s up to you to decide which direction to go. There is no invisible wall around here. It takes “just” 25 minutes to run from one end of this place to another. What keeps you from getting further? That is up to you to find out! While exploring vast amounts of terrain, one may encounter things beyond imagination. Before setting off on an adventurous trip, it is worth building a base. Once you have assembled all the tools you need, you can start building it.

The rules of this planet are quite simple. Kill or be killed. Hunt or become prey. Eat or be eaten. Here, even the smallest insect can become the cause of your doom. Simultaneously, you will often encounter creatures that will tolerate or even like you. Discovering who is friend versus foe will be one of the most important tasks ahead of you. Learn how to sneak up on creatures. Analyze their tracks, observe their habits, look for their weak points, and find the best moment to attack. Remember that each animal has a different sense of smell, hearing, and sight. As an experienced hunter, you will be able to hunt at night, but so will the creatures hunting you, so you should be all eyes and ears at all times.

Unlearn what you have learned. The unknown phenomenon can make dinosaurs behave unpredictably and look differently. Even the most hardcore dinosaurs geeks need to be on guard.

Unique survival mechanic never seen before - UNKNOWN

Unique campaign assistance - UNKNOWN

A surprising view of the world - UNKNOWN

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Mortal box

Mortal box

overall it’s a pretty good game.

it’s quite simple every player haves a target to chase, as well it’s the target of someone else. like a catching mice kind of gameplay in 6 faces of a cube.

there are some power-up based on math. that may benefit you or harm you harm you. it could be hard to understand this kind of perks but once you get used to it it’s pretty easy.

the AI it’s ok. but the main mode it’s to play it with 2 friends

so does worth the price? yeah, it’s a pretty simple game but for 2 dollar it’s worth.

Real player with 3.0 hrs in game

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Quite an interesting game, simple and funny :)

Real player with 0.1 hrs in game

Mortal box on Steam

Rebirth of Island

Rebirth of Island

This is a top-down 2D survival game rendered in 3D. The premise is decent enough and fairly unique, as a stranger on a strange procedurally generated map.

However the implementation is a huge letdown. Janky controls, very low quality graphics, no support for HD resolution (let alone UHD). You can switch to full screen (why is this not the default?) but because the art assets are poor (hard to tell if they are deliberately “retro pixel” or the developers didn’t bother hiring an artist).

The game comes across as unpolished and not really suitable for release on PC.

Real player with 11.1 hrs in game

A Survival Sandbox Game


  • Visually the game looks very unique, there’s basically different floors or floating islands of land on top of one another, and you can see the floors below you through gaps. You can find holes to travel down which are basically the “mines”

  • I thought the intro sequence / story was pretty unique, you fly your spaceship through an asteroid field before crash landing on the planet.

  • Crafting, you can make items, shelter, etc. (typical things from games of this genre)

Real player with 9.7 hrs in game

Rebirth of Island on Steam

Void Encounter

Void Encounter


Real player with 0.9 hrs in game

Void Encounter on Steam