Haunted Space

Haunted Space


Battle capital ships and Lovecraftian creatures amongst the stars in a horror-laced space simulation. Experience the horrors of the void alone in this single player, narrative driven experience.


Overcome the odds in fierce multi-stage boss battles against ancient God-like creatures composed of organic matter and space debris


Take on quests across multiple systems or strike out on your own to fight, explore and scavenge resources and credits. Trade, craft, customise your ship and fight to survive as you uncover the mystery of a galaxy haunted by an ancient civilisation.


In HAUNTED SPACE, the innovative co-pilot system allows you to choose the level of control you prefer, from a complete space simulation, through to a more arcade style experience. At its maximum level, the co-pilot makes the game accessible for blind and visually impaired users, and it also supports eye-tracking

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Haunted Space on Steam

Ayumi: Enhanced Edition

Ayumi: Enhanced Edition

my mommy comes into my room at night and puts ointment on my sores

Real player with 17.6 hrs in game

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Ayumi: Enhanced Edition is a great little game. I purchased this in January shortly after the 2.55 update, and was pleasantly surprised at how well this title is put together. The game makes heavy use of pre-made assets, but it does so in a way that builds an atmosphere of horror and suspence. The scares are spaced out in such a way that the game builds up a sense of dread, and then does something shocking, which made me jump more than a couple of times. As far as content, there’s a lot of game here. You can finish this title in about an hour or so, but there’s so many little things to find, as well as alternate endings. The game’s story is interesting, and is sprinkled with bits of Lovecraftian mythos, which really helps to set the stage. This product is well worth the asking price, and the creator Lord Rutsah has put a lot of love into this title, and it shows.

Real player with 6.2 hrs in game

Ayumi: Enhanced Edition on Steam

Dead Space

Dead Space

I’m not huge into survival horror with emphasis on ammo and health pack conservation. But I bought this ages ago on sale and finally pushed myself to go and complete it. Still not huge into the genre but I had fun and was pretty fun all the way through. Graphics still hold up ok too. I would obviously recommend to anyone who enjoys Resident Evil games.

Real player with 39.2 hrs in game

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Aged Like Fine Wine

Dead Space is now more than 13 years old, but don’t let its age and dated graphics fool you. Some may say that I’m too late to the party, but I dare say that this game was truly ahead of its time, and there isn’t anything like this nowadays. If you, like me, are new to the franchise or just looking for a good horror title, this review is for you - with no spoilers.

Curiosity in Storytelling

You play as the silent engineer, Isaac Clarke, on his mission to repair the mining spacecraft USG Ishimura. Throughout the campaign, you will find leftover data like text and video logs explaining a fraction of events before your arrival. The variety of information given to you is like a piece of fabric, so you can sew the story back together just enough to understand what had and is happening. From data research regarding the “creatures” you encounter, to the sheer panic and the slow downward spiral into insanity that the crew had experienced due to the influence of “the artifact”. While the game’s progress is linear, as you move from one section of the ship to another, everything still feels interconnected. There are some chapters where you return to the previous areas, the environment has been renewed, you can now enter previously-locked rooms, whereas some of the old segments are now blocked because of the advancement of the “creatures”.

Real player with 31.3 hrs in game

Dead Space on Steam

Negative Atmosphere

Negative Atmosphere

Negative Atmosphere is a third person, over-the-shoulder survival horror game dedicated to dread, tension and trauma. Trapped aboard the voidship TRH Rusanov, Samuel Edwards must evade, fight and kill his former crew-mates as an outbreak transforms them into monsters. There’s only one way out and an entire ship to cross. Danger lurks around every corner and time is running out. Explore the depths of the Rusanov, pull whatever resources you can out of its guts, and run.

Treat the infection

As Chief Medical Officer of the Rusanov, Edwards has a confident, in-depth understanding of medicinal drugs. Routine medication can be repurposed for more creative ideas, or transformed into something more extreme. Whether attempting to save the injured, influence enemies or alter himself, Samuel’s medical knowledge will be key to his survival.

Every choice matters

Edwards has beliefs, past experiences and coping mechanisms that players will learn throughout Negative Atmosphere. This means that morality is not just about what you want as a player, as every decision will have an effect on Edwards. Learning his values is important: working with them or against them will affect Samuel’s mental state and change how he reacts to events.

Nowhere is safe

The Rusanov is infested with threats, from man and machine alike. Humans on board have mostly fallen victim to the outbreak, twisting their limbs and stretching their bodies into creatures that are near-unrecognisable. Robots are becoming unstable; some turn violent and roam the ship’s corridors, while others break down in a state of utter panic. Between the remains of the crew, the confused husks of metal and other terrors that skulk in every shadow, every engagement could be Samuel’s last.

Your survival is… unlikely.

Negative Atmosphere on Steam



Orbital - first person sci-fi survival horror. You are one of the last, (or maybe last) crew member. Your mission is to find out what is going on and get out from the spaceship. Will you survive, or not, will depends only on you.

You are an ordinary member of an expedition to explore new worlds. Your responsibilities include maintaining the ship’s subsystems and maintaining the working equipment. After another expedition to the surface of the nearest planet, you began to notice some oddities in the behavior of an electrician. But you blame this on the unexplored effects of exposure and the electromagnetic field of the new world. And one day you wake up as usual. But nothing else is normal on your ship.

Can you be smart and get off the ship that has turned from home to your worst nightmare?

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Features of the game

Several unique types of monsters

You will not feel safe in any corner of the ship. Only by getting used to one situation in the world can you unexpectedly find yourself in another. And what worked before may now be useless. Can you adapt?

The same spaceship - a different place

The location of the items changes and the available rooms change after each failure.

Different scenarios

Explore the ship, collect notes about the last moments of the life of the crew and find a way to get out of there.

Dangers and Opportunities

Using the work tool, discover new places and previously inaccessible areas. You don’t have a chance to confront your enemy directly. But you can distract and run away. If you’re careful

Death is the loss of everything

If you are lost, this is the end. When you die, you will start the game from the beginning. On a different ship, in a different situation. Another person. Good luck.

The ORBITAL on Steam

Die, AI

Die, AI

A traditional horror RPG set in space, with heavy emphasis on puzzle-solving, survival and jump scares. As the lone survivor onboard a spaceship returning to Earth from a mining mission, you must work your way through the ship that has been taken over by the systems A.I which hellbent on killing everything on board. Limited oxygen, failing systems and A.I created booby traps.

Die, AI on Steam

Osiris: New Dawn

Osiris: New Dawn

This game has gone from one of Good Faith and community optimism to now being considered a scam by the vast majority.


On paper Osiris: New Dawn invoked a lot of community interest and originally surged to the top of the steam charts, carried on the backs of expectations and desires for what it then (and in the future) represented: a solid space survival experience. However, failures of both project and team management has led to this games downfall–turning the community from hopeful, optimistic and taking the developer in Good Faith to now questioning if this is all just a big scam by someone who claims himself as a 20 year veteran of game development.

Real player with 715.1 hrs in game

Last time I posted a review of this game it was still very much in development. Now currently this game is still in early access and it looks like it will stay that way for a while. Anyway, with the current status of the game, there are things to look at.

In the primaries, it is the same game. You crash landed in an escape pod on an uninhabited planet.

In the first build, you enter the planet which is now known as Proteus with just a gun, tent and some other equipment.

Compared to this build, we currently have the same planet but they mostly did away with things.

Real player with 400.2 hrs in game

Osiris: New Dawn on Steam

UFO : Brawlers from Beyond

UFO : Brawlers from Beyond

Nice game to play with friends!!!

Real player with 46.4 hrs in game

At first I wasn’t sure but once I started playing this game it was hard to put down. Definitely one to play with friends. It’s hilarious, technical, and lends itself to a lot of variety so very replayable. If you like Alien, co-op or vs fighting, and you have a good sense of humor, consider picking this game up.

Real player with 6.5 hrs in game

UFO : Brawlers from Beyond on Steam



HYPERVIOLENT is a brutal, fast-paced old-school FPS in the style of classic sprite-based 3D games from the 1990s. After responding to a distress signal from Commodus Asteroid 27-C, a remote mining colony, you find yourself in the midst of a violent outbreak among its inhabitants. You must unravel the secrets of the station as you seek an answer to the madness within its complex corridors.

Obliterate your foes with an array of guns and melee weapons that can be wielded in nearly endless combinations, and take the VIOLENCE to the next level with Multiplayer support for up to 30 players in a variety of thrilling game modes.


  • Gorgeous 3D / Pixel Hybrid

    Explore the rich environments of the I.E.C. Commodus station and paint them with viscera, rendered in a combination of classic low-poly 3D, and hand-crafted 1990s pixel art aesthetic.

  • Brutal, fast-paced combat

    Feel the adrenaline rush of an old-school shooter, the way FPS games were meant to be played! Dual-wield over 20 unique ranged and melee weapons to tear through everything in your way.

  • Use the environment to your advantage

    Utilize switches, computer terminals, keycards & other control mechanisms to navigate the labyrinthian station and manipulate your environment.

  • RPG / FPS mechanics

    Manage your inventory, upgrade weapons, interact with NPCs, & peruse through computer data logs to further your mission in this exciting, authentically nostalgic experience.

  • Multiplayer

    Battle up to 30 of your friends head-to-head in Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, or survival. Take on the horrific challenges of the I.E.C Commodus with 4-person co-op!


Moons of Madness

Moons of Madness

Moons of Madness

Tides of the Elder Gods


Once again Funcom expands its online MMO’s lore - the formerly known The Secret World but re-purposed as Secret World Legends in 2017 - with a new interactive narrative experience in Moons of Madness which acts in exactly the same way as Funcom’s previous effort, The Park. What that means is you are getting a heavily story-based experience with some light puzzle solving as opposed to one that includes combat and an overdose of action.

Real player with 13.2 hrs in game

TLDR: I really wanted to love this as a huge fan of horror, lovecraft and narrative driven games but its just not “quite” there. It’s by no means bad, but it just didn’t have the strong story needed in a game…with no gameplay.

Pros - Pretty game to look at in places, clearly a lot of effort went into set dressing / area design, initially builds a good atmosphere.

Cons - Story is very shallow and predictable, characters are just bad, puzzles are very simple, lots of choppy framerates and some very out of place gameplay that felt shoehorned in.

Real player with 11.4 hrs in game

Moons of Madness on Steam