Boundary is a multiplayer tactical space-based shooter that puts players in the role of a heavily armed astronaut, called an Astroperator, engaging in fierce team vs team zero gravity firefights and executing low-gravity operations on orbiting space installations against other enemy Astroperators and other entities.

Powered by your EMU suit, you can now navigate the harsh atmosphere of space and orbiting installations in order to engage enemy combatants in a 3-dimensional battlefield where threats come at you from all angles. This is astronaut combat more akin to dogfighting where your angle of attack and position can make all the difference.

Personalize your protective space suit and your arsenal of modified weaponry. Be a keen-eyed sharpshooter executing long range kills from afar or get in close and personal as an Assaulter, taking the fight forward. Modify and upgrade your chosen primary weapon from a wide selection of stocks, grips, scopes, barrels, and ammo types to coordinate with your play style and create a weapon and class appearance unique to you.

Heavily inspired by real life industrial technology and space exploration, Boundary features a varied selection of multiplayer maps including a wreck strewn debris field, Solar Farm and so on. These maps provide Astroperators with a range of diverse and challenging combat environments.

Weapon customization, multiple combat classes to choose from, including combat medics, snipers, support, and utilizing special devices like the grappling hook to help navigate complex map design will make your combat more unpredictable and challenging. Gain the tactical advantage and employ cunning strategies in multiplayer combat to gain the winning edge.

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Boundary on Steam

Space Bar at the End of the Galaxy

Space Bar at the End of the Galaxy

I’ve played it through twice. Its got good player interaction for a VN. It also has good character development (as deep as you can get in less then 2 hours), my complaint is that game gives us a variety about Imperial and other factions, but you give no information about them. A few blurbs of imagination that has already gone into the game would help players except the characters be more real. I don’t mind invisible histories, but I nice blurb about them can a long ways towards making a player more sympathetic to them.

Real player with 3.4 hrs in game

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It’s not bad at all but there are better options out there.

I’m really on the fence when it comes to giving this game a bad review. Here’s some points that stood out that led me to my negative review.


-The writing is pretty decent.

-Characters react in a realistic way to what you choose to answer.

-The character models are good, although with only 5 people ever depicted in game, that’s to be expected.

-The world and characters are actually flashed out a bit, which is rare for such a cheap and short game.

Real player with 3.1 hrs in game

Space Bar at the End of the Galaxy on Steam