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Real player with 2.9 hrs in game

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MAYBE I CAN on Steam



If anybody can hear me, please respond.

_I am a sole survivor of the liberty, a long range scout ship on a mission to discover the cause of a spacial anomaly on the edge of this system. My crew is missing and had to re-purpose some drones to make repairs.

Everything that could go wrong has, I have limited fuel, limited resources and have had to resort to explore this sector to look for supplies.

Things turned from bad to worse when I realized that every ship and base I have discovered has turned up empty. No life, nobody. Nothing except some extra scrap and some upgrades I used to further my search._

Real player with 66.6 hrs in game

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So, you wanted to get scared. You wanted to play a horror game. Perhaps a survival rogue-like one? Forget your run-of-the-mill jump scare games, monsters, aliens and other nasties. Duskers will make you fear mere sounds of the ship you’ve docked at creaking, shudder at seeing flashing red doors and jump at simple beeps of your console.

The atmosphere of the game has to be applauded over and over. The graphical nature is simple yet complex. Simple in terms of the console view where you can see the location of your drones, the layout of the ship, the state of its doors and so on. This part is logically clean and very un-Hollywood like, where terminals will be more graphically impressive than any operating system yet look a fraction as useful. The console, coupled with the ambient rumbling of your ship’s engines as well as various blips and blops, will reinforce the feeling of isolation. The feeling that you are truly alone in the cold vastness of space, desperately trying to keep your aging ship and failing drones to keep going as you attempt to figure out just what has happened to everyone.

Real player with 59.3 hrs in game

Duskers on Steam

SpaceNET - A Space Adventure

SpaceNET - A Space Adventure

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Authentic small two-color point-and-click adventure game in retro 80s style.

This game can be a real gem for you if you value minimalism and retro atmosphere with a non-linear sci-fi adventure with less graphics and more story.

Real player with 355.2 hrs in game

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spacenet is a retro-style sci-fi point & click that gave me asteroids, elite and similar vibes, but there’s no combat, resource management (except money, see below) or anything like that here, just you in your spaceship wandering around, talking, puzzling and hacking in a non-linear fashion.

Real player with 10.4 hrs in game

SpaceNET - A Space Adventure on Steam



Still very much in early access and not bug free but this game has potential!

Real player with 31.0 hrs in game

Great game!

I gave a thorough review of the foundation and game-play of this awesome game here:

Real player with 6.2 hrs in game




Deadnaut provides a lot of creepy atmosphere, fun and replayability.

When I bought Dreadnaut and entered the game, I didn’t expect much based on the trailers available. It seemed just like all those top-down squad RTS games, which there are hundreds of. It was only 10 euros, so I decided to jump it and test it out.

I immediately reached out for the character creation. I’ve always been one for creating my own party/character, since the game experience feels a lot more personal. The character creation has two minor bugs, which I did not realize were bugs until I read the forums for a tutorial on character creation. The bugs:

Real player with 20.9 hrs in game

In one campaign your fighting off waves of fast moving xenomorphs, through the flurry of fast moving xeno’s you see one of your men get dragged away through a airlock. Yet in another campaign you may be contending with the possessed remains of a former crew driven insane by unknown artifacts, behemoths throwing your soldiers around as artifacts obscure your command and control with horrifying visions of death and torture.

Deadnaut’s is a game that wants to immerse you in its universe. Your hud looks akin to something from a WW2 submarine simulation and your control over your soldiers is sketchy at the best of times. There are a large amount of things to take into consideration with Deadnaut’s and many ways for those under your command to come to harm or die, this may be the one area the game faulters in. It is a real time tactical squad based game, essentially a rogue like.

Real player with 20.8 hrs in game

Deadnaut on Steam



Speed is a fast paced action game requiring the player to constantly think on their feet. Only two buttons guide you on this journey A click on the right/left (Mouse And Keyboard Controls) or two buttons on your favorite controller. A right sided button click with apply angular force to the square you are controlling pushing in to the right and vice versa for the left sided button. Sounds simple right? well yes but actually no. With this little control it can be EXTREMELY hard to avoid all obstacles and reach the end of each level unharmed. Every level is sure to require hundreds of rage filled attempts as your skill level increases. Mastery of controls will make you feel as if you have achieved greatness so what do you say will you play Speed or is it just too hard for you?

Speed on Steam




Start off as playing a janitor (Cooper) on a ship in space and wake up from being unconcious to only find out somthing terrible has happened to the ship and why everybody is gone. There is one other person on the ship and you must follow his insturcutions to make your way through areas, solving puzzles to descover more of the story of what truly happend.


The graphics are amazing and easy to learn controls. However dialog beggins early, and you cant do anything but walk around until the dialog is over, and most of the time the dialog is quite long. after you get past that the puzzles are pretty hard with your choice of getting help at anytime (only with the terminal puzzles). Navigating around is confusing at times seeing theres no real good indication of what direction you should go in. The terminal puzzles are difficult even though is does help you know what to type to navigate your way thought the system, however theres so many folders, you must know which ones to go in, so in summary you will be blindly searching through folders and dead ends for a while until you finally type in the write combination, and seems like some of the keys, passwords, ect. are randomly generated with each game so you cant look it up which could be a good thing but makes for a long difficult time consuming effort. There is a great story to this game and the enviroment gives you an feeling of being alone despite the other person here and there on the comm system. In my opinion the “action” button is hard to locate on the things you need to interact with, you will either pass somthing up because you wont know its interactable or you will be wiggling your mouse around for a bit trying to make your action.

Real player with 9.7 hrs in game


Easy peasy lemon squeezy! What, you thought I’m talking about the game? TARTARUS can be summarized by a few words, sure, but “easy” ain’t among them. And that is perfectly fine. It’s been far too long since I’ve had a game that pushed me so close to rage quitting. But no, I couldn’t give up and I didn’t stop until I finished TARTARUS, even if it took me longer than expected. I guess that’s the beauty of some Steam indie games. You take a good look over the Store’s official screenshots for it and you still can’t guess what aces lie under their sleeves. For a Steam debutante, Abyss Gameworks has left quite an impression on yours truly.

Real player with 7.9 hrs in game


Lost Assassin

Lost Assassin

The year is 3043. You are an AI-AGR (Assassin Grade Robot). Your mothership was destroyed by an unknown force (spoiler: evil robots). Engage in intense platform-shooting action while seeking vengeance, 12 satisfying weapons, powerups, jetpacks, bionic legs and more. Inspired by 80s sci-fi movies and games.


-12 primary weapons, grenades and loads of powerups

-Dialogue system. Choices you make affect gameplay

-AI enemies react and respond to your movements

-Mine resources to upgrade your arsenal

-Jetpack and double jump to reach those tough spots

-Cutting edge 80’s inspired sprites with modern lighting effects

-Huge levels to explore with precise controls …and much much more

Lost Assassin on Steam