Perseverance Mission - Astronaut Charlie

Perseverance Mission - Astronaut Charlie

I like it very much. This game is awesome. It might be difficult at first. If you play for a while, it will challenge you a lot. Thank you for creating a good puzzle game.

Real player with 6.9 hrs in game

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Another tile sliding puzzle with a cat. This one has a sci-fi theme and spacey music. You can only really see it’s a cat on the title screen, otherwise it’s just a small mars rover that goes along the path. It gets a bit tedious towards the end when there is only one tile to spare but that’s pretty standard for tile sliders. Nice for an evening with a puzzle and some bright warm colored mars environments.

Real player with 2.9 hrs in game

Perseverance Mission - Astronaut Charlie on Steam

Space Drone: Rescue Mission

Space Drone: Rescue Mission

This is actually a good little puzzle adventure.

Rooms can get quite difficult as you proceed further into the game.

Also its cheap and entirely worth the modest price being asked.

Real player with 7.5 hrs in game

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Ok, this game has taken me by surprise. I was expecting something easy and fast, but this game has some puzzles that forced me to stop and think what am i doing - what isn’t something bad, to the contrary, is extremely good. It gets harder the more you progress, and i still didnt finished it (pretty close to the end tho), but, until now, i having lots of fun with this.

Real player with 4.2 hrs in game

Space Drone: Rescue Mission on Steam

Maptroid: Worlds

Maptroid: Worlds

A metroidvania experienced entirely in the map!

Sequel to the acclaimed short browser game Maptroid. Maptroid: Worlds has you return exploring metroidvania style, and in multiple planets this time, filling out the map and collecting items, and powerups as you go. Can you make it home for dinner a second time?


  • You can visit a number of planets, explore and fully map them out.

  • Collect powerups to enable you to explore new areas, and zip through the map faster and faster.

  • Quirky, but not outrageous story and lore writing connecting the worlds for you to discover.

  • Improved ship graphic!

  • 40 small puzzle levels for you to solve in puzzletroid mode.

  • 40 small relaxing maps for you to explore freely in zentroid mode.

  • Speedrun mode so you can get faster times unfettered by dialog!

  • And a secret hard mode for a challenging replay if you want to experience something different.

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Maptroid: Worlds on Steam



Silence on cosmic station somewhere in deep space. Scientists no answers.

You are a agent, who must inspect station and save people and science ultimate discovery.

Scientists in a cryostasis sleep, system of station awakens and unfreeze people, but scientist hard to thinking.

Enemy is unknown, technics engaged destroying people, materials, ammo.

Stock still have equipment can you use in mission.

Your ship use radioactive fuel.

Save scientists, take care of science, and good luck!

Reskue on Steam

Shattered Planet

Shattered Planet

To put it bluntly, Shattered Planet is one of the worst Roguelike I ever had the displeasure to play and it’s not worth the price at all, even considering this is the first game made by Kitfox, especially when they straight up abandoned it, leaving some items impossible to collect (making 100% completion not achivable if you are into that) and not fixings LOTS of bugs and glitches that plague the experience, either by being a minor annoyance or outright impeding your progress

The premise of Shattered Planet is that you, the clone of a space adventurer, with the aid of your space crew, that is made by the huge number of one ‘nother alien guy, must travel to the now shattered planet of Earth to find a cure to a space disease known as “Blight”, which there are currently no ways to treat it.

Real player with 702.4 hrs in game

I really like this game!

Jumping right into what you want to know:

Gameplay/Story: Simple; easy to learn very fast. Choose a clone, each with their own skillset and buffs, and traverse the ever-changing shattered pieces of an ancient planet crawling with monsters and tribals, littered with loot and new weapons to help you on your way as you progress onto harder and harder levels that are different every time. See how far you can get before the flora, fauna, or your own mistakes spell your end. You will die. A lot. But don’t worry; your clone can pick up where you left off to start the adventure all over again with all the information and levels that your last one was able to earn before his untimely, and probably sudden, demise. But you’re not always alone in this, you might sometimes also find it in your favor to either purchase or tame a companion or pet to help fight with you on your next trip to the surface. If you’d rather have a goal to reach instead of pushing the limits of your clone endlessly, there are 3 other difficult missions for you to complete with cool rewards for each, but you’ll fare better practicing in endless first! Grab some scrap and crystals (money) in there to buy yourself some fancy murder-tools before pushing your luck in the missions. Travel a lot and you’ll find it lying all over the place!

Real player with 153.9 hrs in game

Shattered Planet on Steam

Star Swapper

Star Swapper

The first levels can be relatively hard, but once you get a hold of it, it gets really fun! :)

Real player with 104.2 hrs in game

A simple but challenging gameplay. Graphics are eye pleasing and music is just great, so soothing. The game is just perfect when you want to relax and give your mind something else to think about. I can recommend this game to anyone who likes puzzles, or just wants to ease a mind with pleasing aesthetics.

Real player with 4.5 hrs in game

Star Swapper on Steam

Comet Crusher: Block Breaker

Comet Crusher: Block Breaker

I love this game!! The power ups make the game super satisfying and the concept is really cool. Some levels are really hard but its rewarding when you finally get all the blocks!!!

Real player with 2.8 hrs in game

Comet Crusher: Block Breaker on Steam

Professor Lupo: Ocean

Professor Lupo: Ocean

A fun puzzle game with cute visuals, but timing-heavy components will deter potential players.

Professor Lupo: Ocean is a puzzle game much like its predecessor. I did not play the original, but I did look at some video and a lot of the puzzles and the mechanics look similar. This one seems to be underwater with a flooding mechanic added, and it’s overall shorter with only 40 puzzles. It’s also significant cheaper. For me this was a good thing, I will expound on that later.

Real player with 7.2 hrs in game

Hello Plato, my old friend

Taking place after an unknown number of years after the first game, Professor Lupo and His Horrible Pets, we are getting a glimpse into how it’s going for the Intern after he narrowly escaped being dinner for some alien pets, ejected Professor Lupo, and took over the Aurora Space Station. Well, the fact that we are getting another game set in the same universe is all that you need to know that things didn’t exactly go as wonderful as Intern and Fire envisioned.

Real player with 6.6 hrs in game

Professor Lupo: Ocean on Steam

Solar Rogue

Solar Rogue

I’m enjoying Solar Rogue much more than I was expecting. You keep your ship’s energy up so you can convert and craft upgrades. Move through sectors of space looking for more. Crew management is place holder at this time but will hopefully be added during early access.

Real player with 30.5 hrs in game

Solar Rogue on Steam

Space Porter

Space Porter

The game was very exciting. I really liked the view from above. I also really liked the graphics. When playing games with a top view, you can expect the worst. So who is interested in this type of games, download and immerse yourself in the world of video games.

Real player with 3.6 hrs in game

Space Porter is a puzzle game, simple in execution, it will not be difficult for children to play, but it trains memory well

Real player with 2.8 hrs in game

Space Porter on Steam